Vol. 1: Betrayed
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Wait, what did I just hear? Do I have cotton in my ears? Did I just hear my boyfriend of four years just break up with me? Scarlett Young stood completely flabbergasted in Tokyo Park, the wind blew mildly about her and her boyfriend...or former boyfriend, Park Eun stood a few paces away refusing to meet her gaze. 

*Clenches fist*

"I think it's about time for us to look for other people. I'm sorry Scarlett, you're just not pretty enough, I don't love you anymore!" He says turning and leaving her there in the park. Haha. I must be imagining it, that's right, I'll go to school and I'll do the usual. But that was not the case, because even at school for some reason she couldn't bump into Park Eun. It was like some kind of force was keeping them apart.

The end of class is signaled and Scarlett stood waiting before the school gates, but it wasn't Park Eun who ended up meeting her there, but her bestfriend of six years Mini Qi. "oh my, look at this, isn't it that wierd stalker girl, still going around stalking My boyfriend, I see." The look in her eyes as she snicker at Scarlett was not the usual Mini Qi. Normally she was always sweet and she always hugged her when she saw her.

"Are you confused? May I shine the light?" Gema Saunders, she was normally the girl who picked on Mini Qi alot in junior high, why was she by Mini Qi's side? "Mini Qi, have you seen Park Eun? And why are you with Gema?" She asks. "Hmph, you still don't get it, you stupid loser bitch." Gema points a finger at her and smirks.

"Mini Qi was never your friend, she only hang out with you because it gave her a good rep. Then you gained the attention of the cutest boy back in middle school, Park Eun. So poor Mini Here played your friend for six whole years to win him over." Gema says. What was she saying, that's not true, Mini Qi wouldn't do such a thing.

Right? Scarlett looks over a Mini Qi who's facial expression wasn't anywhere like the old Mini Qi. "But, I was nice to you." She says tears threatening to fall. Mini Qi looks at Gema and they both laugh at her, "do you know how annoying that was for me? To pretend to like you and be your friend? An ugly girl like you are no match for me. Park Eun must have been totally blind to like a disgusting girl like you. I hope you do us all a favor and just disappear you ugly whore." Mini Qi and Gema laugh as they walk past her, and not without bumping into her on the way down.

Why? What did I do to deserve such a hateful life? I was a good person, I never hurt a single soul, so why did this happen to me of all people? Scarlett walks the path to her home, she was a bit unfocused as the things that just happened is played over and over again in her mind. 



*Cho- Chooo!*

The sound grew louder. Scarlett lifts her head and the ground lightly shakes and trembles beneath her feet. But she did not have time to react as a bright light heads straight for her. Before she could so much as react, she was already hit by the train. And there was darkness and her falling. Perhaps a dream.




Ugh, Scarlett blinks awake, was this...maybe heaven? I seem to be lying in a field of grass. But didn't someone call my name just now? Scarlett sits up and rubs her temple as a throbbing headache pulsed annoyingly. That train almost killed me. She stands and dust off her school uniform, but she noticed the grass was a wierd shade of green. Also, there shouldn't even be grass here. 

Scarlett looks up and she notices how she was standing on a hill with a vast amount of grass ahead of her and many other hills. There were even strange looking birds flying through the sky and well there wasn't a building in sight. Where the hell am I?