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May 17, 2019

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Famous Author
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Joined: May 17, 2019
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I'm a noob in writing, please treat me well.

Naquada549 · Feb 25, 2024

Finished the available chapters, so sad u disapered.

Abyssal spaceship maybe cannot have a ending, but she still will live here forever thanks 2 you.

*See you Space Cowboy ...*

gothicshark · Jan 9, 2024

Been forever, you had a great talent. Sad that there has been no activity in 4 years. You are missed. 

Naquada549 · Feb 25, 2024

Trully missed

Here is another novel ab a spacegirl IA here but its the classic ovepowered drama, i have it in standby, but this is better imo, more wholesome and comedic.

Jessigurl · Nov 10, 2023

1/2 - My guess is our dear Kotohood passed away from covid back in December of 2020 because other than the 2 supposed logins reported here on Koto's profile with nothing new on their activity tab, there have been NO logins on any of their profiles on other novel sites such as royal road.

Jessigurl · Nov 10, 2023

2/2 - Also there have been no activities/login on their patreon since December 2020 either and as I recall there are 2 more chapters of ship girl sitting on patreon. I think the only logon activity we are seeing on here is possibly a family member using their computer for some reason. RIP Kotohood.

Haloboy · Dec 27, 2023

Maybe or life has been tough and they may be coming back

Nyxia_ · Oct 6, 2023

Will you ever continued ship girl?

Zecir · Oct 2, 2023

Ayo activity after 3 years?!?

LongBagguette · Aug 7, 2023

Last active June 8 2023!

We have hope!

Fqa6 · Jul 14, 2023

I hope you are feeling well and that you can at least give us a message that you are okay 

Grillus · Jun 12, 2023


Will you come back?
Are you alive?

K1Playz · Jan 28, 2023

I Hope you are alright

I really love your story!

Zaxoraz · Dec 23, 2022

Hope you come back soon,Your story is amazing mate!!

JackyHF · Dec 4, 2022

I hope you will return one day, your spacegirl story is really good.

tatsuya · Oct 27, 2022


dragondeathlord · Sep 16, 2022

Hope you come back!

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    I'm a noob in writing, please treat me well.

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