Chapter 3: Swords, Spears, Blades, and Halberds (Page 2/2).
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Chapter 3: Swords, Spears, Blades, and Halberds (Page 2/2).

But this time it can be considered to maintain its previous character, and this will not be the case in the future.


Fang Qingyun returned to the Fang family compound and went straight to his father's office.

"How's Che'er?"

Fang Zhenghang asked his son.

"He seems to be recovering well. He was very angry when he scolded me."


Fang Zhenghang showed a speechless expression: “Is it still like that?”

“It seems his mouth is more poisonous.”

Fang Zhenghang sighed from the bottom of his heart, his long beard trembling, and said: "You can return to the Martial Arts Academy tomorrow. When your aunt returns, I will explain to her."


Fang Qingyun was obviously very angry, but he couldn't help but say: “Dad, if my brother was so ignorant and spoke like that, I would have...”

"What would you do?"

Fang Zhenghang looked sideways at his son and said in a deep voice: “As the heir of the Fang family, do you have such a big heart? You can’t even accommodate a teenage child? What’s wrong with going against you? He’s still young! And because of his own life experience, he’s already suffering from low self-esteem. If you, in place of your cousin, won't let him go, what chance do you have that he will?!"

"Yes! Father said so."

“Besides, it's your aunt's face. If it's not for Fang Che, you should also think about your aunt.”

"Yes, the child knows."

Fang Zhenghang's straight and elegant face showed a trace of heaviness, and he said: “Qingyun, this is your cousin! The child has been raised in our family. How can we, the Fang family, not teach a child well? Moreover, for your aunt's sake, I have to bear it. What's the harm in bearing it?”

Fang Qingyun showed a smile: “The son knows it, so before I left, I left two bottles of qi pills and blood pills. Wuyuan gave me.”

Fang Zhenghang feels a little ill now.

“This…this is Wuyuan Qi and Blood Pill, the most authentic... You, you, it took you so long to save so much, and you gave him two bottles at once?!”

There are indeed qi pills and blood pills on the market, but the most authentic are those found in martial arts schools and sects. Although the sect's pills were more effective, they were specific to their sect's exercises. Those who practice sect exercises and take qi pills and blood pills from other sects, the effect can only be considered average.

Only the Dan of Wuyuan could be taken by warriors all over the world!

The most authentic product with the fewest side effects and the least impurities in the elixir!

They are only used as a reward within the martial arts academy and are never offered to the outside world. This shows how valuable it is.

Fang Qingyun smiled warmly and said: “You said, This is my cousin. Even if it is just to make my aunt happy for a moment, these two bottles of pills are worth it.”

Fang Zhenghang smiled happily, stood up, and patted his son on the shoulder, and just as he was about to say something, he found that his son had broad shoulders and a thick back and was taller than him.

It was a little difficult for him to raise his hand.

"...You're already taller than me."

Fang Zhenghang swallowed the words he was about to say and replaced them with a sigh.

“How are you at the martial arts academy?”

Fang Qingyun showed an embarrassed look on his face and said: “Son is ashamed. I am still in the bottom hundred of this year’s competition. Compared to last time, I am only two steps ahead. Out of 7,500 people, I am ranked 7,476...”

Fang Zhenghang smiled and said: "If it had been before today, I would have said a few words to you, but what you said today makes father very satisfied. Just go easy and practice with a relaxed mind. No matter how many names there are, don't feel pressured. The way you speak today shows your character. The fact that you can say these words is more than enough to take charge of our family. Martial arts cultivation comes second."

He smiled: “ The Father is very satisfied!”

Fang Qingyun's face turned red and he was a little embarrassed: “Okay, then... I'll go back and clean up.”

"OK, here you go."

When his son was about to walk out, Fang Zhenghang stopped him again: “It's good to be kind, but for the sake of your own people. If it's for the enemy...”

Fang Qingyun interjected: “Of course I will cut the grass and uproot the roots without mercy!”


Father and son smiled at each other.

“Speaking of enemies, the kid still doesn’t understand what happened back then...”


Fang Zhenghang said: “Go back and train hard!”

Stop this immediately.


“Our Fang family is about to be demoted. Everyone is working hard. I hope you can hold out.”

While watching his son leave, Fang Zhenghang sat on his chair.

His face was ashen.

It seems like all power has been lost.

“What happened back then... Although there is no evidence, it is clear who was behind the plan, but... there is no evidence. The other party has now become so powerful that it is better not to reveal it. If it is revealed, it will be a disaster..."


Fang Zhenghang sighed deeply: “The entire family, with more than 500 years of inheritance and more than 400 lives... How can we tolerate an impulsive word?!”

Fang Che had no distractions and began to train.

At first, it seemed that he had been killed and that his body and mind had disappeared.

Then there was a flash of white light, and his broken soul was carried into this body.

Now, this white light turned into a symbol in his mind, rotating in circles.

There is a heritage jade pendant in the symbol.

Beyond that, nothing could be seen clearly.

Fang Che had no intention of studying how this thing appeared.

Opportunity is opportunity.

Someday, we will find out.

It took three full days to absorb the inheritance contained in this jade pendant and turn it into his own inheritance, and Fang Che felt like he had hit the jackpot.

Exercise book and four weapons manuals.

Swords, spears, blades, and halberds.

“These four weapons are well chosen!” Fang Che was sincerely impressed.

Because these are also the top four cloud weapons on the entire continent!

Famous for five thousand years.

Before Fang Che entered the world of martial arts in his previous life, the year had already been shocked by four weapons.

Love-Cutting Sword.

Broken-Dream Spear.

Ningsu blade.

Crazy halberd.

Fang Che couldn't help but be fascinated.

Because this is a real legend, the legend of the cloud!

The number one Love-Cutting Sword in the Cloud Weapon Catalog.

In the dream, the world of humans and a sword outside cut love and will not subside. There are tears in the wind and they are painful, and the snow on top of the clouds caresses the flute. —— Love-Cutting Sword, flute-playing snow.

This was the person Fang Che respected and admired the most in his previous life. Mr. Number One of the Guardians!

The specter of weapons in the cloud, the spear of shattering dreams. Second place!

A lone boat in a sea of blood and a spear of bones, the miserable wind and bitter rain cut off the sunset; He penetrated thousands of dreams into the human world and shattered into a petal of incense at the tip of the spear. —— Broken-Dream Spear, Duan Xiang.

This was the person Fang Che hated the most in his previous life and was also the person he feared meeting the most. Because when you meet this person, you will die but not be hurt, your earthly dreams will be shattered in an instant, and life will be unpredictable.

With the reputation of the Bone-Crushing Dream Spear, no one even dared to use the spear when Duan Xiang's Spiritual Blood Boat appeared.

Because as soon as Duan Xiang saw him, he would die!

He died with this weapon in his previous life.

“But for the rest of my life, I will practice using swords, spears, blades, and halberds!”

“One day, I want to see how wonderful you are, Duan Xiang!”

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