Chapter 21
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Anton and Anna went to their tents to sleep but he planned to play Diablo II for about an hour for leveling purposes and then practice his spell casting and mana manipulation of some of his spells for also an hour then go to sleep since he would need rest. He wondered if stamina potions would assist him if he was sleepy. He would find out later during his time to guard the camp.

Anton thought it would be best if he practiced his spells outside a safe location like the Rogue Encampment to make sure that he would master how to manipulate his spells better for real-world application.

In this current gameplay, he planned to play using the on-screen option and when he was done playing for leveling up purposes, he would enter the game virtually to practice casting and mana manipulation of his spells. He maximized the game and continued playing from the Outer Cloister zone. After an hour of playing, he leveled up to seventeen and was able to wear the Stealth Runeword armor. It brought relief to Anton since the low-level Runeword armor was powerful enough that the stats that would be reflected in the real world would greatly assist in his survival and defense of his family.

Anton then went outside the Rogue Encampment and began practicing mana manipulation of his Lightning spell. He wanted to learn the minutiae of wielding the said spell so he could apply the details that he would learn in the real world. Even though he had practiced this spell before he knew that every spell in his arsenal would take a very long time to master. After an hour of practicing the spell, he learned how to decrease the mana enough that he could use it to shock others instead of killing them and he also learned to guide the Lightning to have a little bit of homing feature as well though not one hundred percent accurate. Still, every detail would help.

He finally exited the game and slept after an hour of practice. Anders woke him up and when he asked the time it was around two in the morning. He would need to only stay on guard until four in the morning then he could sleep again until they left. Looking at the surroundings, he thought that maybe having a guard duty with so many people around was overkill since he observed the other camps and didn’t see anyone posting any sort of guards in theirs, but he had to follow his father’s instruction.

He did feel the increased defense and stats that his new armor the runeword Stealth and was grateful that his equipment would reflect in the real world. He wondered how it would feel to have a full endgame items equipped.

Anton was actually grateful for his family because if he transmigrated to a different world and he was alone, it would be incredibly difficult for him, and his new family cared about him which he hadn’t felt for a long time. He just wished that he could do something more for them aside from being their mobile offense unit. Even as simple as providing them gold coins and potions from the game would help a lot, alas, his transmigration gift did not have that feature.

Since he had access to the internet, he thought about surfing the web but if he missed something, he was sure that his father would scold him, and he didn’t want that, so he concentrated on observing the surroundings. He was tempted to begin his stamina potion experiment but held off because he still wanted to sleep after his guard duty.

The morning light already arrived when his father relieved him and told him that he could still sleep for a few more hours. Anton gratefully accepted his father’s suggestion and went back to his tent to do just that since he spent a couple of hours last night playing the game instead of sleeping.

Anders woke him up at around eight in the morning and Anna asked him to take out the food from his magical space inside the tent which he did. When he went outside, he went to the campfire where his father and sister were sitting and gave them their bowl of stew, bread, and mug.

“Son, if possible can you provide us with water from your spell? I think that water had great health benefits because ever since I’ve been drinking it, all the aches and pains from being an adventurer and a farmer began to recede.”

“Yes brother, I feel more energetic since I started drinking that water!”

“Truly? I’m glad! I will provide it every day then. We’ll carry the water skins for appearance's sake, but we’ll always hold on to our empty mugs and whenever we’re thirsty, I’ll cast my spell and fill up a pitcher with mana water,” Anton told his father and sister.

After breakfast, they packed everything, cleaned up their campsite, and started their journey again.

“Father, can you teach me how to drive the cart? I know It’s important for me to meditate but I will need to know common knowledge like driving a cart or riding a horse.”

“You’re right. Go ahead and sit with me and I’ll teach you.”

They began their journey with Anders guiding Anton in driving the cart while Anna watched. While they did that, Anton asked his Father so many questions about life in this world so he would be familiar and not seem like an alien or at least a foreigner. His questions ranged from what countries, towns, and villages were near them, what type of products each country sold, who the leaders of the country were, and different types of organizations like mercenary bands or adventurer guilds.

Anton remembered that in most fantasy portal novels that he had read, dungeons were a large part, and he asked his father if there were dungeons in this world.

“What do you mean dungeons? Like those places where prisoners were being kept by governments?”

“No, a place like something will occur like a labyrinth full of monsters and then when you kill the monsters, there will be rewards like equipment and gold.”

“Why are you calling them dungeons? There are ancient ruins and places with monsters, and I suppose if you kill the monsters there, you can take the items that were gathered from the failed mercenaries or adventures. You can only earn money from those places, aside from the equipment that you may luckily get, by getting the reward that a government or a nobleman will post as a bounty in case of successfully clearing out a zone. It’s incredibly dangerous work and only powerful men and mages do that sort of thing. Monsters do provide parts and ingredients that wizards use to concoct powerful items and potions with powerful effects but again, I know nothing of those.”