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May 23, 2019

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I'm not very good and looking to improve.

BOWIESENSEI · Author · May 24, 2020

Started working on Chapter 7. For Cold Reign. Idk when I'll be finished but just know that it's coming. It's 3:30am now so I gotta sleep. Thanks for reading, I love the few of you that do <3

BOWIESENSEI · Author · May 24, 2020

If I'm feeling interested, I might do a new chapter of Cold Reign since people actually seem to give a shit about it haha. 

BOWIESENSEI · Author · May 24, 2020

The very last chapter will be coming soon. "The Emergence."

BOWIESENSEI · Author · May 21, 2020

Working on the new chapter right now. I'm about 1000 words in, this once may be a long one, I'm not quite sure. 

BOWIESENSEI · Author · May 9, 2020

Once I complete Emergence, I'm gonna work on and release the first chapter for my upcoming sci-fi/ cyberpunk story titled "Neon Blues."

BOWIESENSEI · Author · May 9, 2020

And beyond that is draft II of emergence because holy hell there are some things that need a fix.

BOWIESENSEI · Author · May 9, 2020

As for Cold Reign. I don't know whether or not I'll continue it. It was more testing of the waters. As of right now, I have no plans to.

BOWIESENSEI · Author · Apr 26, 2020

Yes, Lief is a reference to Deltora Quest and I'm not sorry.

BOWIESENSEI · Author · Mar 30, 2020

Thank you to all the Kings and Queens who took the time to give my little story a read. Love you <3

BOWIESENSEI · Author · Mar 8, 2020

New chapter in the works.

BOWIESENSEI · Author · Feb 17, 2020

New chapter of Emergence coming soon. 

BOWIESENSEI · Author · Feb 1, 2020

i would write so much more but its so fucking hot here in aus. With no air-con, it get's a lil sweaty and uncomfortable. 

BOWIESENSEI · Author · Jan 19, 2020

defs gonna fix sea of sin the moment im done with this story. I freaking hate it as a starting point and its so contrived dear god. 

BOWIESENSEI · Author · Jan 11, 2020

Think of the short stories as "Arcs" if its better for you c:

BOWIESENSEI · Author · Dec 27, 2019

working on worlds apart part II

BOWIESENSEI · Author · Nov 18, 2019

Started on Chapter 6

BOWIESENSEI · Author · Nov 16, 2019

Chapter 5 dropping in 2 hours.

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    I'm not very good and looking to improve.

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