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Sep 7, 2022

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Joined: Sep 7, 2022
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I am not handsome.
Please believe me.

ashkar · Mar 3, 2023

You posted 714 twice instead if 715, also you haven't deleted the last "break" message chapter.

cjharr · Jan 29, 2023

I like the change of pace of NOT bashing other Nations. Every one has its own good and bad points. I also like the fact MC is focusing on be upright (for a scumbag….lol) and maintaining his bottom line even with his “temptations”.clear.png Thank you for the refreshing change of pace and I hope you will continue your writing adventures. 

ashkar · Dec 25, 2022

Most of the chapters in scumbag in tokyo since 644 are titled incorrectly (also a typo in 626), and 650 (labled 450) isnt even a chapter from this story, please fix this.

akikan40 · Author · Dec 26, 2022


Tell me if there is another mistake. 

By the way, I only fixed the title from 626, 645, and 650.

ashkar · Dec 26, 2022

Thank you

All the ones between 645 and 650 are numbered 400 instead of 600

akikan40 · Author · Jan 2, 2023

Thank you. I was probably drunk by that time, but I had fixed all of them. It is now done. 

CorruptReader · Dec 21, 2022

Is this the main website you post on?

akikan40 · Author · Dec 21, 2022

There are only two novels on this website, but there are more on Webnovel, including the finished one. 

CorruptReader · Dec 21, 2022


WisHard · Nov 28, 2022

Please fix I Refuse to Become Scumbag in Tokyo Chapter 624, you posted the Chapter 654 instead of 624.


akikan40 · Author · Nov 29, 2022


YuriFan · Nov 22, 2022

I think xiaxian novels are better than this. MC is strong but what ever he doing is dispointing. Other than people impress with his skills and good heart, there is no interesting things. Too many Female chr with annoying personality. Same as idiot MC from most animes. Third rate novel would be better than this. Also martial arts without Action are useless. Why are you even add that martial art thing? 

Shikigami · Sep 24, 2022

Semangat bro dan makasih dah reupload disini, dan juga kapan upload "is it wrong to become a scumbag?" nya bro kalo boleh tau?

AlRagna18 · Sep 23, 2022

Semangat bro! WN dah ga kaya dulu lagi, apalagi gua harus ngandelin google buat nge translet

PBear · Sep 22, 2022

Pindahan bro? Reup Yuuji ma Haru 

TheOmega · Sep 17, 2022

Ayo?! Welcome to SH! clear.png

romraume · Sep 9, 2022


akikan40 · Author · Sep 10, 2022

I am not active on discord. Even if you enter my discord, I might only be able to contact you for a few days, if not a month, but here is my discord group:

romraume · Sep 11, 2022

says invitation invalid, a discord would be awesome for the last two series

akikan40 · Author · Sep 11, 2022


onigami · Sep 8, 2022

welcome, a doubt after you finish posting this novel until the current cap of WN will you post your other 3 work here too?clear.pngclear.png

akikan40 · Author · Sep 8, 2022


I'll probably upload this one and "is it wrong to become a scumbag?" 

Only those two. 

And thanks for the welcome clear.png

OrthusBR · Sep 8, 2022


akame206 · Sep 8, 2022

yo! saya berharap untuk melihat series mu yang lain karena tidak bisa membacanya di webnovel

akikan40 · Author · Sep 8, 2022


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    I am not handsome.
    Please believe me.

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