Chapter 120
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Colin informed Anton that the next village was in sight. Everyone was glad to hear that since they would be able to rest at the village’s inn. Constant travel does wear on everyone and a rest in a town or a village would be welcomed by everybody. During their travel, Frederick continued teaching Anton and Anna and the twins caught up with them since they only missed one day of lessons.

The mage had already begun conversing with them using the arcane language but the conversation was still fragmented and according to Frederick, it would be a while before they could start learning spells. Once they started memorizing a cantrip, then they would know if they had the talent for wizardry.

Frederick also informed them that there was a shortcut in learning if a person had wizard talent and that was to touch a mage crystal and if a person was capable of wielding mana, the crystal would light up. It would also indicate the talent of a person by the brightness of the light in the crystal.

Unfortunately, mage crystal could only be found in wizard cities or inside large branches of the adventurer’s guild or mage’s guild. The mage even heard rumors of advanced mage crystals that would indicate the affinity of a person to a specific school of wizardry and even elements.

When the mage mentioned schools of wizardry, Anton thought of the novels and games that existed in his previous world and wondered if it was the same as the school of Illusion, Abjuration, Necromancy, and stuff like that.  He was about to ask but Anna asked the question first.

“What do you mean schools of wizardry or elements?”

“It’s an advanced concept of wizardry that I will teach to you once you learn enough of the language but I’ll give a short example. The spell Fire Bolt is under the school of Evocation and the spell Mage Hand is under the school of Conjuration. Affinity to the Elements means a person tends to be more powerful wielding Fire spells if they have a high affinity to the Fire elements.”  

Also, during their travel, Anton decided to start Act III of the Nightmare Difficulty but he didn’t change the difficulty. He decided to complete the act as soon as possible and rush to the Hell difficulty so he could begin grinding for levels and items there.

Even though he decided to rush, the gameplay process was still slow since he was playing personally inside the world of Sanctuary, and entering the world understandably would consume more time compared to playing behind a screen. Even if that was the case, Anton still preferred to play by entering the world personally because learning how to wield his spells was part of him growing more powerful and he knew deep down that learning how to wield mana would help him in the long run.

He also took a couple of hours a day to practice his spells outside the Rogue Encampment to make sure that he would master the minutiae of the mana compositions of each of his spells since it was the only way for him to learn how to change the characteristics of his spells. One good example was learning how to conjure mana water using his ice spells. 

Anton also had an inkling that if he mastered the mana composition of the spells and his ability to manipulate and wield the mana, he would be able to create his own spells someday.

During the travel, he also penned the fourth and fifth books of the Belgariad series since it only took him an hour for each of the books and to fend off his sisters who kept pestering him about it.

Once they were near enough to the village, everyone heard the sounds of battle and Anton knew that the village was under attack. The caravan stopped and when everyone went outside, Devon informed him that monsters were besieging the village.

“Son, since according to the scouts we sent, there were only a few tens of monsters so let me and the guards handle it, just prepare your healing spells in case.”

“Father, it would be dangerous for you to join the battle!” Anna exclaimed.

Anders laughed and reassured his children.

“You don’t need to worry; I will not go near them and just use my wands.”

Anders, Lucas, and his guardsman ran to the village to help the villagers by killing the monsters. Anton flew up but didn’t activate his buff and aura spells special effects so he would like to be a bit inconspicuous. He just wanted to observe the battle and make sure that Anders was safe. He would also see if something attacked the caravan and would be able to respond immediately.

Anton saw that Anders avoided using his Fire Ball wand and started using his Magic Missile wand. It was understandable since his Father didn’t want to injure any of the villagers who were defending against the monsters behind a makeshift barricade.

Anders felled about ten monsters before Lucas, Devon and the rest of the mercenaries reached the monsters. Anton chose the melee fighters to add to his party system and was glad that the aura still reached them. Unfortunately, he only had seven spots on his party system so only seven melee fighters were immortals. When Lucas and Devon felt Anton's spells, they let go of themselves and acted as berserkers. Lucas and Devon’s fierceness inspired the rest of the mercenaries and the villagers shouted that a powerful wizard and mighty warriors were helping them.

Anders stayed far behind and kept wielding his Magic Missile wand. After several minutes, all of the monsters were dead. Only five mercenaries were injured and only one of them had a severe injury with his hand mauled off by a gnoll so Anton removed everyone in the party system and added the injured ones. After a few seconds, the inured mercenaries were healed and even the one with the mauled-off arms shouted while saying his arms were growing.

Lucas calmed the mercenary and told him that he was being healed by Anton who pointed at the wizard flying above the sky. Every one of the mercenaries looked at their boss’s son in gratitude knowing that they were being guarded by a powerful wizard.

Anton checked the caravan and saw that Frederick’s summoned spirit wolf was finishing off two monsters and was glad that the mage was there to help guard the caravan. The mercenaries who were guarding the caravan didn’t even need to move since the spirit wolf was powerful enough to kill the two kobolds who sneaked off to attack the caravan.

Anton then flew down and joined his sister and waited for his father.

“Anton, I spent two charges of the spirit wolf summon,” Frederick said so Anton asked for the necklace and immediately had Charsi restore the items.

Frederick smiled when he felt that his artifact charges were full again.

Soon Anders and the rest returned from the battle and Anton’s father immediately gave the Magic Missile wand to him. Anton immediately saw that the wand only had seven charges left when he checked in his inventory so he had Charsi repair the wand as well.

Anton gave the wand back to his father and when Anders felt that the wand's Magic Missile charges were full again, he smiled.

“Everyone, let’s go to the village so we can rest!’ Anders told his subordinates.

The caravan people got busy and drove towards the village while Anton, Anna, and the rest went inside their carriage.