Vol 1: Taking Revenge
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*Lady Vendra of Thaine, 23 and a tomboyish beauty*

She's never in her life have been so humiliated. That damned girl might as well have ruined my reputation. One thing about Lady Vendra is her temper, she's known as the "Flaming Beauty" amongst the knights, not that they will tell her that. Today because she was extra pissed off she had been roughing it with the new knights that came in not so long ago. 

Sir Kaven who stood with Sir Roder, another knight leaned against a tree watching from afar. They had to escape to keep Lady Vendra from inflicting her wrath towards them. "Wow, that young girl should be glad she's not here right now. have a feeling it wouldn't be pretty." Sir Roder says shaking his head. 

"Indeed, right now Lady Vendra would definitely kill her if she saw her." Sir Kaven says. Although not really, she'd probably just have that girl become a temporary servant until she felt better. "About the plan to take over Gampton? Do you think they came up with one just yet?" Sir Roder asks. 
Sir Kaven shrugs, "not that I know of, if you ask me, those guys aren't even worth the time of day. They have a few hundred knights while on the other hand King Gladius has a few hundred thousand." He says.

"Higher! What are you two doing, you're supposed to be training!" She finally noticed. Sir Kaven have to give it to her though, that girl has probably been the first to ever make Lady Vendra this pissed off. 

Back at Thaine Village

It was a whole new day and of course Scarlett haven't given up on believing this was a dream just yet. There was still some hope lingering in the back of her mind. She was now walking around the town and noticed the streets were lined with small markets here and there. The village of Thaine was kind of massive. 

Somehow if it weren't for that doctor's great well drawn map, she'd probably get lost for sure. Scarlett found the stall with the medicine that she was sent to pick up herb for the doctor, who happens to possess healing magic. That's right, apparently the world she was in was not just any world.

It was a world of fantasy. There was magic, beasts, war, and royalty, she wasn't so sure about how she felt about this world after hearing about the history of it. Especially now that she knows that the very kingdom she's in was going through war. If only there was a way to get back to the modern world, is what she thought.

The market was an easy place to shop, it didn't take her long to find the medicine the doctor wanted. As she head back, which was alot harder than actually getting into the village market area, she noticed a familiar person. A chill washes over her, it was that scary knight woman, it was probably best that she go in a different direction.

After puking on her, there was no telling what that woman will do to her, she can just see a bloody pool around her feet if she ran into her. Let's just back up slowly, she haven't noticed her just yet. The woman knight turns around and just as Scarlett is about to turn and walk away she spots her.

"Hey, you girl!" She yells pointing in her direction. Scarlett jumps, spins around, and dashes away. Not good, not good, why did she have to run into that crazy woman? This must be a bad curse given to her or something. Glances behind her, the woman was hardly that far away and was gaining fast. 


She was caught by the collar, "gotcha, you sure are fast for a short brat, you're coming with me. I've been wanting to exact my revenge ever since that happened." the woman says tossing her on her horse as if she weighed nothing. Scarlett cries all the way to the palace gates, all the way to the knights quarters. What did the woman knight have planned for me?

Was Scarlett's last thought as she was suddenly tossed to the ground and surrounded by male knights. It looks like she just might die tonight.