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Sep 7, 2022

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Joined: Sep 7, 2022
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I am not handsome.
Please believe me.

LastHanging · Feb 15, 2024

He would make great crossover stories if his MCs dont try to "catch them all."

SaucyHug · Feb 14, 2024

Kyoto doesn't have the magic that tokyo had. Maybe cause I liked the animes more. The system doesn't click with me either.  i generally like what you write but I think the pacing is getting too fast. The women in tokyo felt more natural and faithful to the work.

valk · Jan 21, 2024

Is stepsis in Kyoto harem?

SUPERGOKU · Jan 13, 2024

I'm reading Riser and I must say compared to Scumbag the writing is far better and the plot well its actually got a plot! 

To be honest Scumbag deserves a rewrite if your happy with the fact your MC was to all intents and purposes a waste of space then so be it. 

But surely even with you doing a cursory review the glaring potholes and ridiculous love interests must strike you as being somewhat incongruous?

MedX345 · Dec 22, 2023

author can you pls put some skills from dragon ball in the rewards of the system (riser phenex) like ultra instinct  , hakai, mystic form or  even kaioken

SUPERGOKU · Dec 10, 2023

Man that cover photo is horrible tell me that's not the guy from Scooby-Doo 😂

Chouzenfox · Nov 12, 2023

You forgot to post chapters 203 and 204 of "Riser Phenex isn’t a villain" continuing from 205, is there a way to fix this?

akikan40 · Author · Nov 23, 2023


SUPERGOKU · Oct 28, 2023

And dude seriously take adult, r18+, smut or whatever off your stories they are PG at worst 😂😂😂

akikan40 · Author · Nov 23, 2023

Huh? Is it PG?

SUPERGOKU · Oct 27, 2023
The other part that really got annoying was the over powered rewards I mean FFS 63% of Sony etc. It just meant that there really wasn't any inventive to strive and grow to become the biggest snd the best? 
The final issue was the lack of an antagonist of any meaningful measure e.g. Sorata really can't be classified as an antagonist 😂😂😂
SUPERGOKU · Oct 27, 2023
His harem selection to be honest was another matter it just felt completely random? If your going to be in a relationship especially a plural relationship consensus among the participants is essential 👌 
SUPERGOKU · Oct 27, 2023

I'm reading your scumbag story and it's really good. Obviously it's very melodramatic in parts but thats part and parcel with Asian Fiction. I think the saving grace is that though the protagonist does have his moments of self flagellation 😤 it's contained and doesn't go completely over the top.

akikan40 · Author · Oct 28, 2023

Thank you for reading. That story was finished a long time ago, but I am happy if you enjoy it. 

romraume · Aug 1, 2023

Author have you ever thought about making a Pokemon fic? in which there is no time travel or travel to other universes

akikan40 · Author · Aug 1, 2023

Sorry, I am not that familiar with Pokemon. 

romraume · Aug 1, 2023

What about Versatile Mage?

akikan40 · Author · Sep 24, 2023

I have read it, but not until the end, and I don't have the spirit to do so. 

Still, is it popular?

Shahid · Jul 23, 2023

I read upto chapter 50 of I Refuse to Become Scumbag in Tokyo and I have to say why are you trying to make Sorata look worse. You must know Sorata is a MC of a popular ORIGINAL anime and he also has a fanbase. I hope you don't make him more worse to legitimize Shishino hitting on Shina. 

Bisker · Jun 6, 2023

احببت قصة ارفض ان اكون مخادعا في طوكيو اظن انك محترف في الرومنسية وخصوصا في القصص اليابانيه الصراحه لو تقدر تنزل قصة مشابهة وتصحح اخطائك اولا كان الحريم رائعا في البداية والرومانسية رائعه لكن بدات تترك العمل وتركت الكثير من الثغرات دخلت عالم القصة في اسلوبك مرات 

Booker · Apr 26, 2023

Will you post the older and finished stories also on scribble hub?

Thanks for your great stories.

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    I am not handsome.
    Please believe me.

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