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Sep 8, 2022

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Famous Author
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Joined: Sep 8, 2022
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Vqlle · Jun 17, 2024

are you ok???

FictionOnlyReader · Author · Jun 18, 2024

yup, I'm currently writing like 3 fights happening concurrently and it's taking more mind power and time for me to write them.

Jrod77 · May 16, 2024

Noticed updates have been slow, hope everything is well!

Iccang · May 14, 2024

Try the novel extra bro

phaeous · Jan 18, 2024

As a genjutsu talent with abundant yin, he could just transform the faucet of passive chakra-supply so that when affected by perception- rays or particles the yin blends seamlessly into the surroundings.

Though if the peception is too strong all his passive chakra may be washed up.

phaeous · Jan 27, 2024

If he can make it IMMOLATING CHAKRA that dissolves upon contact with external detection, then putting them in a full genjutsu isn't necessary; solely insofar as they cross or eclipse his existence via scanning jutsu can it affect them.

phaeous · Jan 27, 2024

The theory is:

Different processes in the body are more efficient with requisite chakra natures leveraging their special aspects— replacing everything with yin would mandate multiple times the passive consumption.

However, if he uses half & half —he could arrange the combination in such a way that infringing perception causes an ignition propagating yin chakra exponentially blending perfectly with the environment's chakra signature.

phaeous · Jan 27, 2024

The image received is forced to match an absence of abnormality.

It is like how a placid pond has countless invisible ripples—when a sensor nin sends out a more tangible ripple, those miniscule ripples are collected in a confluence to neutralise the invading momentum so the ripple passes sans disturbance.

This affects the chakra rhythm in the opponent via letting they themselves trip a delusional reading from their own breaking of the balance.

phaeous · Jan 27, 2024

Spurring your active Yin reserves to amplify the base-efficacy of this method would seal your aura to the utmost.

HighwayNachoman · Jan 13, 2024

Thanks for the chapters!

Yurekli_Kedi · Dec 19, 2023

Thanks for the chapters!

Vedu · Dec 17, 2023

Feel better 🙏

Plantorsomething · Dec 16, 2023

Hope you feel better soon!

Yurekli_Kedi · Dec 13, 2023

Are you ok?

Phoenix_dreams · Dec 14, 2023

The only thing I can find from the author is the first sentence of a Patreon post on Dec 6th  mentioning that he had some health issues.  Another Patreon chapter was released yesterday, so hopefully things might be returning to normal and we will hear from him soon.

Yurekli_Kedi · Dec 11, 2023

Any updates?

Luckster1999 · Dec 3, 2023

Naruto update, when?

phaeous · Jul 8, 2023

If he names his chakra-augmentation

he could call it

Traction Force

phaeous · Oct 28, 2023

Glue the seams of your flesh with it

it would have more efficacy than ordinary Traction Force.

phaeous · Oct 28, 2023

Considering it from this point, if he could successfully achieve Whole Body Tractor Beam—

The forces œ nature around him would constantly be spilling into his strength.

Nature Energy × Nature Force

What if he learned Sage Mode and integrated it?!

Slug Sage seems the most tractiony

phaeous · Jan 27, 2024

Strange Force that Tsunade uses, could it be integrated?

phaeous · Jan 28, 2024

Actually, how stupid am I? Snakes create a lot more traction than slugs.

DaeReaper · Jul 4, 2023

Congratulations on reaching trending Number 1!

FictionOnlyReader · Author · Jul 5, 2023

Thank you for making it possible!clear.png

Iccang · Apr 26, 2023

Keep up the good work bro clear.png

Writers_Ablood · Apr 23, 2023

I literally remember the day I came across your Harry Potter fic. Masterpiece imo, you really inspired me to write and I hope you continue writing because I love reading your work. Thanks a lot. clear.png

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