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May 7, 2019

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Famous Author
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Joined: May 7, 2019
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SaffronDragon · Author · Dec 31, 2022

Stressful holidays combined with general burnout have gotten me to the point where my girlfriend has forced me to go on break. The next Chained Flame and Selene chapters, scheduled for the ninth and the twelfth, are being postponed to the twenty-third and the twenty-sixth, respectively.

SaffronDragon · Author · Dec 2, 2022

Today's Wolves of Selene chapter is going to be delayed until tomorrow, just FYI

SaffronDragon · Author · Nov 15, 2022

Had a really long day today, so the Chained Flame chapter scheduled for today is going to go up tomorrow instead.

SiriSolaris · Oct 14, 2022

I think you have the Selene books ordered backwards. Sequels come after a story, prequels come before; the links currently have those flip-flopped.

SaffronDragon · Author · Oct 14, 2022

This is the second time I've flipped those around, I keep telling people that it's entirely ambiguous

lexcia · Oct 12, 2022

Which Selene book should I start with? 

SaffronDragon · Author · Oct 13, 2022

Swords, then Snows, then Wolves

lexcia · Oct 13, 2022

Thanks :) 

SaffronDragon · Author · Aug 29, 2022

This month has been a trash fire of sickness and busy scheduling, so after the Chained Flame chapter today and the Wolves of Selene chapter on the 1st, I will not be releasing any new chapters for the entirety of the month of September. I will continue to release early chapters on my Patreon whenever possible, so if you want to continue following my output, check there. 

cdr_white · Aug 30, 2022

I hope you get well soon! All the best from me.

Take your time and make sure that you write stuff because you love it and not because you pressure yourself into "I have to deliver on time". You are a creative artist and not a machine in a factory. True fans love the quality of the story and not the quantity of words thrown at them. And they should be able to wait for the next good chapter. And so far, you have been delivering highly entertaining stories.

Thought_Prism · Feb 13, 2022

I read Late to the Party from the Secret Santa bundle and loved it, so here I am.

Akajaro · Sep 22, 2021

I'm just going to point out that the Selene books are linked in the wrong order. Snows of Selene is listed as the prequel, despite coming after. Just saying.

SaffronDragon · Author · Sep 22, 2021

It's actually completely ambiguous. Because it doesn't distinguish whether "prequel" on a given book's page means that this book is a prequel to that other book, or if the other book is a prequel to this one. There's no "correct" way to put it, which frustrates me to no end

Akajaro · Sep 22, 2021

Yeah, see, one of the links that can happen is adaptation, and it puts (adapted from) beside the old book, on the new book's page. That link isn't displayed on the other one, which means that the words in brackets are what the other book is to the one who's page you're on.

I can see how the problem happens though, with just prequel and sequel.

Lena · Feb 21, 2020

Your stories deserve way more views!

mrsimple · May 7, 2019


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