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Sep 7, 2022

Joined: Sep 7, 2022
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Weissflan · Author · Oct 9, 2023

I'd revision CxD again on yeah. you guys probably have to wait a while. clear.png

Weissflan · Author · Aug 26, 2023

Alright, guess, I'll post my other story here before disappearing into Rubicon, so ya'll know, I'm still alive.

Weissflan · Author · Jun 10, 2023

Ch.11 still stuck at 2.5K words and I'm busy with D4 sorry mate, I'll try finish it in this month.

Though, I did go back and edit my chapter as I feels the consistency is a bit wonky to my liking.

Heilchungus · Jun 4, 2023

hi, just wanted to say that Luneria Saga was a good read, hope u restore and even continue it.

Weissflan · Author · Jun 4, 2023

Danke and sorry about thatclear.png, as the clingy sensation I get from reading Luneria, won so I decided to drop it(I fuck up Kunou's characterizationclear.png). I'll write something similar in the future though, for now, I'll focus on CxD.

Weissflan · Author · Jan 14, 2023

Hello there

Weissflan · Author · Jan 7, 2023

I'm still alive just been writing Valhalla saga SI on QQ. I'll back to work on CxD now as my progress been holding at 2k words, for a month already...

Weissflan · Author · Nov 22, 2022

I add the Angelic/Demonic authorities to the CxD glossary you can go check that out. Beware of the spoiler though.

Weissflan · Author · Oct 29, 2022

I'm alive just busy writing a couple of snippet on QQ and having fun about it so, Yike? Well, first one is Campione x DxD with Si into Ren's body and 2nd one is Destiny x DxD with protag. being the guardian. Anyway, don't expected Luneria Saga anytime soon, Sorry...

Weissflan · Author · Oct 17, 2022

I'm still alive just depress also, chapter 9 is at 1000 words atm. Let me rest a bit my cat just died that why the writing speed drop anyway, I'll try to get it done in a week.

Weissflan · Author · Oct 8, 2022

Chapter 8 is at 3k words right now, probably gonna finish it in 2 days if thing go as plan... dear gods, I cringe so hard at the smut part.

Weissflan · Author · Sep 22, 2022

V.2 of chapter 5 fight scene is done it shorter than the first one but I hope it's better... time to go fix chapter 6 in some part as I change a bit of detail.

Weissflan · Author · Sep 22, 2022

Nevermind ch.6 change only 2 sentences glad I'm writing lore dumb in that not the usual Aya pov. or I probably miss something...

Weissflan · Author · Sep 21, 2022

I think I'm gonna rewrite the whole fighting scene of chapter 5.

thrx01a · Sep 21, 2022


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