Chapter 6: On Melancholy Hill
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Rocks. Broken pillars. A deserted throne. Silence.

“You sure this is Mt. Olympus Mori?”

“It should be.”

'This is indeed Mt. Olympus. It is just that centuries of neglect has led to this miserable state.’

Walking through this deserted place, there were many things littered around. Empty wine vases, broken shields and helmets, dead plants and the occasional robe. After a few minutes roaming around, we found a lone, wooden shack with a maid sweeping the porch.

“Ah. Master, I see you’ve woken up. Let me inform Zeus that I shall be leaving his care, unless you would like to talk with him.”

“We would like to kindly talk with him, please,” I heard Mori saying, with a little hint of anger in her, “We… no I have some business with him.”

“Well then, come inside and take a seat.” She opened the door, and led us to the living room. It was a cosy room, with nothing but two single seats, a big couch and a fireplace.

‘This is quite the humble home for someone such as Zeus.’

“Yeah, I expected it to be like one of those ancient Greek places.”

“It was once a luxurious home, like the rest of Mt. Olympus, however over the years I have learnt many things,” From behind us came an old man, wearing casual jeans and t-shirt, holding a mug of coffee, “I have come to learn about the simpler things in life. I have spent too many centuries believing happiness could only come from being at the top, but now I can’t help but feel joy with my new lifestyle. My name is Zeus.”

Upon his arrival, the maid exited the room, taking May with, who had a wide grin on her face. I’m guessing they’re going to have some sort of sisters talk.

“Hello there Sandman, my good friend. I see you’re just as youthful looking as ever. And Thanato- no, it’s just Death, isn’t it? Well hello there. I’m going to assume the remaining member of your party is that maid’s real master. Hello there, and nice to meet you.”

“Okay, enough with the warm and nice atmosphere. Right now, I’m a bit angry, so you better have a good reason as to why I shouldn’t send you to the same place Hitler, Satan and General Demon Supreme Despairus The Overlord of Destruction are.”

“Wait, wait, why are you angry?”

“Well, let me give you a little reminder,” from behind Mori’s cloak, she brought out the dead Fury’s head, “Recognize this goon?”

“Oh. I see why you’re angry. Look, that is not mine. In fact, I have long relinquished my control over anyone part of or connected to the pantheon. It is why Mt. Olympus is such a wasteland now. Fighting over control of every minor thing I previously had dominion over. As for the Furies, although I did not control them directly, I believe Ares recently got hold of them. It should be noted I saved the young lady from his crutches, so he should be the target of your ire Death.”

“Hmm… fine. I will believe your words.”

“Wait, Mori. This is Zeus, right?”

“Yes, yes it is.”

“Then I have a question for you, Zeus.”

“What is it, young one?”

“Did you touch my Maid?”

“Why do you ask such a thing?”

“Well, you’re Zeus, aren’t you? The guy who would be willing to fuck a plank of wood, or fuck while disguised as a plank of wood, right? So who is to say you didn’t touch my pure, innocent maid?”

“Oh. Simple. I no longer have such lust. Lust for women, lust for power, lust for anything, I have long lost such desires. Nowadays, I simply spend my days enjoying a good coffee and the wonders of the internet.”

The maid walked back in, “Do not worry Master, Zeus did not make any advances on me. As great as it would be to be embraced by the greatest God of the Greek Pantheon, I believe I would have retreated the moment he tried to touch me. Even if it would be enticing.”

‘I can vouch for Zeus here. The only perverted one in this room after all is that Maid.’

“Oh great. A perverted maid. You know Eve, I didn’t expect this to come from you.”

“What?! You do know I didn’t decide their personalities, right?”

“Yeah, I know, I’m just teasing you.”

After that, we spent a few minutes having idle talk.

“So anyway, Ares is now a target, we got the Maid, and we found out Zeus has good coffee sense. Should we get going?”

‘Sure. Back to Evelyn’s house, I assume.’


After being dropped off by Sandman, at home May approached me, alongside the Maid, “Hey mama, what is Maid’s name?”

“Can you please stop calling me mama.”

“But mama is mama.”

“Haa..” In defeat, I decided to move onto the other problem, “As for your name, any ideas?”

“Any name Master gives me would be nice.”

“Elizabeth then. Elizabeth Stone.” Once again a golden thread came out of my chest, and neatly wrapped around Elizabeth’s wrists.

“A surname? Why Master?”

“Well, I figured if I gave you avatars a surname, then you would stop thinking of me as a mother. Too bad it’s too late for this one.” I pointed at May, who was currently leaning on my shoulder, hugging me.

“Ehe. Does that mean I’m May Rose?”

“Oh god. That sounds like you’re married to me.”

“Married to mama? No no no. Only papa should be married to mama!”

Married to Mori? Hmm... wait, what am I thinking of?

‘Old friend, you haven’t been in the Dreamrealm as much as you used to be, why is that?’

“Oh, well I have recently found out about this thing called VTubers.”


“Virtual Youtubers. At first I thought it was just yet another weird part of the internet, however after watching clips of multiple VTubers, it has come to my attention that they are very entertaining. One VTuber that has currently been very fun to watch is this one girl who claims to be a very dangerous being, although this typically backfires, leading to her being bullied by her chat. It’s quite endearing to be honest.”

“Hey Mori, why are you snickering?”

“There was this one time she claimed to be at the top of the food chain in the sea.”

‘You should know better than most that this world is capable of anything.’

“I’d believe it, if it weren’t for the fact that the Kraken is at the top of the food chain, and there is no way such a mindless beast would downsize into a human form and become a proper VTuber. Also, the VTuber is quite cute, and there is no way the Kraken is capable of being cute."

“Ah! Mori! Get up! What’s so funny?!”

I'm really pumping out chapters, huh. Despite me saying I'd only release a chapter every 2-4 days. Well whatever. I've realised I could type up a lot of chapters in a day or make a really long chapter, but to be honest, I probably won't. Too much work.

So, Zeus. I don't know why, but I just have this fixation on making Zeus a hermit that lives in a wooden shack in the middle of a deserted Mt. Olympus. Well I say hermit, but right now he's more akin to a NEET. Well centuries of having love affairs will probably do that to you, I guess. As for the Maid, well, sure a perverted maid is cliche, but when I started typing, it just happened. Okay. Most of the characters are actually made the moment the chapter is made in all honesty. This might lead to problems, but it's a okay, since I can just blame it on me being sleep deprived! Haha!

Now then, back to that whole cover thing, what random object do you guys would like to see as the cover? Or would you rather have it stay as the grapes? Just asking.