Dad, You are a Sorcerer?
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     “Dad...Father..ZHANG YU!.. WAKE UP! Why are we here?” XiXi frantically screams.”I have exams today!”

     Why are we in this place she is thinking as she looks at her disheveled father on the ground.{ Also, come to think of it why are you dressed like you did Cosplay last night as a Sorcerer}.

     She looks around at her surroundings since her father remains unconscious on the ground. Okay, I must be so stressed out from school, I'm dreaming... yes that's it she concludes.

     XiXi laughs this is one realistic dream, I even feel like I can smell the ocean breeze.

     Well, I will just enjoy this island atmosphere until Mom wakes me up she thinks. Mom will get a chuckle Dad did Cosplay in my dream, he is such a serious man usually.

     She would laugh so hard if she could see him over there in that ridiculous outfit. What was he thinking? Long white robe and is that a crescent moon embroidered on it it? I'm going to tease him later for sure.

     It's just a dream I might as well relax. I don't want to wrinkle my uniform but I can't resist laying in the sand, feeling the tropical wind on my face. Oh, just to lay here and not deal with teachers and tests that would be the life!

     I should also conjure up a strawberry smoothie I'm getting thirsty in the sun. While XiXi is having this conversation with herself , her father is beginning to stir.

     He looks over at his daughter who seems in a daze. This can't be right! He was working on his spells and armaments when a bright light engulfed him.

     The last thing he remembered was an indistinguishable voice warning him he was going to tread too far into another realm. Why did XiXi come with him and how is he going to explain their family's history as Sorcerers. to her.

     He feigned sleep while he pondered all the implications, maybe I can resolve this before she realizes the situation he thinks. I knew I shouldn't have taken that assignment, that man definitely didn't look trustworthy.

     While this father daughter duo were engaging in their own thoughts an Immortal was sitting on a cloud looking down at them.

     “That little beauty is very amusing” he quipped to his friend. They have no idea what awaits them on that island he laughed to himself.

     “Shall we have some fun with them?” 

     A third grade Sorcerer coming to this island with that slip of a girl. what does he plan to do here I wonder?

     I have been bored lately, I think this could prove to be interesting!

     XiXi sneezed just at that moment {who is taking about me? Damn brat whoever you are..} she rubs her nose and looks over to where her father was lying. He seemed to be moving so she walked over to his side. 

     “Hey Dad !I need to get up for school so see you at breakfast” as a cue for her body to wake up. Suddenly her Dad reaches out to her and says “I'm sorry this isn't a dream honey.” She jumps away startled and falls on her butt.

     A certain Immortal  bursts out laughing, no wonder she was acting like a kitten laying in the sun. She thought she was in the dream world.

     “I don't have time to explain everything to you but trust me I will get us back home” Zhang Yu exclaimed. All he needed to do was find that Mythical Beast and get its Beast Core for that bastard. But how?

     He hadn't finished his preparations before being catapulted here with XiXi. The last thing he remembers is XiXi knocking on his study door to borrow his laptop, He was in his secret room behind it when he felt his whole body hit with a jolt of lightening.

     XiXi blinked in disbelief and said “Dad, I think I need some reasonable words from you or I am going to freak out here”. Where is this place and why is my dad, the accountant, dressed like he is in a fantasy play?

     Does Mom know you like to Cosplay? I thought on Thursday nights you worked overtime at grandfather's cosmetic company, all this is running through her head.

     Zhang Yu says “Sit down and give me a minute to gather my thoughts. I also need to check and see what I have in my Dimensional Space”. Zhang Yu is beginning to sweat not only is he unprepared he has his daughter with him. The gods are truly unkind.

     Dimensional Space? What the …. is that? XiXi is thinking. My dad is losing it and taking me with him! But, how did we get to this place? Where is my handsome Physics professor when I really need him? He could explain all this to me!

    XiXi looked around, at that moment she felt as though someone was laughing at her.