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Sep 7, 2022

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Famous Author
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Joined: Sep 7, 2022
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Author writing fanfics :)) I mainly just write whatever I'd like to read honestly. I've already been doing this for over 2 years, not much else about me... Besides the fact that I also really like gaming(but who doesn't) and work as a customer support agent ;)

the_onez3 · Dec 15, 2023

You should prob post your stories on RR, if you aren't already(tho if you already are I can't find them when searching them up)

VeganMaster · Author · Dec 15, 2023

Haven't posted anything on RR yet, been considering uploading on more websites in the future tho, so I'll certainly think about RR

Overlord5 · Dec 4, 2023

Any recommendations like The Final Desperation

VeganMaster · Author · Dec 4, 2023

huh, nope it isn't. Prolly just someone reuploading. They are using my pen name and including the small disclaimer with my patron as well, so they are just sharing it around harmlessly i guess

the_onez3 · Dec 5, 2023

o ok

Zicor_Op · Nov 12, 2023

Hey VeganMaster, just wanted to let you know the new chapter you posted for "Naruto: The Blind Swordsman" has the wrong chapter number. 

VeganMaster · Author · Nov 12, 2023

damn, looking into it rn

Zicor_Op · Nov 11, 2023

Hey, I love your work. You the first author and only author so far that I followed. 

I have one question about Ken. Will he ever be in a romantic relationship?? Maybe Yue but when they become adults or an female OC. I would still enjoy the story even if you decide not to make Ken start a romantic relationship.

VeganMaster · Author · Nov 11, 2023

Thanks for enjoying my story!

To answer your question without giving any spoilers:

I do plan to explore that part after a timeskip, but the interest won't be Yue, instead, it will be introduced later on as well.

Having the interest be a character he's known as a child and 'watched' grow would make him seem pretty weird, he's still an adult at the end of the day :)) Yue will remain the little sister/student forever, much to her dismay. 

Habutheri · Oct 15, 2023

You probably hear this all time, but you're the GOAT in this website, all 3 of your novels are underrated, I would even donate if I had a job but I can only send my appreciation. clear.png

Markpark · Oct 8, 2023

I saw your review of a cyberpunk2077 work and I know two great fictions set in that universe that i'd like to share since the review said that you had been looking for some. Both exist on Royalroad.  10/10 for me.  8/10

VeganMaster · Author · Oct 8, 2023

Ty for the recommendations! It really is difficult to find good cyberpunk ffs, tho I may just be looking in the wrong places/sites. 

the_onez3 · Sep 30, 2023

have you tried The Final Desperation

VeganMaster · Author · Sep 30, 2023

Haven't, nope. I'll take a look at it for the shoutout. Thanks for the suggestion! 

vipasva · Aug 24, 2023

i just realized that i started to read all your 3 novels at the same time without even realizing they were from the same author lmao. im specially a fan of enel so i really liked One Piece: Reborn as Enel, keep going brother, good work 🖋️clear.png

VeganMaster · Author · Aug 24, 2023

Thanks for enjoying my stuff mate ;))) 

IKilledBored_MC · Sep 21, 2023

holy shit, now that you point it out, I'm exactly the same xD

Cobias_Tenem · Jul 10, 2023

Chief's Webnovel Library

Hi, I'm trying out a new project on Youtube (starting fresh and new) that is similar to MovieRecaps but with webnovels. May I have your permission to use your novels to be layered with TTS on Youtube?
I will notify when my vids are finished and will send drafts to seek your feedbacks.
VeganMaster · Author · Jul 10, 2023

Hey there, feel free to use them with TTS, don't know whether or not they could use some proofreading, but you have my permission anyway. 

Ziegfreed · May 4, 2023

Your books look interesting, which ones have love interests? I'd like to read them first clear.png

VeganMaster · Author · May 5, 2023

Just about all of them honestly. Even in the Naruto ff, I plan to have some minor romantic subplot later on in the story. None have harem tho

Whit3M3dusa · Mar 27, 2023

Dearest author.

I would be infinitely thrilled on your take on a Pokémon world story, for I believe your consistent writing style and characterization would bring out gold from having a rather wide main cast interacting.

Cordially: Fae library.

VeganMaster · Author · Mar 30, 2023

I will admit that I am not exactly all that accustomed to the world of Pokemon, which is why I may hesitate to create a story tied to that world. I'll think about it, and look into the world a bit, but no promises. 

Thanks for enjoying my work and writing style enough for such a suggestion. I hope you enjoy my future works as well ;) 

RatedOverr · Mar 21, 2023

Will reborn as enel be harem or no harem - while I know there isn't a tag for it, the amount of times authors haven't added it even though it is there is enough for me to now have trust issues lol

Also, i'm really enjoying it, I look forward to reading more!

VeganMaster · Author · Mar 21, 2023

It's not haram, don't worry ;)) Thanks for enjoying the story 

SPS4 · Mar 11, 2023

Thanks for the review! clear.png

VeganMaster · Author · Mar 12, 2023

Np mate, it's great stuff. Keep up the good work, I look forward to it, and I'm sure many others do as well 

I_S_H_U · Nov 26, 2022

Good shit brother........good shit

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    Author writing fanfics :)) I mainly just write whatever I'd like to read honestly. I've already been doing this for over 2 years, not much else about me... Besides the fact that I also really like gaming(but who doesn't) and work as a customer support agent ;)

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