Chapter 107 – The black pendant
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"We got separated towards the end due to some incidents, he hasn't come back? There was some reports that he went through the teleport so I took my time to come back" Amber takes a seat and grabs a drink downing it quickly.


Amber downs the drink before looking around the table again, "People love to make trouble for him... isn't there anything stronger in here?”


"What happened?" Jessica asks.


"Well you'll have to ask Albert or Lord for the full story, I only met him briefly after the auction started... some black hooded people were causing trouble, some red robed people caused trouble and he made enemies with like half of the councillors. Albert was both cursing and praising him as we came back, the old guy said he needed to see Hilda yet I heard someone say that Lord isn't back yet so I came rushing here to see if you heard something, so?"


Amber speaks quickly and without pause, she looks around at the table where they are left processing her words. Lunamarie stares blankly at her while Mai continues to chew her food, Jessica is the only one that seems to listen.


"Nothing yet but your words don't give me confidence…,” Jessica picks up the phoenix forcing it away, “we know something is going to happen tonight... it has probably already happened as I can't find Drakon or Tyson... Shall we go for a walk to city hall?"


"Ehh but I'm tired after making pills all day... I need to rest up for tomorrow."


"Walk? I'm tired too..."


Lunamarie and Mai both respond in a lackadaisical manner, mumbling their words between the food and drinks.


Jessica looks at them, her eyes narrowing slowly before closing. She lets out a soft exhale and opens her eyes with a pleasant smile, "Don't you want to see if Jack has brought some presents back for you?"


"Oh presents?" Mai exclaims while Lunamarie's ears twitch. She doesn't speak, avoiding eye contact with Jessica, but her eyes betray her as they glance at Jessica now and then.


"Yeah, plus maybe the soldiers will cheer up after seeing you," Jessica speaks at Mai who is now smiling widely.


"OK, let's go... wait, can you brush my hair and make sure it's good enough?"


"Well ok, but we don't have to worry too much because it's so dark. All they'll see is your beautiful face and bright smile, " Jessica says as she stands up. Mai is almost hanging off her now, excited to go.


Lunamarie chews quickly as the others leave the table, Amber comes over to help Amber get little Mai ready as they pass a few minutes like this. Lunamarie is dragged yawning out of the tent by the three of them as they walk up the short pathway. The bunny girl wakes up as they pass that strange plant that was planted. She asks Mai about it but the little girl won't explain anything in a method that she can understand.


"It just does that, it does that because it wants to!"


"It doesn't do that normally so why did it do that!"


"It just did!"




This continues in a loop as they go through the garden, hiding the dreary night. Two soldiers on horseback pass by them and give them a quick salute as they face by, there's no one else outside on this wide main road. Lunamarie and Mai are still arguing while Amber is watching them.


Jessica looks up the sky, it was obscured by the large tree hanging over the tent previously but now the whole sky is visible she can see how bad it is.


"Where is the moon?"


"It should be about there" Amber points to a spot above them. They all squint at the spot trying to see it yet Jessica shakes her head.


"Wait I see it, is it still bright red?"


"It should be."


Mai points at a direction behind them, "Isn't that it?"


They all look at that spot, there's two red spots hovering in the air.


"I don't think that's it."


"What is it?"


"Let's hope it's nothing, remember we're going to see what's going on with city hall and maybe get some snacks... I bet there's some desserts going on. Even if Jack isn’t back, the presents might be there."


"Oh desserts? Did Big brother give them a recipe?"


"I think so. Where else did they get chocolate mousse from?"


"Oh what's that? Is it tasty?"


"It's... it tastes like chocolate."


"Oh that, I want to try that, big brother says that it's popular at his home."


"That's right, so let's go to the city hall and see the teleportation."


"Ok" Mai says as she races forward, she seems invigorated with the talk of the mousse. The three girls hurry up with Lunamarie dragging behind, a faint glow of silver on her skin can be seen as she catches up. They walk through the mostly empty streets passing by several soldiers as they go about their frantic work.


"Wait up Mai!" Jessica shouts as she watches Mai dash ahead.




"It's what?"


The Jessica races ahead with Amber close behind, they spot the young girl next to a giant horse. Amber rolls her eyes as Jessica walks up to the horse, "Sleipner... what are you doing here? Where's little white?"


The horse shakes its head and nuzzles up against Mai, Lunamarie yawns as she stops with them. Her hand reaches out to pat Sleipner when the horse's head backs away.


"What? I don't have plans to make you into the ascended Qilin." Lunamarie and Sleipner have a staring contest.


Jessica, Amber and Mai look at the two of them in confusion as it's a bunny girl staring at a horse. Not just staring but seemingly responding to him.


Mai tugs on Lunamarie's hand, "Bunny elder sister, he's a horse."


"He's not just a horse, he's a tier 4 horse that can ascend to tier 5. He has the intelligence already and his bloodline is unlocked, he's just missing the will."


"Really? What's stopping him then?"


"Himself..." Lunamarie turns around and walks away. Jessica and Amber follow after Lunamarie right away while Mai hangs back.


"You have to grow up strong Sleipner, Big Brother needs you still..." Mai whispers to Sleipner, the little girl then chases after the others grabbing their hands.


The large horse follows after them as the small group nears the city hall.


They near the city heart building when they witness a large amount of light coming from the building, even the solid stone walls and door couldn't block the light as Mai runs ahead.


"Big brother!" she yells as she nears the city heart building, she nears the door but cannot push it open. The rest of them catch up.


"You cannot open this, there’s a protection—


The door swings outwards as Jessica pulls Mai back just before she’s hit, they all look at who walked through the doors.


"Oh you guys were on the other side, sorry I couldn't hear who it was. We really need to make these doors transparent."


Jack is standing there scratching his neck, Mai runs up to him but he holds her away from him, several steps away in fact. Lunamarie and Amber stand back while Jessica walks forward. The others watch in wonder as he doesn’t push her away.


They hug briefly while Amber wants to step forward to say something, Jessica’s body suddenly becomes alight with a white flame. 


Everyone backs away from her as they feel the strange heat from it, Jessica’s clothes burn away leaving a simple nightgown looking dress. The flames settle down, leaving some black and gold threads float off her skin.


Everyone can spot the threads, yet they disappear soon after.


"What is that?" Jessica asks sternly.


"It's nothing."


Jack smiles and looks at the other two, Lunamarie is rubbing her eyes yawning while Amber returns the smile. Jessica is left standing there with just her nightgown on, her body glowing brightly on the street near the centre of town.


"What are you doing back so soon, Amber?" Jack faces Amber, ignoring Jessica’s rapidly changing expression.


"Soon? It's nearly midnight, you idiot. Where have you been?"


"What? Fucking White... I thought I'd be here early" Jack looks at each of them with a calm smile, Jessica looks at him and notices his eyes. He walks forward to place his clothing on her.


Jessica watches his eyes as they seemingly glow and they seem more colourful than usual, yet the colour isn't solid. She wants to say something yet she holds her tongue as he walks ahead of the group.


"Who's white big brother?"


"Oh that's someone that I kind of knew but didn't? I'll have to explain it later..."


Jack fends off Mai from jumping on him while everyone else talks to him for a few moments about what happened in the system city when in the distance, a large squad of soldiers appears.


A frail-looking person is leading them.




"Maurice, you look tired."


"I am indeed tired, too tired. I have been working on this device for so long without a break. It is as completed as my current state of mind will permit, please allow me to hand it off to you and rest... lord."


Maurice holds out a large black pendant. Jack walks up to him and takes the pendant from him when the researcher almost collapses in his arms. 


“Core version 1” Maurice says, Jack inspects the item not noticing what has happened to Maurice.


"How do I use this?," Jack asks before looking up, “oh shit. Umm, is he fine?”


"Lord, the head researcher is just tired. I will relay the instructions he told me to give you in case this happened. ‘He said just hold it’" a person wearing a research uniform says, “is that all Lord?


Jack waves them off then looks at the pendant, it's the same one that Maurice has been working on for so long, 5 small crystals are embedded into the black metal casing where they’re surrounding the large primary crystal. The large primary crystal is the so-called other universal crystal, Jack doesn't understand the setup but he doesn't need to. 


He places it around his neck and looks at the group of girls before him.


"So what are you doing out at this hour?"


"Searching for you, and going to check out city hall. Something is going on, have you heard anything?"


"Nope, I just arrived... the air feels thick though..." Jack looks up in the sky.


"What do you mean?" Amber asks.


"Haven't you been here for awhile?"


"Not really it was crazy after you left."


"Really? I wanna —