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May 16, 2019

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Well-Known Author
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Joined: May 16, 2019
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Um, I like writing. I am not very good at it but I try my best.

Azrie · Author · Jan 14, 2020

Well-known author. I am proud of myself, fumu. New chapter tomorrow same hour. o/

Azrie · Author · Oct 21, 2019

I am quite dead, but does anyone care if the chapters are edited? Like, I haven't had time to edit them but I keep writing them, so I have a stockpile at this point... And i don't want to throw a poll chapter because I would feel bad, ahh! What a dumb crisis. Anyway, just thought that I'd let you (few people that read this), know that I am alive.

CaTastrophy427 · Oct 21, 2019

Post the unedited versions, and we, the readers who don't care about the typos enough to wait for the edited version before getting our doses of Little Miss Dark Shadow, can point out any noticeable mistakes. Just ask, and you'll probably get a half a dozen people or so, if not more, doing most of the editing work for you.

However, you might want to make it clear, either in the title or at the start, that it's the unedited version.

Azrie · Author · Oct 1, 2019

Exams week, likely to not have chapters until I am done with them. Sorry :(.

Dissimilate · Oct 1, 2019

good luck!!

Teivel · Sep 18, 2019

Is everything ok?

Azrie · Author · Sep 19, 2019

Busy :( Hopefully sometime next week I can finally get back to it. Sorry for everyone that has been waiting.

Teivel · Sep 19, 2019

Don't worry about it, seeing it is not an injury or other medical/mental complication makes me happy 😊

Azrie · Author · Aug 15, 2019

First double upload in ages. Well, I still need to write a lot though... Rest in peace my sleep schedule, trying to fix it atm. Woke up 1am HAha... Wish me luck o/

FDSIO · Aug 15, 2019

luck :D

CaTastrophy427 · Aug 15, 2019

Good luck, and have a nice rest after you do what you need to.

Dissimilate · Aug 15, 2019

Good Luck and make sure to get enough sleep :D

Azrie · Author · Jul 30, 2019


Megamink · Jul 30, 2019

What the heck Azrie?!!! Are you trying to confuse people?

dbrose117 · Jul 30, 2019


Azrie · Author · Jun 25, 2019

Hmm, what to write here? I guess I can say. Life is so fun that I have constant headaches. o/

manawar20 · Jun 25, 2019

When life gives you lemons, you don't make lemonade, you sell the lemons to buy some Tylenol to help with the headaches ;p Keep just being you Azriel!

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    Um, I like writing. I am not very good at it but I try my best.

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