The Shameless Foodie
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A fat young man ate at a peculiar dining hall close to University. The chicken fillet was still less than half left, but he already ordered five to six portions of rice and three refills of iced tea.

"Brother, please give me more rice." the waiter who eyed the fat man could only smile wryly and gave him a strange expression as he went back with another bowl.

It was a restaurant located near his student hostel. The meal was pretty expensive for a student but you could get free portions of rice and drinks. The fat man, with his thick skin, asked for them over and over without any sense of shame. It was quite early in the morning and he didn't have any class today. There wasn't anyone else eating beside him.

Even if there's a lot of people, he thought, they'd be surely eating shamelessly like him. You've got to be an idiot if you didn't eat as much as you'd like.

Few days passed since the promo was ongoing; he kept putting the place into deficit until one day he ate, the waiter said to him:

"We're very sorry brother, our rice was out." he couldn't help but smile wryly once more as he witnessed the fat man's monstrous appetite. It's no wonder the guy was so big and plump.

"Alright, I felt like dieting today. Thanks for the meal."

Dieting your head! You've already eaten five portions of rice already, brother. Wouldn't you give us a break...

The fat man didn't always go to that peculiar dining hall since the food actually weren't that delicious, just bit palatable. As a foodie, he sometimes just want to ate and ate until his potbelly was full.

His favorite place to eat was actually the shop near his residence which sold ready-to-made meals. The attendees would scoop up a portion of rice and since he came there a lot he got a bit of an extra. There'd be lots of different foods like minced meat, eggs dipped in soy sauce, potato balls, soupy vegetables, french fries, sausage, luncheon pork etc. The best deal was by taking one meat and two vegetables for a decent price.

There's a lot of places he frequents and because he's from a pretty well off family he didn't need to take a part-time job.

Anyway, going back to that place where the promo was on. Not long after the waiters send him off with a strange expression and cold sweat, he went off without eating anything.

...when he heard, the drinks weren't free refill anymore and it was added to the menu's base price.

"....please understand brother, we're here to make a profit." said one of the waiters.

The fat man sauntered off without saying anything.

'You're trying to rip me off? Dream on!'

You want to make a profit? Everyone does! Though it's a taboo to blatantly say that to your customer--at least that's what he believed.

...but he's just being petty. The free rice refill was still present and a drink only add up to a few dimes worth.

Eventually, days passed and when he returned from his classes, he dropped by the store, to see—it was out of business.

'Definitely not my fault.'

He went back without any sense of guilt.

Although he missed the sensation of stuffing your face with bowls of rice, he believed, it's more important to just enjoy your meal while it lasts.