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May 17, 2019

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Famous Author
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Joined: May 17, 2019
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I'm a noob in writing, please treat me well.

gothicshark 7 hours ago

Been almost a year since your last update, at this point I'm worried, I hope all is well. The last 2 years we have lost many authors I hope you are not one of the lost ones.聽clear.png

malik25 Oct 15, 2021

kotohood-sama.... we miss u so much

Zeighost Oct 10, 2021

(Ping) 馃挕

Elitshen Sep 20, 2021

Damn, my guy, hope you're doing well, wherever you are right now.

CeoOfBread Sep 17, 2021

Are you ok?

Blinglee1 Aug 13, 2021

I hope you are doing ok kotohood take care聽

Hattmanhendrix Jul 1, 2021

Author is in hiding after a particularly nasty run in with the IRA. Turns out his/her life of excess fulled by the sweet sweet Scribble hub bucks had made him powerful enemies. Irish enemies.

With no other option author went to the only place free of Irish influence, Gnome Alaska. It is here that author has rebuilt his life as a walrus breeder and is currently in the process of uploading the next chapter using dialup and carrier pigeons.
Talo Jul 11, 2021

I see, hope you both stay well in that case.

Hattmanhendrix Jul 12, 2021

Update: Pigeon got eaten. Sergey and I will now use two tin cans and a length of string to upload any further updates... I will not lie the situation is grim.

Hattmanhendrix Jul 12, 2021

Update: String is not long enough. Have eaten Sergey.

Jessigurl Jul 22, 2021

Press F to pay respects. Sergey you will be missed.

JosephIMA12 May 28, 2021

My goodness, it has been awhile. 聽Hope to hear your creative spirit is out there somewhere. 聽Godsend koto.

gothicshark May 24, 2021

hope all is well with you, been a while since we saw you.聽

Blitzkrieg_HOSS May 16, 2021

I believe it's safe to say this person has either abandoned their stories or at worse has passed on. Especially if you take into account their Patreon has two unreleased chapter available for the ship girl story since last December.

pitichat4 May 17, 2021

I think he's still alive. his last connection was on March 4, 2021 in the overview. But I just hope he hasn't abandoned.

RandoNLG May 13, 2021

Please come back ....

bleakheart26 Apr 17, 2021

I hope the author returns some time...if not then thanks for the stories.

dragondeathlord Apr 15, 2021

Did the Author die?

megavers Apr 8, 2021

are you taking a break?

or did you quit?
Crazedpanda1987 Mar 13, 2021

Any ETA on ship girl continuation?聽

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    I'm a noob in writing, please treat me well.

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