Arc 3 – Chapter 14: One with the Valna
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In the hallway leading to Sorena’s office, three rooms away, Arwen exited from the wooden walls with Sorena and Cheshi in hand and fell with a thump. As they stood up, they noticed that some of the women stood in the hallway with weapons ready, most of them from Azula’s tribe.


“Mistress! Are we under attack?”



Sorena thought for a moment before she spoke up. Coming to a decision, she ordered the women to be ready as they slowly approached her office with its door remaining ajar. With that being the case, it came to no surprise that all of them heard the noises coming from within.


“Sounds like he’s having his way with someone… normally this would be a terrible thing, but…”


Sorena sighed when she remembered Azula’s tribe’s customs. Strangely enough, being forced upon was a part of their ways for selecting partners. Remembering their physiology and the region where their tribe lives, it wasn’t surprising to her, but still… to take on a Dragon afflicted with madlust…

Sorena shook her thoughts away as she threw a talisman in a humanoid shape towards the doorways entrance. Closing her eyes to concentrate her power, the drawing of an eye appeared on the floating talisman. With it, seeing the full scene before her, she immediately turned red from shock. Though she was able to stay in control of the magic as she was already fully expected what she would see, the way the two in the room did it still… turned her on.

Seeing her expression, the women grew concerned and one of the warriors called out to her, “Mistress? Is something wrong?”


“Uh… nothing. It’s just that… he’s taken Azula…”


The woman’s eyes widened at first, but soon she regained her composure as she solemnly replied,“…so Chief Irlani’s daughter has lost… is she…?”

“She’s… alive. Surprisingly… and thankfully, he didn’t take her in his true Dragon form. Then again… if he did… this Pavilion would have been torn apart.” Sorena wanted to say she was enjoying herself, but seeing her mixed expressions and contradicting actions and words, it was hard to say, so instead she said she was alive.

With a sigh of relief, the warrior woman lowered her weapon as she spoke, “Then that is fine. Truthfully, the Chief would have preferred for her to be an Oroi of the Szentari than an Avai to any man, but… I doubt she’d mind knowing it took a Drakna to force her daughter to submit.”

Sorena nodded in response and knowing she had seen enough before it became troublesome to hold herself in, she was about to cut the connection until a loud moan of ecstasy rang from the room, filling the entire hallway. Suffice to say… all the girls listening immediately either turned hot, coughed awkwardly, or giggled.


“Mistress… was that…?”

“Yes, Maruka… it was… it seems they’ve just finished. And now he’s…!”

“…what’s wrong this time?”

“*cough*… nothing. We’ll leave them alone for now.”

“Isn’t that dangerous? Aside from us Szentari, what if he goes after the other girls?”

“It’s fine. It seems Azula took the worst of it… if I recall, your people enjoy it roughly, am I correct?”

“…that’s an understatement… but normally, yes we do.”

“Huhu… hearing you, I can tell you’re jealous right now. In any case…”


With a wave of her hand, Sorena opened her eyes and willed the door to her office to close. Knowing whom Camus was going after next, she smiled mischievously.

“…for now, we wait. It would be unwise to disturb a Dragon during its pleasure time. In fact, we’re lucky… if she pulls through… we might be able to catch three hares in one snare.”

“She? Three hares?”


Sorena only gave a mysterious smile as she led the women away from the office advising them not to disturb Camus while she sneakily hid her wet gown.




Vai was anxious but mostly frustrated and furious. She was so close to learning of a way to possibly remove her curse but it seemed to her that fate was having its way with her again for having been denied once more.

She stared at the beast that would toy with her with eyes full of hate. If she’s to die from being violently played with, she’ll curse the beast in front of her with all the will and power she could muster for having been permanently torn from her only wish. If she survives, she’ll swear vengeance and do everything in her power to kill the Dragon for having toyed with her while delaying her cure.

She tensed as she prepared for what’s to come, but to her surprise, the Dragon before her kneeled and… started sniffing her…

*sniff* *sniff*

While she was startled by its action, she didn’t lower her guard. It sniffed her from head to toe, going over her body as if… it was looking for something…

It soon stopped and hovered its face in front of her. Sweat poured down as she stared into its eyes… white with no pupils and a redness around it that showed its maddened state.




It roared suddenly as its maw opened and swiftly aimed for her neck.




She cried knowing she would die. She was relieved it didn’t toy with her, but knowing she would never get the chance to experience the sensations of life brought her immense grief. Gritting her teeth in despair, it wasn’t until some time later that she realized she was still alive when she opened her eyes. Before her was the Dragon and in its maw… was her collar-brand of servitude to the Serpent’s Shadow being ripped apart.

She was surprised once again. The collar was branded to one’s flesh and could no longer be removed without killing its wearer due to it already being part of the flesh. Even if one were successful, the spells enchanted into the collar would kill the wearer all the same, alongside anyone who had last touched the collar. It was a surreal sight for her to see the notorious collar being crunched apart like some fragile chew toy.

She also checked to see her neck and after touching it, she saw that there was no blood. She also belatedly realized that her hands and feet were freed from the magic chains that were binding her. Seeing that the Dragon was still busy tearing apart the collar like it was some sort of anathema to it, she slowly got up and started to silently shift towards the exit.

When she felt that she was close enough to the exit, she leapt and reached for the door. It was right before her and she made to reach for it, but… for some reason she couldn’t get any closer. No, she couldn’t move at all.

Looking down, she realized that a serpentine tail had caught and firmly wrapped itself around her. Turning towards the source, she saw Camus staring at her as he brought her closer to him. She struggled, fought, and tried to twist her way out using all of her strength, but it was all for naught. Close to the point of injuring herself, Camus held her in his tail firmly but not too strongly that he would crush her.

He sniffed her again and sensed something at her spine. Soon one of his claws glowed as he reached towards her back while holding her firmly against him. Vai couldn’t see what he did, but if anyone could, they would see that his claw entered her back as if he stabbed through it.

Strangely, no blood flowed, but his glowing claws brought out a glowing symbol that phased through her flesh. If Camus had his mind about him and saw the symbol, he would have immediately recognized it as the same amber winged dragon symbol on his ring. Only, one of the dragon’s wings was shattered, but as soon as his power engulfed it, the symbol started becoming whole. As the wing was restored, the amber dragon moved as if it came to life and motioned as if to roar. Stretching its wings, it flew then re-entered Vai’s back. Hearing a small pop and feeling as if something warm entered her back, Vai was startled.

Indeed, she was very startled. She couldn’t be sure, but she ‘felt’ something enter her back that gave a comfortable feeling. Vai froze at this realization.

Sensations… Vai felt sensations… the warmth in her back… the tingling feeling of the scales as they rubbed on her skin… the coolness and warmth of her own breath…


“How?… why?…”


Vai’s mind completely blanked. After all, she was experiencing many sensations at once for the first time. It happened so suddenly that she simply didn’t have enough time to prepare her mind… and her heart.


“W-Wait! P-Please, slowly!”


Of course, now that the incongruities he felt are gone, madlust Camus began to ‘attack’ her body with his tongue while looking for ‘weak spots’.


“Ngh! So this… *pant* is how… it feels *wheeze*…”


Feeling exhaustion for the first time after her previous thrashing, she could only helplessly feel the hot sensations of her body coming under gentle assault from the ‘mad’ Dragon who somehow was able to reign in its violence.




“Mmmm… So this is how this tastes…” moaned Vai as she suckled on Camus’ tongue.

“I was watching earlier you know… it seems you’re always hard down here.” she mumbled as she slowly rubbed and played with Camus’ rod while she was supported by his tail.

“Hmm… this wasn’t exactly my plan as soon as I got my sensations back, but… you’re not going to let me say no aren’t you?”


Camus didn’t answer, but growled as he lifted her bottom and began to ravage her labia and vagina’s opening with his tongue.


“Hnnngh! You’re quite assertive, aren’t you? A-Alright then… I don’t know how –hnng– it tastes when I did it with others, but… I knew some women –nnggg– who loved doing it… so… ”


With the flexibility of a gymnast, she hooked her legs onto Camus’ shoulder exposing her entire womanhood to him while she bent her back and lowered her upper body so that she was facing his member. Slowly, she licked it then gradually savored every part of it, but as Camus’ licking gradually became rougher, she put his tip before her lips.

Barely able to fit the tip into her mouth, she stroked and licked as much as she could before Camus grabbed her by her underarms and raised her to face him.


“*pant* *pant* I’m not sure… what it tastes like… but… I don’t dislike i–iiiiiiitt!”


Before she could finish, Camus dropped her into his first rod. Thankfully, he only pierced her entrance with his tip, for if she was forced to feel all of him at once, the turbulence of the sensations would have highly likely broken her mind.

With her tongue sticking out, Vai panted as she struggled to keep her wits about her while enduring the shock of the sudden penetration. Had Camus’ had an ordinary rod, the shock may not be as great, but taking his manhood which was more than twice her hole while possessing firm ‘barbs’ was too extreme of a stimulation for her who had never felt anything at all since young.

As she panted, her grip on his tip tightened and loosened matching her breaths, with each pulsing sensation more stimulating than the last. Just as she was on the verge of getting used to it, Camus moved to enter her further.


“Ngaaaah! Annngggh! S-Stop! W-Wait! S-Slower, please!”


As if he could feel her body being unable to bear the burden, he slowed his entry, but continued his invasion nonetheless.


“Haaaah! Hah… hah… Hnnngh!”


As if instinctually, Vai’s breathing matched Camus’ entry into her. If one were to compare, it’s as if she was breathing to ease the pain of labor while giving birth. In this case, it was simply the reverse.


“Nnnng *squelch* haaaah… hah… hah…”


With a squelch, Camus had completely entered her. With the task done, she soon relaxed. She was slightly afraid he would begin his ravaging just as he did with the Szentari girl earlier, but to her surprise and relief, he gently held her in place as if to allow her body to shape itself to him.

Soon, Camus began to move towards a corner in the room. Each step made her flinch a little, but soon she relaxed even further when she felt a cool, soft, and silky sensation under her. It seems there was a bed hidden by dividers in one corner of the room.

As she lay on the bed, she was clearly able to see the beast that had taken her. In her thoughts, she saw a broad body with well-outlined muscles underneath bronze scales, strong arms that appear sturdier than any tree, the fearsome but empowering visage of the great Dragons, and of course a ‘sword’ that compares to no other as her abdomen had taken its shape.

This was the being that conquered her curse… conquered her body… and with her acceptance, conquered her heart.

Vai spread her arms to welcome him and responding to her gesture, Camus lowered himself to face her. Once he was close enough, she kissed him as deeply as she could. Becoming stimulated once more, he began to move his hips.

With her heart finally accepting him, her body had fully adapted to him as she moved her hips to encourage his thrusting. With her encouragement, he began to move faster, swaying side-to-side churning her insides. Her eyes rolled upwards while her tongue lolled loosely with drool as she smiled lewdly enjoying every time he entered her.

Having climaxed more times than she could count in their exchange since the start, her body spasmed and twitched as she tried to hold on. Becoming faster with each piston, she realized he was about release within her as she felt him swell. Understanding that this would be her best climax, she clamped her legs around his waist, embraced his body, and caught his tongue with a kiss.

As soon as she prepared herself, Camus pulled back as far as he could then thrust into her powerfully with a force seemingly strong enough to tear her in half.




With her scream turned into a muffled moan due to his tongue deep in her throat, her pupils shrunk as her eyes widened from the intense stimulation from the piercing she received. Her legs and womanhood clamped tightly from the force of his release with enough strength to snap any normal man in half.

Just as she lessened her grip, he pulled back then forced his way in once again to release another load. Unprepared, her legs failed to grip him as he pulled back once more to force another loaded thrust. Failing to find hold each time he pulled and released, her legs fell to the side as she flailed reeling from the stimulus.

After filling her more than seven times from the thrusts, her belly swelled with seed as if she was pregnant. With a popping squelch, Camus pulled out with resistance, as her walls seemed to not want to let go.

Although she didn’t want any of his seed to escape, there was simply too much as it flowed from her like thick cream. As her swelling diminished, she felt that she could finally relax… that is until Camus turned her over.




As she turned from her prone position, she saw Camus take out his second sword. That’s right, she had forgotten but he actually had two.


“T-That means – !! N-Nga-a-aah!”


While lifting her hips, he penetrated her easily on both ends as the rod he used on her womanhood was still wet and easily slid into her ass.


“A-Aaah! Too much! T-This is too much!”


Her cries fell on deaf ears, however, as Camus continued to mold her body into his shape while pinning her arms and using his weight to thrust her from above. Swelling once again as he prepared to release, Vai could only spasm and twitch, with her fluffy tail standing on end as she climaxed when he thrust powerfully again to fill her full of seed.

After filling her five more times, with a wet pop he finally pulled out of Vai’s gaping misshapen holes as she turned into a sopping and drooling mess.


“It’s… fi… nally… over…”


Vai soon fell asleep, but Camus turned his attentions towards another who had only just awakened. With a visible shudder, Azula cringed after witnessing Camus’ predatory stare.


“Um… you don’t suppose… maybe you could ‘not’ fill me up this time?”


The answer was clear when Camus pulled her from below and began ravaging her once again, this time on the bed.




Morning came and Vai was the first to wake.


A dream… this was her first fear when she awoke, but realizing the sensations she felt –especially her sore bottom– she knew it couldn’t have been a dream. She’s had dreams before… of how being able to feel would be like… but never would she have been able to dream let alone imagine the feelings she’s experienced and are currently still experiencing.

The sensations were real. She hugged herself and felt the warmth her arms were radiating as she rubbed her body. She knew it was wonderful, but never did she expect it was even beyond her comprehension what it was like to be able to feel.

Thinking about it, she then remembered the one who had given her this gift. Looking towards her left, there she saw him, the Dragon who saved her and took her true first; the Dragon she had come to love.

Some might say what she was feeling was just the ‘suspension bridge effect’ from the rush of sensations she has experienced, but it was a fact she understood that this Dragon saved her. As if that wasn’t enough, he made her feel the most pleasurable of sensations while being gentle with her, even though he was rough at the end. Yes, with enough time to collect her thoughts she believed firmly that this Dragon had conquered her entirety, and that she would no longer be able to live without him.

She knew of Dragons and their natures, but to her it didn’t matter as long as she would be with him. Soon he stirred beginning to awake. She was excited to see his expression and how he would express his love for her, for her kind forms a connection with their lover as soon as they become physically connected.

When he awoke, however, though she felt them, she never would have expected his emotions to be one of shock, panic… and pain.




Hrmm… my head felt really fluffy… as if something that had been gripping it for a long time has finally let go…


I’ve haven’t been this relaxed as I slept for the longest time. It’s weird. I mean, I don’t recall ever having missed any sleep. Or perhaps I’ve just been so-called ‘battle-weary’? That can’t be it either as I haven’t been fighting for a long time.

My thoughts strayed from trying to figure it out, however, when I smelled something flowery mixed with sweat and… Oh no.

I immediately opened my eyes, got up, and looked to my right. It was the bunnykin woman who assaulted me the other night. Did I… do it with her? Seeing her current expression, it could only mean…




I froze when I heard another moan to my left. I slowly turned and saw her… Azula… the warrior woman of the Pavilion… seeing her naked and covered in semi-transparent gunk, I was sure; I did it with her as well.

What have I… what have I done…


“My love?”


The bunnykin woman looked at me with worried eyes, but whenever I look at her all I could think about was how I betrayed Ellen. Without turning around, I stood up, grabbed any cloth I could use for cover, and left.




I don’t know what I did to her when I lost myself, but… “I’m sorry…” was all I said. I’ll apologize to her properly once I’ve collected my thoughts. Seeing that I was in Madame Sorena’s office, I can only shudder with what this implied. I left as soon as I could and made for the direction of my room.




An hour or so later, I was back in Madame Sorena’s office, fully refreshed and clothed. Azula was nowhere to be seen, but the bunnykin woman was standing in a corner looking down with a solemn expression. Madame Sorena was sitting behind her desk while rubbing her forehead as if she had a headache.


“Oh what am I to do with you… we finally resolved your madlust issue and got the girl to cooperate with us, but as soon as you two look at each other, the room freezes over.”

“I’m sorry… but I told you before Madame Sorena…”

“I know I know… just because you understand that’s your nature, your feelings can’t come to terms with it yet… geez… I’d like a word or two with whoever raised you for neglecting your Dragon nature…”


Uu… sorry pops… can’t back you up out of this one. This Dragon Madlust issue just caused nothing but problems for me, and it would have helped if you had told me anything…


“Also, why’d you start calling me Madame again? That’s only a title I use for those who are simply in a business relationship with us. You’ve saved the Pavilion and protected the girls. You’re a hero to us.”

“… I felt like I was being rude by being overly familiar before… also… I think you’d never have been attacked if I wasn’t here… so I don’t think I deserve to be called a hero.”

“Uuugh… listen here.”


Yikes! When her tone became several leagues sharper, I couldn’t help but twitch to attention on reflex.


“Haven’t you figured it out yet? Why would a brothel operate on an isolated location within the city? Why do you think the Crown has direct authority on us? Why do you think the women of the Pavilion are proficient in fighting? Why Gren himself told you to come to us?”


Now that she mentions it… it’s starting to come to me.


“You’re all… operatives under the King?”

“Intelligence operatives. Indeed, we’re conspicuous since we’re a brothel filled with exotic women from different races in a city filled with mostly humans, but that’s why we’re also considered high-class women for nobles’ eccentricities. Our main targets are the nobles and rich merchants who might bear important secrets, while the regular brothels in the city work for us to find any important news among the populace.

In truth, we’re conspicuous to protect the ones under us from those smart enough to realize our cover… to keep any of the nation’s enemies from attacking the smaller networks so that they can target us who can defend ourselves.”

“Then… last night…”

“We’d eventually be attacked anyways… also, though it would have been extremely troublesome, we still would have been able to protect ourselves even from that Cyril. However, it would have meant great losses, so your presence saved us a lot of trouble and sacrifice, and we’re truly thankful for that.”


I see… I can’t completely wrap my head in all this, but at least I understand that I was able to help agents of the King.


“Now then, onto more serious matters. As I mentioned earlier, since you were able to help our friend here, she is now willing to cooperate with us.”

“On that note, how did I manage to help her?”


When I asked that question, I could see her visibly twitch. Seeing how she’s acting so differently from earlier, I can’t help but feel I did something really terrible instead.


“She’s an assassin from the Serpent’s Shadow, one of their Fangs. A Fang is among their most deadly agents since they’re basically a disciple of their Leaders. Any disciple of a high-ranking member is called a Fang. You apparently tore off her collar-brand, a device to keep her in servitude to the Serpents.”

“Is that really all?”



Sorena looked troubled as she looked towards Vai. Vai soon nodded in response as if to show it really wasn’t a bother.


“This girl had an unfortunate condition… one that completely robbed her of all feelings. After checking her body, I found the cause… it was an incomplete blessing.”

“An incomplete… blessing?”

“A broken blessing, a fractured skill, you can call it any of those, but basically… it was a blessing from a god that was somehow incomplete. From what I could confirm, it was a rare blessing from one of the Dragon Gods, something that would have given her an activate-able skill to enhance her senses had she received the blessing in its entirety.”


Wow. Sounds like an impressive skill. Being able to enhance one’s senses would mean you’d have something maybe similar to a certain web-slinging hero’s skill, or improved sight, smell, or hearing.


“Unfortunately, I don’t know the cause, but to restore the blessing she’d either have needed to meet a Dragon Priest, someone who still worships any of the Five Dragon Gods, or meet with a direct representative of the Dragon Gods and negotiate for her… in other words, a High Dragon.”


At that statement, she smiled at me. So, she’s saying I somehow managed to pray to one of the Dragon Gods to heal her while I was currently in a lust-frenzied state? Sounds absolutely dumb as nuts, but since the result’s in front of me, I’ll have to believe it.


“On that note… that’s why I’m so confused as to why you two looked so depressed… if you were able to have one of the Dragon Gods heal her, didn’t that mean you two got on nicely since it succeeded? I don’t want to ask since it’s personal, but it’s really getting annoying.”


I can’t say for sure what really happened, so I’ll keep quiet. That girl on the other hand, might know something.


“…First, I would like to say something.”


The woman looked up to me as she suddenly called out. Hm? Her eyes are moist… are those tears?


“To you, the one who brought sensations into my life, I could never thank you enough.”


She bowed before me like a soldier reporting to a superior. I can’t help but feel it was forced and very stiff.


“I am called Vai. I am of the Valna, a race similar to the Lagom, the ones you call bunnykin. The difference between us is that of rabbits and hares – we are faster and stronger, though we are fewer in number.”


I was wondering why she looked a tad different from the bunnykins I know. On that note, she was way taller, had longer ears, and her body is more lithe and supple.


“For giving my heart’s wish, I’ve chosen to serve you, Sir Camus Helmight, as my new master.”


I see, she wants to serve m – say what!?


“Please! The information I have is vital… this may very well spell the difference of whether Llorden will continue to exist in the future or not!”


Don’t block what you said earlier with a bomb that big! Otherwise, I won’t be able to retort to what you said!