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Ryu involuntarily coughed out a mouthful of blood, unable to repress his injuries. Unfortunately, though his meridians were nigh indestructible, their violent expansion under the influence of the turbulent energy was bound to affect the inner organs they wrapped around.

In an instant, Ryu was facing a war on three fronts. The first was the qi surging into his body by using his inner space as a bridge, the second was the qi surging into his Mental Realm under the circulation of [Divine Chaotic Annihilation], and the third was in the very real world.

“It’s him!”

It seemed that Ryu’s actions had stirred up a lot more than it would first appear on the surface. Before, the Grand Elders of the Five Core Clans disdained to appear for The Selection. This was why the numbers were made up normal elders and a few Patriarchs. However, Ryu had actually forced so many of them to action.

An elder with whipping white hair and piercing silver elders stepped forward with an imposing air, clearly acknowledging the words of minor character’s shout.

“You dare have designs on an elder of my Zu Clan? Bring Esme out right now and I can leave you with an intact corpse.”

“This day if the Zu Clan dares fight this Basteel for this boy’s head you’ll be this Grand Elder’s eternal enemy!”

There was no doubt who this fiery tempered man was. Who else if not the First Grand Elder of the Basteel Clan? As for the silver eyed man, he was no doubt the First Grand Elder of the Zu Clan, the very same scheming man that set off much of these events to begin with.

“Hold your temper, Basteel.” First Grand Elder Zu replied sharply. “This boy has taken an elder of my Clan, while your grandson is already dead. The living obviously take priority over the dead!”

“YOU DARE SAY SUCH WORDS TO MY FACE?!” First Grand Elder Basteel would have directly attacked if he didn’t still have qualms about the Zu Clan’s depths. “As far as I see it, she’s no longer in his possession and he’s already in a sorry state. He likely already killed her and tossed her corpse somewhere!”

First Grand Elder Zu’s eyes immediately turned vicious.

“Ha…” Ryu sneered, wiping blood and catching a bit of grime on his sleeve. This expelling of impurities was really too inconvenient. “… I thought I’d have something to worry about. Turns out it’s just a group of old dogs undeserving of the Grand title.”

The rage the two elders had toward each other was immediately turned toward Ryu in an instant. But, was Ryu so easy to fool?

These two seemed to have been locked at each other’s throats but the truth was that their senses had long since locked onto his body. Clearly, they believed they could goad him into trying to take advantage of the situation, but had very obviously failed.

What surprised Ryu more was that they had surrounded this mountain range with dozens of experts, but actually hadn’t dared to enter. They were truly nothing but talk and had no backbone. Why else would they not enter if not because they were apprehensive and afraid.

In the distance, a few elders of the Croft, Xie and Vinn Clans watched on, but they clearly had no real vested interest in capturing Ryu, they had come here for the oddities in Mortal Qi Mountain. However, Ryu had no doubt that if push came to shove, they would most definitely put in a minimum effort toward stopping his escape.

“Seeking. Death.”

It didn’t really matter to Ryu which of the two said these words because he was already pulling out a single halberd.

“I’ve yet to make the Basteel and Zu Clans pay a sufficient price… The heads of these two Grand Elders… I’ll take them as interest.”

Ryu’s aura surged.

In an instant, a gorgeous ancient tree of ice appeared, blocking out the very skies.

The image of a single tree spanning twenty kilometers could be imagined. The shock, the awe, the heart trembling might.

Ryu had never extended the range of his Immortal Sakura to the utmost limits because it simply drained too much Spiritual Qi. However, as things stood now, Ryu needed to waste as much qi as possible. In fact, this much still wasn’t enough.

There was barely a wisp of Cosmic Qi in his inner space. However, after being crushed by third stage [Divine Chaotic Annihiliation], Ryu’s Mental Realm had almost completely shattered. If he didn’t funnel his Spiritual Qi outward, all that awaited him was death.

This scene alone was enough to shock the two Grand Elders to no end, but the next almost made their hearts stop completely.

Six Impose Barriers shook Mortal Qi Mountain. One layer atop the other to form a heavenly domain that belonged to Ryu alone.

Even with blood streaming from his lips. Even with the disgusting dirt and grime that covered his features. Even with his low cultivation realm. These so-called elders here couldn’t help but feel vastly inferior.


A strong steed with a lush coat of red and flowing mane appeared below Ryu. His singular horn spirals menacingly, shimmering like shining steel. His hooves stomped the air below, steaming hot air blowing from his nostrils. A raging killing intent billowed from his very soul as he faced his enemies.

Ryu held out his halberd, sitting upon Nemesis’ back with a lofty expression in his eyes. No amount of disheveledness could overshadow his valiant aura.

Nemesis rose on his hind legs, calling out into the skies as his red mane blew in the wind. By the time his front hooves slammed the air beneath him once more, he had already charged forward once more.

Ryu raised his halberd, his aura completely in sync with his steed.

“[Ronin’s Final Stand: Heart Severing Rend]!”