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Rising Author
Sep 7, 2022

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Rising Author
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Joined: Sep 7, 2022
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Gledis Nov 15, 2022

Hello! I noticed your message. What鈥檚 up?

HUntsman331 Author Nov 15, 2022

Nope, I was just getting accustomed to the profile page and thought you recently sent me a message, but that was from September 馃ぃ

Gledis Nov 15, 2022

I see. Have a nice work week then.

Nero_Claudias Nov 14, 2022

Hello can I ask what time you usually update per week聽

HUntsman331 Author Nov 14, 2022

I usually update every 5 days, 6 on occasions like this. I was having a hard time writing the next Ep and that caused the delay.

Gledis Sep 9, 2022

Hey there Huntsmam331 馃憢!

Gledis Sep 10, 2022

UmU. There is a lot to touch upon. But I would recommend you find Xu Fu鈥檚 laboratory. Her research on killing immortals can probably help. And if MC is interested, he can also search for the Olympian鈥檚 Atheleia bodies. Although destroyed, the Nanomachines or scraps should make a good divine construct lol.

HUntsman331 Author Sep 10, 2022

It'll be hard tho. Their remains are either locked up or sunk to the depth of the ocean. Also, Lord El Meloi files features Sun Wukong, i might be able to do something with that later.

Gledis Sep 10, 2022

馃憤. Well, yeah, but it鈥檚 still a world of magic & superhumans. With a bit of reinforcement & equipment, he can probably excavated them. Or if he wants to, he can go look for the remains of the white titan. There is so much to explore there. Especially when it comes to Norse Runes, Martial Realms, and sword skills. Man, sometimes I wish I could go there myself, despite the world there being fucked up.

HUntsman331 Author Nov 14, 2022

Hey there!

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