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May 12, 2019

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Joined: May 12, 2019
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Alchemist princess & emotional support catgirl!

PrincessFelicie · · Author · Jul 13, 2021

Chapter 1 of a new fanfic is available on Ao3! I’ll start uploading it on scribblehub once I have a couple more chapters, but if you’re curious now…

Prezombie · Oct 12, 2021

Trans Harry fics are the only fics still worth reading anyway, nice job adding to the queer fanon.

PrincessFelicie · Author · Dec 24, 2021

Have a merry Kris everyone.

Shirokuma · Dec 25, 2021


God_of_Darkness · Dec 15, 2021

Any update on cat mind?

PrincessFelicie · Author · Dec 16, 2021

Yes and no? In the short term, I'm working on other stuff rn. In the long term, I have a remaster upcoming. Not a remake, mind you, just improving what's already there, and giving it an ending. More info on that when it's ready.

God_of_Darkness · Dec 16, 2021


PrincessFelicie · Author · Nov 24, 2021

As a celebration of my interview with Silaxandra, here's a treat for you all!

PrincessFelicie · Author · Nov 24, 2021

Last reminder on the topic: I will be interviewed by Silaxandra on the topic of transfic writing in an hour! I hope to see you there, and if not, I'll provide a link to the VOD as soon as possible :)

PrincessFelicie · Author · Nov 21, 2021

I wanted to make a full post explaining what's happening in two days, but I think just posting this link will explain everything much better:

PrincessFelicie · Author · Oct 31, 2021

Happy halloween everyone. Don't have anything to show, but still wanted to send well wishes.

PunchlinePress · Oct 31, 2021

A Spooptacular Halloween to you too Feli!

PrincessFelicie · Author · Oct 12, 2021

State of things update:

Not much progress in the past few months. Writer's block, anxiety, whatever you wanna call it, it's been kicking my butt hard. I'm not giving up on anything, but... it'll take a while for anything new to show up. Sorry.

Lena · Oct 12, 2021

Good luck and hugs!

PunchlinePress · Oct 12, 2021

Good luck, Feli. The struggle is real, but I have faith you'll overcome. =3

oatmealia · Oct 14, 2021

I'm really sorry you've been not doing well, I hope you feel better soon!

PrincessFelicie · Author · Sep 13, 2021

In an effort to keep all of my writing easily available in one spot, the two stories I wrote for the yuri garden competition are now on a new series on my profile. It shouldn't take too long to be validated:

PrincessFelicie · Author · Sep 1, 2021

State of things update: Not much progress in the last few weeks. Had a short vacay, hopefully get back on track in the coming days.

PunchlinePress · Sep 1, 2021

Sometimes ya just gotta relax for a minute! ^^ welcome back!

PrincessFelicie · Author · Aug 3, 2021

The Scribblehub yuri writing competition is now officially open for voting.
You can read all of the submissions here:
And if you want to take the time to participate in voting (I would forever love you if you did), you'll need to create a NovelUpdates account and participate in the poll at the top of this thread:

PrincessFelicie · Author · Jul 23, 2021

Current projects update:

* Portal Problems is being scanned through for either a major rewrite, or just minor tweaks, to prep it for being completed eventually

* Ranma 2 in 1 is on break, not fully confident with my next chapter, waiting to see if I don't get a better idea before truly digging in

* My newest fanfic should get a chapter 2 soon, which will be put on Ao3. Scribblehub should start receiving the story once I have about 3 chapters.

PrincessFelicie · Author · Jul 23, 2021

* Pushing Buttons, a new story, is about 5 out of ~7 chapters complete. As soon as it is finished, it'll be immediately available on patreon, while the public version will be uploaded at about one or two chapters per week.

* A one shot tentatively named "I have this feeling I can trust you" is being written.

PrincessFelicie · Author · Jul 23, 2021

* Princess Princess, a sequel to Lamia Can't Lie, is still in my plans, but currently stuck in writer's block.

* A Dancing Sword, my next original long form story set in the universe of the Mad God, is also stuck in writer's block.

I hope to bring you all at least some of these stories in the near future! Thank you for sticking with me.

PrincessFelicie · Author · Jun 11, 2021

Hello everyone! I recreated my discord server from scratch. The new link is here:

PrincessFelicie · Author · Jun 6, 2021

Chapter 16 of Ranma 2 in 1 is here!

PrincessFelicie · Author · May 19, 2021

Happy birthday to me! Well, of the day that just passed by, heh. Almost midnight now, I intended to mention it here but forgot until now. I'd planned to have a chapter of 2 in 1 ready for today but sadly I'm still a couple pages away from finishing it. But expect it to arrive soonish!

Moonie · May 20, 2021

happy (belated) birthday!

PrincessFelicie · Author · May 14, 2021

New username time. Well, "new", more like phasing out the old one time.

OfficiallyZoe · May 14, 2021


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