Chapter 11 – Drop On My Signal
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A new day greets me and Lucy, as we unwrap ourselves from our respective cocoons. Following so, my icon is notifying me via its traditional blinking, so I open my status. A small window, much different from the traditional status, appears below the [Skills] tab. 

[Compatible mate has accepted offer, create official relation?]

[Yes] [No]

Obviously, I chose yes. I cannot believe I didn't notice this yesterday. To be fair, I was quite wrapped up in spending my time with Lucy.

I stretch, and Lucy walks over and gives me a good morning nuzzle. My heart is overflowing with joy. I might just collapse with happiness. I can't that I found her. Or she found me. Whatever. 

"Do you wish to find some birds? I heard that there were some exotic species up to the lakeside direction of the island."

"Oh-hoh? You know my tastes so well. I shall dubiously agree to your offer, as I would extremely enjoy doing that, even more so with you."

More nuzzles come along after that. A lot. After a good ten~ minutes of nuzzling our snouts, we unfurl our wings and take flight, soaring through the sky at ludicrous speeds, all the while look as graceful and elegant as a normal moth would (although we are more cat than moth at this point).

Mid-flight, without my consent, another miniature screen line with silver appears in my vision, although semi-transparent to not block my vision. 

{Ruler of the Scorned has sent a [Quest] appeal to entity known as Abaddon}

[Quest - Slay Juvenile Tower Griffin (25)]

[Reward shall be determined after completion - Entity of designation may have input]

[Yes] [No]

"Exotic indeed." "Hmm? What are you talking about, Abaddon?"

"Do you not see this "quest" screen?"

"Unfortunately no, although I saw one earlier that officially recognized our relationship."

"Oh, I see. Well it says that we have a quest of killing 25 juvenile "griffins." Whatever that is".

"Oh oh oh! I've heard of those! They're much like us in body type, except their body is bulkier and they have a bird head, classifying them as a bird." 

"Eugh, disgusting. I hope they all die if they look similar to us. I don't want to be like a bird. Flying is already a little much, but it feels nice and allows us to better hunt them so I'm fine with it. Atleast our wings are different. Don't tell me they have our wings?"

"Fortunately, they do not, although some do have spiked tail or venomous saliva, depending on the specific species, so do be careful while we are out here." 

"Oh, sounds like we will have even more fun while killing them, although I do wish they weren't juvenile as the adults probably prove more challenging."

"Ah, we'd probably die to the adults."

"Really?! I thought this species was meant to hunt down all birds?"

"Yes, while that is true, we are specified in hunting [Tier 3] and below birds. We are already going to have a hard enough time fighting the juveniles, as they are [Tier 4], giving them a stat boost over us. New adults can be [Tier 5], while some older ones can reach [Tier 6] or [7], growing into a higher species on par with lesser dragons."

"Oh...Well then! Once we kill these juveniles, we need to get our rank up as fast as possible so we can tier up and kill more griffins!"

"I fully agree, as we will become better at killing even more birds, not just griffins! And, as another bonus, you'll become even cuter!"

"Did you just say cute?" I say, annoyed, angry, but mostly confused. "Uh, handsome! I mean't handsome! Ha...ha...ha." Lucy says, turning her head away as not to make eye contact.

I let out an internal sigh. Why cute? I'd rather be the badass handsome guy that protects her, not some...cute cat. Whatever, I will just have to grow into something really cool to impress her. 

Stretching over the horizon, is a massive crack in the earth, like a canyon, only too deep to see down and to...straight.

"Is this it?" I ask Lucy, landing on the ground to nuzzle our snouts even more. 

"I believe so. There should be an underground place where its like another world or something. I think it was called a realm portal?" 

"Sounds fancy. By the way, who told you all this? Earlier you said you haven't seen any other moth-drakes, and as far as I'm aware, we cannot communicate with others that aren't of our species growth tree."

"Oh, somebody named "Decius" told me about this when I first gained consciousness. He also told me where to find you." 

"You were told as a tiny caterpillar and searched for me for this long?"

"Ah no. I see where you are mistaken. Decius said that you might ask that, so he explained a few things. I was created as a full feline moth-drake, and made to be your chosen."

"Wow, this Decius sounds like a cool guy! Making me a wife and all."

"D-don't scream that, it's e-embarrassing." 

I let out a cheeky grin, which would look like a snarl to anybody without any knowledge of our conversation. 

Then, into the canyon we plunged. After having a controlled free-dive for about 5 minutes in the pitch black that was the inside of the canyon, a notification popped into our eyes. 

[Blessed Fruit has been activated]

[Leaving realm known as {Ragnarok} for realm known as {Houseki}. Transport is leading to far-land Providence Islands. Confirm?]

[Yes] [No]

(Notice- Entity known as Lucy is permitted to accompany host, as they are the Chosen of the host)

"Ready, my Chosen?"

"Do you have to be so embarrassing?!"

"You're reactions are so adorable."

"S-st-stop it! You're doing this on purpose, aren't you!"

I look at her with another grin, nuzzle her snout, then confirm the transportation message.

A purple dot quickly expands beneath us, filled with so many shades of purple, flowing as if different oils attempting to mix together, that you couldn't count. 

We stop flapping our wings and slip through the portal, taking us to whatever "Houseki" is.