Chapter 10 – Cherry On Top
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Standing facing my tree was another feline moth-drake, just standing there, sniffing my cocoon. Their wings are white, with a cacophony of mixed colors towards the edge, like a beautiful rainbow. They are covered in white fluff, just like me, except their "moth mane" is a shiny gold. I could instantly tell it was a female, as I could "smell" what gender they were. 

She turns around and looks at me, making my mouth basically open at her beauty. Her eyes are turquoise at the top, which then slowly change into a phosphophyllite green, giving them the impression of a beautiful gem.

My wings start flaring uncontrollably, which is quite embarrassing, and I cannot get them to stop. I think she finds it funny, as she lets out what I can only describe as pheromones that convey "feelings." These pheromones are much more detailed than whatever language could attempt, but they can be described as words. 

"How do you do?" She asks, after a quick giggle, trotting on over to me. "Am I dreaming?" I say, still in a pseudo-daze. "Hmm, I don't think so. Maybe we are and we are just being tortured by birds. Hahaha."

"You hate birds too?" "Yes, very much at that. I have never met another moth-drake though, so you are a fresh breath of air." 

Working up my courage, I stand as tall as possible and walk closer to her. "You like my island?" I say, as if I made it. "Yes! It is very beautiful. Do you mind if I keep you company for a while? I've been looking for a place to live for quite some time, and this place is very nice." 

"Nothing in the world would prevent me from saying yes to you staying here." "That's...dramatic, but thanks!"

"So what's your name?" I ask, even though I don't have one myself. 

"Oh...I don't have one. How about you?" "Nope. We are one of the same I guess." 

"Do you want to, uh, name each other?" Seemingly impossible, she somehow blushes. 

"I, uh, th-that, uh, isn't that a th-thing m-mates do?" She stammers out, extremely embarrassed.

"Oh...I didn't know that. Sorry." My wings stop doing their fluttering and my ears visibly droop, making her look away since it is quite obvious what she said is the reason for that. 

After about 10 seconds of silence she says, "W-we could, uh, y'know, uh, become a couple. But it isn't like it is because of you or anything! You're just...the only other moth-drake I've seen and I don't want to miss the opportunity."

"Really?! You'd really do that for me? Ah! That's amazing!" I scream, essentially sprinting circles around her. 

After calming down a bit, we both lay down under the shade of the cherry blossom tree and begin our conversation anew. 

We discussed many things, such as the death of birds as a species, how the water here tastes funny, and how I am "blessed." She seemed really puzzled on that, but I thoroughly explained everything I knew about it. 

While the sun was eventually setting, we got to the topic of names. My name is now "Abaddon", while hers is "Lucy."

Lucy's reaction to her name was mixed, but when I asked her why, she said that it was because our names are in stark contrast. Mine sounds very violent, while hers is more relaxed. I like how it is though.

As the sun disappears behind the horizon and the moon rises, it shines its light on two cocoons hanging off of an extremely large cherry blossom tree, in full bloom.