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May 16, 2019

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Famous Author
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Joined: May 16, 2019
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Full time writer.
Winning at life.

God_of_Darkness · Aug 31, 2023

Any updates on master craftman? 

shadow_slayer · Apr 5, 2023

hey you gonna ever continue broken core or should i just read leah, dungeon core

Azrie · Author · May 24, 2023

Broken Core is dropped. 

Azrie · Author · Feb 10, 2023

Due to some unexpected and unforseen circumstancies I had to remove Chapters 8 to 73 in ScribbleHub. I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. 

Azrie · Author · Feb 11, 2023


PanzerKampfWagen · Feb 11, 2023

HOLY CRAP, what made you remove them?

Azrie · Author · Feb 11, 2023

Amazon Kindle troubles. 

PanzerKampfWagen · Feb 12, 2023


Senpapi · Jan 14, 2023

Blair seems to be a good 40 or so chapters ahead on RR. Will it still be updated on SH as well, or will it just be on RR from now on?

TheOneTurtle · Jan 10, 2023

When’s the next chapter? (Don’t mean to be rude just wondering what your release schedule is)

bananabanana-chan · Dec 17, 2022

heyy!! are u good? i make some blair fanart!! i rll like your story and  wanted to draw my version of blair ( i tried to follow the cover)

Azrie · Author · Dec 24, 2022

Holy! Damn, this made my day! Thank you so much! Maybe consider joining my discord to share it there? Also, this is the first Blair fanart that I get! I love it! Thank you! 

TheOneTurtle · Dec 12, 2022

Congrats on completing 100 chapters

Azrie · Author · Dec 13, 2022

Thank you clear.png

Octocat · Dec 5, 2022

You've got a new profile picture it seems. Is that Salvos? 

Azrie · Author · Dec 6, 2022

It is! Salvos is great! Also asked for MelasD's permission to change it, he agreed. Pretty cool.

Octocat · Dec 6, 2022

Salvos is really cool. clear.png

Azrie · Author · Dec 13, 2022

She is! I love Salvos, best female MC ever in my opinion. 

Octocat · Dec 13, 2022

Definitely in the top ranking. Very hard to beat her. But on another note, how do you manage to post so many chapters? It feels like we get 3 chapters a day. 

GigaDotti · Oct 27, 2022

I see that you deleted "Don’t Call Me a Grim Reaper!". Well time to put it in my deleted list for safe keepings clear.png

Kramberry · Nov 21, 2022

They have probably published the story elsewhere, ss its been marked a STUB on royalroad. Meaning a lot of the story was removed due to a contract made with other sites(such as Kindle).

God_of_Darkness · Nov 21, 2022

What Don’t Call Me a Grim Reaper is all about. l am too Iazy to read. 

God_of_Darkness · Oct 3, 2022

will there be any update from reincarnated craftman? 

Kramberry · Nov 21, 2022

Its on Hiatus! Hopefully it'll be continued. Azrie is enjoying writing other stories as of the moment.

Azrie · Author · Oct 3, 2022

New fiction or whatever. Go check it out. Has 160k words pre-written so no drops there.

Azrie · Author · May 24, 2022

I've decided to release the rewrite of Leah in spite of a non-existent backlog. Since it's not my main priority I figured this would get me to update it at least once a week. Go check Broken Core out! clear.png

Ilikewaterkusa · May 24, 2022

So it is a rewrite, my princess.

rfctksSparkle · May 5, 2022

Well. Hello there. And welcome back. Glad to see you're doing well. =D

Azrie · Author · May 9, 2022

Thanks! Happy to be back! clear.png

Azrie · Author · Apr 17, 2022

Cough So I figured I'd update anyone in my profile about what I am doing as of now. Cough. Right now, what I am doing is working on a partial rewrite for Leah: I Reincarnated As A Dungeon Core!  To be more faithful to what the story is, and its themes. Essentially making it much more consistent. As well as the ending of volume 1 and how it progresses where it left off, and a slight overhaul of its LitRPG system.

Azrie · Author · Apr 17, 2022

I am also working on a brief summary of Master Craftsman and the following chapters to make a re-read not entirely necessary. Partial rewrite is the main priority for now though since it was just kind of left, there.
 Character limit was hit. 

Rellawing · Apr 17, 2022

Nice work! clear.png

Stonelight · Apr 17, 2022

Can't wait for them to go out, take your time and don't stress because of it ^^

Shiro1347 · Apr 17, 2022


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    Full time writer.
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