Chapter 8 – Journey
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"Anyways, we should be ready to go to Orangestone then." I said as I sat down in the chair.

"Yeah, we should be ready with the preparations." Althea nodded.

"What do you mean ready?! We still haven't thought about our luxury!" Lilith said, well she is right in that aspect. We haven't thought about what we are actually bringing and how long we are supposed to be there.

"You are right, how long do you think we are estimated to stay there?" I asked Althea, since among all of us she is the most knowledgeable in most aspects.

"If nothing goes wrong, then we should be able to come out by the 7th day. That is if nothing goes wrong." Althea said after thinking for awhile.

"What do you mean by something wrong?" Lilith asked.

"Imagine this, what would happen if a extremely powerful artifact with an aura so noticeable suddenly appearing?" Althea stared at me while asking.

I thought for awhile, what does monsters made of. It is mana, monsters are creatures born from mana and if a artifact capable of releasing a immense amount of mana suddenly appears...

"Do you mean a 6th class is possible?!" I shouted as if realizing something, if a 6th class monster did come out.. we would be dead.

"I wonder, what isn't possible?" Althea sighed as if saying I was thinking too narrowly.

"What should we do then?" I asked.

"Nothing, we'll have to think of a strategy when it happens." Althea said.

"Why is that?" Lilith asked while tilting her head.

"Are you both dumb?" Althea glared at us as if we were idiots.

"I'll take silence as yes, think about it can we predict what kind of 6th class would appear if it were ever to appear? Should we make preparations for a flame type only to have a earth come out? All we can do is pray that one won't suddenly appear out of nowhere." Althea said.

"Other than food supplies, tents and clothing, bring your crafting materials for emergency" She instructed us.

"Roger ma'am!" We saluted as if we were taking instructions from the captain before running.

A day has passed after that discussion, and we were prepared to go to the volcano. If I were to say I wasn't nervous then I would be lying, this is more nervebreaking than confessing to someone you like even my hands were shaking just from opening the door outside.

"What you waiting for?" Lilith looked at me with excitement, "It's a adventure!".

"Where can I buy some of those iron guts..." I muttered.

"Let's go now, don't be slow." Althea suddenly smacked my back before closing the door to the house.

"I'll take the front seat!" Lilith said.

"I'll go at the back then.", the car was a Coeni Gemera, a limited edition four-seater hybrid hypercar with almost 1950 horsepower. It's a beautiful hypercar especially with its white accents and matte black paint, truly worthy of a Coeni.

"Please let this be a safe journey." I prayed before heading to the drivers seat and turning on the engine.

"Passengers, please fasten your seatbelt!" I said in a voice similar to that in a plane, before taking off in a whopping 120kmph within 2 seconds and the journey started.

It's been 2 hours later since we took off in our ride, it was a very smooth and fast one though we had to stop to a nearby store which coincidentally is next to a gasoline station. The girls went out to the store to eat lunch, while here I am alone pouring gasoline into the tank.

"Kairou, let's go eat!" Lilith came by and invited me to join them.

"Sure, i'll be there in awhile." I said, as I'm also rather hungry.

We ate seafoods for lunch, together with tea and coffee. Althea had tea, Lilith and I had coffee, it was already 1:28 P.M when we continued our run to the orangestone volcanoes. Although, there were a few monsters from there, it was a pretty calm day.

It was now 4 hours after that we arrived to the closest hotel to Orangestone, normally this hotel would be full with tourists but since there were no humans, we can take any room we wish. It's convient but also unconvient at the same time as there were no waiters to help us clean up and the likes.

"How about we sleep in one room, it will be far more efficient." Lilith, the person who rarely speaks something reasonable has spoken.

"Including me?!" I asked, as I was the only one with a different gender from them.

"Of course!" Lilith said, in a happy manner.

Althea had no objections, or maybe she has but kept it within herself but that's another story for another time. We slept the rest of the night, as we need to be energetic on the actual journey. The more energy, the more prepared! Nothing happened for the rest of night on our sleep, which was a good thing since we were very close to the location.

We woke up very early in the morning, somewhere within 5'o clock was when most of us woke up to get ready, as the earlier the better. Lilith was drowsy as ever, while Althea was checking on her spear meanwhile I, who had nothing to do was checking the map out.

6'o clock was when we actually went outside and continued on for a few more kilometers before we saw huge mountains, or rather volcanoes. It would have been a beautiful scene if weren't for two idiots who were randomly fighting off.

"Kairou!! Look a mountain!" Lilith said.

"It's just a mountain, in heaven you can see billions of those" a blonde hair girl said.

"Huh?! Be quiet stray cat!" Lilith with sparks said.

"You shut up, you springboard!" Althea said.

"Be quiet!" I shouted.

"How much further do we have to go?" Lilith ask.

"Shut up and move, springboard" Althea said.

"You shut up also, Althea!" Lilith shouted to Althea.

"Can you both be quiet, you both have been fighting for how long? 40 minutes?!" I shouted in annoyance.

"Fine, since you said so." Both of them went quiet after that.

"Don't you think something is weird out here?" I asked, since the photos I saw about the volcanoes were full of life, from grass to animals but reality was so off, there were no animals nor plants. It was just dirt, not just normal dirt but purely dry dirt. You can even count this place as a desert by now.

"Yeah, it is weird, the temperature is rising and dropping as if it is pulsing." Lilith said as she checked the thermometer.

"It's because the artifact is pulsing, it releases its aura before slowly retracting it as if it was breathing." Althea explained to us.

"Why do artifacts need to do so?" I asked.

"Not all artifacts do so, only those with qualified gems such as heavenly gems. These gems can be thought as alive because they have consciousness, they can talk to their owners and also pick who their owners are. These artifacts are regarded as good to legendary based off their history, the longer the consciousness of the artifact has been alive, the higher its worth." Althea explained.

"So, you are saying that this artifact contains a heavenly gem?!" Lilith asked, shocked.

"That is a very high possibilty considering it's pulsation, I can't think of any other possiblity and considering that it was the Sakura Empire who planted this artifact, it should really be one." Althea said.

"Treasuress!" Lilith was drooling weirdly, that I had to smack her head.

"Get over yourself, you weirdo!" I said.

"We still have a few obstacles from here, for example that.." I pointed infront of us.

A wall-like structure was blocking us, it's similar to the creation of humans but also not something we can create. It was a wall that was smoking while tinted red as if it was metal, no it's really made of metal but a different kind of metal, it seemed to look more harder than metal.

"Ground Metal..." Althea muttered.

"What's Ground Metal?" I asked in confusion.

"Ground Metal is similar to metal you can find on Earth but even harder, probably as hard as titanium if I had to say. It is formed with the help of mana and lava and usually can be found in higher-ranked worlds as lower-ranked ones has litlte to no mana capacity to produce it." Althea explained.

Suddenly the ground shook hard, and huge amounts of rocks were forming upwards as if it was the creation of a mountain. It was very unnatural, like a person is controlling it.

"What's happening?!" I asked.

"The artifact is raging..." Althea said.

"How can a artifact rage?!" Lilith asked in a panic.

"Remember what I said, that heavenly gems have consciousness." Althea just said those words when suddenly the ground shook even harder.

What we saw was something creepy, four volcanoes suddenly rising up as if it was a castle with one volcano suddenly rising up in the middle. The volcano in the middle was very large, probably 10 times larger than the other ones, it had a dreadful atmosphere with smoke rising up.

"What in the world is that.." was the only words I muttered.