Chapter 1: The Wedge [Part of the Preparation] (Page 2/3).
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Chapter 1: The Wedge [Part of the Preparation] (Page 2/3).

The atmosphere was very solemn.

“This mission has made me feel extremely depressed. I really want to kill all those bastards from the Self-Orthodox Sect.”

One person sighed and broke the silence: “Seventeen thousand people! In two small towns, there are not even warriors or ordinary people; there is not a single person alive. When I saw the corpses on the ground, I immediately collapsed.”

Everyone was silent.

But the gloomy atmosphere spread silently.

It was a long time before someone said in a hoarse voice: “Only the Self-Orthodox Sect did many things that harm nature, but we saw the situation after the massacre four times with our own eyes. There are also those bloody cases that we heard about and the burdensome blood debts, but the Self-Orthodox Sect has existed for dozens of thousands of years, but there is no solution to this yet.”

“This time it is said that they discovered our secret agent, so they slaughtered villages and towns to vent their anger and resentment. Oh… damn it! What does discovering the secret agent have to do with ordinary people? These guys from the Self-Orthodox Sect are truly inhuman!”

“Hey, when did they find our secret agent and not massacre villages, towns, and civilians?” Several other people sighed.

“This is their way. To find a secret agent, his hometown will be razed to the ground. If he has no home, he will slaughter two cities at will to scare us, but they never care about the innocent. The only thing that matters to the Self-Orthodox Sect is that they are not threatened. That is why it doesn't matter if they kill everyone in the world."

“It's a pity that we can't touch their headquarters; otherwise... hey!”

Sigh. Everyone was in a very low mood.

No one could touch the sect headquarters, the Guardians had sacrificed countless masters and put in many years of effort, but to no avail.

But now, as selfishness grows stronger, this hope becomes increasingly slim.

Then no one spoke, and the atmosphere was as gloomy as heavy rain clouds in the sky.

A few sighs.

Boring and dreary.

For a long time, it seemed that he was deliberately breaking this uncomfortable atmosphere.

“Boss, can I rest for a while after this mission... I'm in a lot of pain.”

One of them covered his chest and said: “I want to take a vacation.”

“Heh… Single dog, do you want to take a vacation? Do you want to go back for a blind date? I heard that your family sent you a message a few days ago?”

The Boss said sarcastically: "Fourth, don't have too many illusions about life. Maybe your blind date will be as fat as a pig, or stupid as a donkey, or short as a tank, or as ugly as you."

The other five people suddenly trembled.

They laughed, but the laughter caused the wound to quiver in pain.

“Boss, your mouth truly deserves your title, Drunken Swordsman!”

Fourth Brother collapsed in an instant, his brows tightened as he cried: “I just want to take a vacation, how can you curse me with that evil mouth?”

The Boss was leaning on the statue's crotch, his head resting on the statue's crotch, and there was a traumatic, penetrating wound on the right chest of his upper body.

“Fourth brother, you have to wake up. Life is not only about a distant and bad blind date, but the most important thing is to be satisfied with what is in front of you.”

He did his best to maintain his breathing, sprinkled powder on his wounds again and again, and said lazily: "We haven't escaped the pursuit of selfhood yet, so don't think about nice things like blind dates. We'll talk about it when we really get back."

“But after I said that, I didn’t immediately want to come back.”

The fourth brother said sadly.

“Don’t think so badly, maybe it really is a woman.” The Boss closed his eyes and blessed.

But as soon as these words appeared, the fourth brother didn't even want to say anything.

I am a man, what am I looking for if I am not looking for a woman to be my wife? What does "maybe it's really a woman" mean? This sentence is simply a heinous crime.

“I'm going to take a vacation this time. It's been two months since my daughter was born, and I haven't seen her yet.” The Old Seventh said with a gentle face.

Suddenly, the uncle's smile appeared on the faces of the others: "Do you need our help in choosing a name?"

"Thank you, no need." Old Seventh said it with a respectful expression on his face.

Obviously, I know these guys can't spit ivory out of their mouths.

The Boss was not joking this time. He closed his eyes and was silent for a moment, then whispered: “Don’t forget to take my gift to your daughter.”

"Okay." Old Seven nodded slowly.

"Don't forget us too."

“But this time when we come back, our ninth team will appear. At least it would be nice to be promoted, right?” The Old Fifth had a daydreaming look on his face.

"It shouldn't be a big problem. I have enough merit. It's more than a hundred."

The second brother carefully calculated it and said: “You can become the guardian of the gold medal. However, it is the gold medal for the entire team. Only the president can get the gold medal for our personal achievements, and the rest of us can only get the silver medals. On average, it still Each of us has to do three hundred to four hundred commissions of meritorious service, which is enough, but it is not far.”

“A gold medal is enough to satisfy you. Many Dignifieds have reached the gold medal level. We are emperors, so we are dissatisfied?”

Many people were very satisfied.

“Wouldn’t the Boss be called the Drunken Gold Medal Sword from now on?”

A sudden thought came to Old Fifth's mind.

Several other people suddenly laughed: “Yes, it is officially recognized that only the Drunken Gold Medal Sword can know.”

Boss Fang Zhi rolled his eyes, moved his body, and said: “Hey, the lower part of the Flying Bear God is extremely uncomfortable. Is the statue shaped like that too? I can’t move now, who can help me?”

“Boss, this is not easy to do. It is difficult to do something soft.”

The fourth brother said calmly.

He still stood and wanted to help his boss move.

Only then.

There was a sudden sound of wind in the air.

Immediately, there was an explosion, as if there were two powerful beings fighting in midair, and the entire ground trembled.

Seven people's buttocks shook from the ground and fell at the same time. They looked at each other in confusion and fear.


It so happened that the Boss ass landed on the bulge at the bottom of the statue, his mouth was open for a moment as if he were dead, his eyes were swollen with anger, and he was unable to make a sound.

His face was pale, and the sweat dripping was the size of a soybean.

"What the hell is this!"

He reached out and touched it.

But it looks like a piece of iron?

He pulled it out from under his ass with all his might and was about to breathe a sigh of relief.

But he heard the sound of brushing teeth.

A figure fell from the sky.

The spear glowed pale in the light of thunder and lightning.

It appears to be made of bone.

The seven people were shocked at the same time, feeling as if they had fallen into an ice cave.

There is only one weapon of this type in the world.

“Weapon Catalog in the Cloud, Bone-Shattering Dream Spear!”

How could such a powerful presence be here?

Are they chasing us?

Isn't this using a cleaver to kill chickens?

At the same time that the person fell in front of the temple, the heavy rain seemed to stop in an instant, and there was not a drop of rain within a hundred feet of the place where the person fell.

But it was clear that it was still raining heavily in the distance, and the raindrops were all connected in one line.

The man was thin and tall, but when he was standing in the rain, he seemed to be carrying the entire rainy sky.