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Jun 27, 2022

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Snusmumriken · Jun 27, 2022

Thank you for the reviews! You are right - the first story had a little bit too much on the 18+ side even for my own taste. What happened is that i started writing that story on a full NSFW site and, as a first time author, i felt obligated to follow the line so to say. Especially in the early chapters. 

You can see how my style of writing changed and calmed down somewhat and that is likely the pace it would continue from now on. 

Snusmumriken · Jun 27, 2022

I am currently editing the 1st book so that I can publish it on other sites and toning down some of the chapters is in the works.

In terms of science - I try to write it so that everyone can enjoy it, but it is also limited by my own understanding. I wish to write not to offend the experts in their fields with my ideas which means research to make it sound plausible and entertaining. It is not something I can spin on the go (well biology and construction - I have a background in that myself.)
CyFiggis · Jul 1, 2022

I completely understand about 18+ stuff. I sort of assumed that was the case by the way you progressed the story and how it toned down to a more natural scenes. And it's not like I'm against steamy stuff

Regarding tech and science. You have a very nice way to explain things and while reading some things I was actually wondering myself what parts of science I would have chosen and tried to explain. I am certain that any moderately complex math problem would have been way more complicated for me.
CyFiggis · Jul 1, 2022

I did love the part about triangle on a sphere. It is a fairly simple thing that anyone can visualise (especially with such a masterful guidance :)), yet the whole field of Non-Euclidean geometry is a relatively modern discovery which fits the world.

Overall I have a blast reading about this tech & science stuff. Has a very strong vibe of "Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality" and a bit of "Sophie's World".
Snusmumriken · Jul 1, 2022

It was one of the ways I try to research new ideas - not just what we consider "modern" but what could be honestly out of their reach despite them not being stupid. Things that require a significant shift from established routines. Not only does it add plausibility but it also does not diminish their intelligence.

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