Vol 1: Kingdom of Thaine
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The ride to Thaine  kingdom was not that bad when riding a horse, at least not for the small army that entered through the gates. One particular person was having a tough time though, Scarlett had ended up screaming all the way there. It was so bad that the soldiers would be happy once they got rid of her. Scarlett has never riden a horse before and she definitely felt that she would never do so again after tonight.

"The soldiers have returned home!" People were surrounding them, Scarlett was sure that her face was pale from the horibble ride. She wanted to get down now. Ugh, I think I'm gonna puke. And she did so all on the woman knight's clothes, one could pratically see the angry tick pulsing on her temple. 

A few hours later the woman had left her at a small doctor's cabin on the way to the palace. The bright side was that she was finally off that damned horse, but it seems she was abandoned just now. I think that's for the best though. Scarlett is led in by the old man, "you sure are looking distressed. Hmm, what is this odd looking contraption that you're wearing?" The old man asks leaning to peer closer at her clothes.

"these are my school clothes." She answers. The old man nods and turns away leaving her alone. A few minutes later he returns with a different outfit, "put this on, not too many folks are accepting of others. You should try blending in. Though with your looks that wouldn't be so hard." He says. 

What the hell! Was she really that bad looking? He pushes her to a room and closes the door, I think I'm starting to hate this world already. Scarlett changes clothes but what about her uniform? If it was possible to go back home, she will definitely need them. "Come on out girlie, let this old man see the change." He says as she finally steps from the bathroom.

"Well a mere dress won't make you look any prettier I guess, well I made you a nice bowl of soup, might as well eat and get some rest." Well even if he keeps calling me ugly in his own way, he's not so bad. Scarlett eats and washes up and the old man provides her one of the beds nearby to sleep in. 

Thaine Palace.

"I see, I'm glad you came back alive, so tell me Lady Vendra, what's with the dark aura coming from you right now?" Lord Randof sits sipping coffee and couldn't help noticing the murdering intent coming from lady Vendra, the King's most trusted knight. Another knight that sat next to her seemed to not be able to hold back on his laughter.

Lady Vendra shoots him a deadly glare, which only made him laugh harder, "Sir Kaven, tell me is there something funny?" Lord Randof asks. He clears his throat, "I do apologize, Lord Randof, just that Lady Vendra met a young girl earlier and had a small mishap with her." He answers. 

Lady Vendra crosses her arms, "trust me, if I knew it was going to be like that, I never would have let her ride on my horse." She says. I see, Lord Randof takes another sip. It seems like Lady Vendra picked up yet another girl in trouble, it seems to be a habit of hers. "Did you learn anything after resucing her?" He asks. Lady Vendra sighs, "never pick up girls who are afraid of horses." She mutters.

*Didn't learn anything*

"Enough of that, tell me the status of Gampton Kingdom." he says. Lady Vendra reads her report, "so the situation is like that, Gampton is secretly plotting against the Kingdom of Thaine." She says. Lord Randof queitly takes in the news, he had a feeling there was something amist. That King Pregus was way to slimey looking.  

He lowers his cup and sits it down on the table lightly, "we need to eradicate Glampton Kingdom before he's able to gather knights. The King is away and dealing with the Norhtern kingdoms, if he returns and this situation isn't dealt with who know what he will do."

They all imagine a scenerio of King Gladius raging and each of them getting punished by losing their heads. Their King was a very scary person. They all shudder, even Lady Vendra the trusted knight, wouldn't get by with just a minor wound if this wasn't dealt with quickly.