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Famous Author
Sep 9, 2022

Famous Author
Joined: Sep 9, 2022
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phaeous · Jul 14, 2023

When I originally saw your title, I imagined that your character was like a CONDUIT Between-Realms ~ who could be temporarily summoned in exchange for a certain amount of Karma (like a huge amount of yummy MP, a sacrifice that's worthy, or the endless boiling resentment of a genocided race or something).

As he got stronger & more potent from accumulation of bodily capital : it was more costly to summon him unless there was a longterm contract or he expends his own capital to choose a
phaeous · Jul 14, 2023

disciple or victim that fits his passion.

And, his home can be grown into a dungeon or inter-realm cross-business location --- paying entrance in designated locations or reverse-summoning via the way he's usually operating.

phaeous · Jul 14, 2023

It would also be interesting if there was a reverse-summoning soulcontracting: strong beings on the edge o death could surrender their enslavement to be summoned from certain destruction.

Zero_Profile · Mar 24, 2023

Is there any way you can post an epub of In Hotd with satou system. I generally like the story and Id like to preserve a copy. Keep reading it on web novel but I can't seem to trust that site in preserving it

Greenshades · Dec 10, 2022

Are you going to continue writing your other works?

I_S_H_U · Nov 26, 2022

Damm do you also have some fuc*ed up Omniverse theories like me!!?. Wanna be friends 😂

ManOfCultureLeon · Author · Nov 29, 2022

Depends on how screwed up they are lol!

SteveyZ · Nov 15, 2022

Is re-writing just a way to say that you are out of ideas?

ManOfCultureLeon · Author · Nov 29, 2022

No, I have been wanting to do it for a while now mostly because I have been taking some writing classes. Not only that, Web Novel kind of screwed me over with my Superman Fan Fic by deciding against letting Fan Fics have Side Story options. After I complete the re-write of this novel and the other three, I already have ideas for several new stories.

Mattpike · Nov 3, 2022

So in your conduit novel does the mc go back to the worlds he was taken from to get his wives and kids?

SteveyZ · Oct 31, 2022

Are you not continuing your webnovel series here 😩

BryanGrimm · Sep 28, 2022

Made a Scribble Hub account just to read your stuff after seeing your webnovel announcement. Really enjoying your new story, hope to see more of it soon.

SkyNeves · Sep 21, 2022

Hey Leon is your Mael story going to be on a hiatus? Cavegirl need bad Rimuru dead.

ManOfCultureLeon · Author · Sep 23, 2022

It's in the queue for a re-write. The writing courses I have been taking really showed me I dun fucked up pretty badly lol.

Cryzy · Sep 18, 2022

So you're going to first write "Jumping through the multiverse as an OP MC" ? If you do write this first maybe try a different title for it because the first just feels like a mouthful to say.

Cryzy · Sep 16, 2022

When are you going to continue writing “In HOTD with The Satou System”?

ManOfCultureLeon · Author · Sep 17, 2022

So I will be starting with a re-written version of my first novel, the one prior to the Superman Fan Fic. After I complete it, I will re-write Superman, Mael, and then Victor's Fan Fics. Once those are done I will start on new series.

Crimson_Satanel · Sep 12, 2022

So if they fix the problem will u go back? 

ManOfCultureLeon · Author · Sep 12, 2022

I will post here and on Webnovel, assuming they keep their crap together. The push for the app was solely because they didn't want to lose money from paid stories/manga. Since they make ad money on everything else, I suspect they will figure another way to stiff people. Just waiting to see what they do.

Raizuto · Sep 10, 2022

Can't wait!

SkyNeves · Sep 10, 2022

When I read that post on WN I thought you where going on a hiatus, glad it's just a platform change.clear.png

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