Vol. 1: An Unknown Place
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Okay I was hit by a train, and I woke up here. Scarlett crosses her arms and frowns, whereever here was. Could I have died and reincarnated? But why do I feel the same? Scarlett had her backpack on her person as well, and her uniform, so reincarnation couldn't be the answer. So, time-travel. It clearly made sense. Well in a way. If I time-traveled to the past then maybe ...does old China have so many vast amounts of grass? 

Perhaps, she never did pay attention very much in history class. Sighs heavily, this has got to be some kind of sick joke. She plops down onto the grass, yep, she'll just sit here and wait for Mini Qi and Park Eun to jump out and tell her that this was just one of their pranks. Perhaps even the stunt from earlier was a prank. Scarlett slowly drifts into a quiet slumber, in a world she has no clue about. 

Hours flew by and the sky has darkened. the wind blew quietly and there was not a peep coming from any direction. Scarlett comes to and realizes that she had slept too long and that she was still in that world. This was going to far even for a prank, she was ready to go home. Standing she dusts off and the sound of rustling nearby had her jumpy. It was just a bunny as it hops in the other direction.

*Rubs arms*

It was a bit chilly, could it be that this was real? Scarlett stares up at the sky and saw something even more strange, there were two moons. That was enough of an answer, I was not in Tokyo, Japan anymore. So where am I? I'm so confused. I get hit by a train and I appear here. I got hit by a train, didn't I? Scarlett felt a stabbing pain in her head. 

I want to go home, I don't want to be here anymore. Should I stay here until I meet someone who could help me? Scarlett wasn't sure if that was a good idea, but she knew nothing of this world, and if she just went wandering about, then what?



Horses hooves? Way out here? Scarlett realizes that there was nowhere to hide, the hooves drew even closer and as she turns she notices a large horse heading towards her. She was frozen in fear and before she could process what was happening the horse comes to a complete stop before her.

It was a miracle she didn't pass out from the extreme beating of her heart just now. It was a mass army of at least fifty men lined before her, and the horse that damn neared stood toe to toe with her huffed and whined before a figure gracefully jumps down. Scarlett takes a step back as ocean blue eyes stared her down. A woman with short green hair and a slender but masculine figure stood hand on hilt of sword.

"You girl, are you lost?" She was asking. Scarlett wasn't sure how she should deal with this situation. Should she admit that she was lost and had no clue where she could even be right now, "Our Lady asked you a question, girl!"  A man on a nearby horse shouted. The woman raised a hand, "calm down Hadies, can't you see that she's scared. I think we should take her home." She says.

"Hmph, you just say that because you like rescuing damsels in distress, seriously, one day you'll go and pick up the wrong person." Another man says. The woman blushes, "what stop spouting nonsense!" She roars. "Don't mind those idiots, I just wanted to be of help. You do know you're like miles away from the next kingdom, right?" She asks her. Scarlett shakes her head, "um, where exactly is here?" She asks. 

The woman stares at her, "are you not from around here, everyone knows this is the Thaine Kingdom. It's where the ruler Gladius the Third reigns, our King." Thaine? She was not home at all. The woman suddenly came closer and leans in while rubbing her chin thoughtfully, "if I think about it, are you Eastern? You're not all that pretty, kind of plain. Although you're skin is quite lovely, and I've never seen hair such as yours before."

*Scarlett, 15, pink hair and large grey eyes*

This woman just insulted her and then complimented her all in one move. And Scarlett didn't have the courage to bite back. She turns her face away, because the woman's super scary. The men were quietly snickering to themselves, the woman steps back and suddenly thrusts a thumb to her chest. "Girl, I'll save you, I don't judge based on looks or anything so this knight will take you to Thaine Village." She says.

Seriously, what's with this rude person?

The men bursts into laughter then. Ugh, I really don't want to travel with them, but I really didn't want to stay here either. The woman climbs onto her horse and suddenly offers her hand. But if I had to ride on that beast I definitely didn't want to! Tears pratically rolling down her cheeks as she takes the woman's hand and is yanked onto the horse.