Chapter 4: Bai Miass Summit (Page 1/2).
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Chapter 4: Bai Miass Summit (Page 1/2).

Fang Che thought and started his own practice.

“Infinite Bible!”

That was the name of the mysterious technique he obtained.

Open the first page.

“Martial arts training is just the beginning; the road to becoming a strong person is endless. How far can you go when I take you? The starry sky is wide, and here I am.”

On the title page, there is such a sentence.

Fang Che frowned.

After a long while, Fang Che smiled and said softly: “I may not be as good as you!”

Turn this page.

“When the power is at its peak, karma is so profound, in the human world and in the sky, you can take whatever you want; there are thousands of stars and rivers, but they are not enough. If the heart is immeasurable, the path will be immeasurable, this is immeasurable!”

Then there are the exercise formulas.

After reading the first page, Fang Che knew that this technique was hundreds of times stronger than the technique he had used in his previous life!

As for his past life skills...don't mention them.

What else can he say?

Fang Che quickly began to meditate and practice the first level of the Infinite Sutra.

The spiritual power in the body was instantly activated, and it proceeded precisely according to the lines of the Infinite Sutra. In an instant, he felt that his entire body was suddenly heated, and countless spiritual energy particles attributed to Yang entered his body at once. Another dimension.

Immediately, he felt as if there was smoke coming out of his head.

This speed of absorbing spiritual energy suddenly made Fang Che feel terrified.

Very fast.

After the first session..

He just felt his body shaking.

Fang Che couldn't help but open his eyes in shock.

His cultivation had just broken through to the first level of the Warrior Realm?

Even though he is reborn, he has countless training experiences, and from being a cultivator to a warrior, this is only the most superficial level of training. However, the breakthrough was so easy that Fang Che was stunned for a moment.

This Infinite it that magical?

Then he frowned in thought.

Now that there's been a hack, so...

He picked up the Wuyuan Qi and blood pill his elder cousin offered and swallowed one bottle in one gulp.

Start moving.

A ball of blazing energy gathered in the small courtyard once again.

after a while...


"Second-class warrior."

Fang Che settled into his kingdom and opened his eyes.

“My elder cousin is actually a real gentleman.”

What surprised him most was that as soon as he activated the Infinite Sutra, the Five Spirits Gu was suddenly chained into his Dantian!

Fang Che had a feeling: If he wanted to, he could slowly refine Five Spirits Gu at any time.

A portion of the spiritual power in the Dantian had transformed into the Infinite True Spirit, and the five spirits gathered in the Dantian, trembling.

Obviously, this spiritual power could be refined by himself.

Fang Che felt powerful and was suddenly surprised, and at the same time, he hurriedly withdrew his spiritual power and tempered the Five Spirits Gu in his body with great care.

This is a treasure you can use to break into enemy interiors.

But I can't die.

However, isn't it impossible to refine this Five Spirits Gu? How could my Infinite Sutra refine him so easily? !


on the other side.

Su family.

After Su Yue brought back the news, he immediately started an emergency meeting.

There are two topics in the meeting: Is this news true? Or fake?

If true, who will go?

After discussion, the conclusion quickly emerged: This is absolutely true.

Because the Absolute Sword Master was a powerful man who existed in real life.

“This kid didn’t know anything at all and heard this sentence while he was still in a coma. According to my guess, the old man Fang Wending and his son Fang Zhenghang must be talking. There is no one around, so there is nothing to worry about. But he did not expect that the man who fell into a coma would wake up in time.”

An old man from the Su Family had a gray beard, and his eyes were full of wisdom.

There is a great sense of confidence that “I have seen it all.”

“Even if it were me, it would be hard to imagine such a change.”


Another old man said: “Moreover, Yue’er has become close friends with Fang Che in the past few years. That boy obeys Yue’er’s words and will never lie to him.”

“Yes, hahaha, that’s right, this little idiot is so innocent.”

“Yes, what’s more, this is a sensitive period in which the boy was almost beaten to death by his cousin, so it is impossible for him to lie.”

“So, the story of the Absolute Sword Master must be true.”

"I didn't expect this old man from the Fang Family to be so deceitful. Fake news has confused everyone for so many years!"

“This can be considered a complete and completed work of Skynet. I'm afraid this old man never thought in his wildest dreams that the news would come like this! Hahaha...”

Amidst laughter.

The head of the family, Su Yunhe, made the final decision: “Since this has been confirmed, we need to act immediately without further delay. Who will go this time?”

The white-bearded old man leader frowned and said solemnly: “It should be noted that the Fang Family has searched more than once, but they have never succeeded. I think that firstly, they did not find the right place. Secondly, they are not strong enough. This does not mean that there are myriad poisons and Grandmaster-level poisonous snakes?”

"First of all, the Fang family is not strong enough, and secondly, they don't dare to speak out. You also know that no one can find helpers or reinforcements for this kind of thing."

Everyone smiled and nodded.

Yes. How can they seek help?

“If the assistant’s cultivation level was lower than his own, he would be useless. If the assistant’s cultivation level was higher than his… wouldn’t it be extremely dangerous?” It's like digging your own grave—what helper could resist the temptation of such a treasure or inheritance?

“In this case, there can't be too few people to go. The strength can't be too low!”

“To be on the safe side, it's best for everyone to go.”

One of them objected: Should we wait for the return of the Envoy?

Everyone said in unison: “No!”

“When he returns, will this good thing still belong to our family?”

“Without further delay, call in the workforce immediately!”


that night.

The elite members of the Su family all put on disguises and left the city separately, gathering in the wilderness outside the city and shooting off into the darkness like an arrow.

And on this night too.

Fang Che also arranged his clothes, placed the face mask in his arms, and walked out of the small courtyard.


What if the Su family really got it?

“Young Master, where are you going?”

When he walked out of the gate of Fang's house, he was stopped.

“I'm going to look for a girl, what's the problem? What else can you do when you go out at night?” Fang Che rolled his eyes.


The guard guarding the gate silently moved out of the way, filled with sadness.

You rock!

Go out and find girls!

I'm still here watching the door.

Fang Che walked out the door casually.

Walk towards Nancheng, where the smell of powder fills the air.

This number quickly disappeared.

After half an hour.

A rich man's house outside the city.

There was a commotion.