Have Some Berries!
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     Zhang Yu and Feng Tian just finished off their snake soup and both leaned back in unison sighing.

     Zhang Yu thought a few berries would certainly top off that meal. He was reaching for the bowl when XiXi grabbed it away.

     She quickly  said “We should allow Feng Tian to have some first, he did kill that fearsome snake you just devoured.” Zhang Yu nodded in agreement.

     She was one to pay back twice fold what was given to her,and was still seething a bit from his antics in the woods. She would let him be the guinea pig to test the fruit.

     Feng Tian smiled brilliantly and reached for some and says “Thank you Miss. Do you know the name of these red berries?”

     He is twirling one in his hand as he savors the flavor of one.

     She replies “We just got to this island and I'm not familiar, they just looked tasty.”

     “They are called Fairy Death because they are beautiful and alluring but highly poisonous.”

     XiXi quickly smacks the berries out his hand without thinking and looks at him incredulously. She really didn't want to kill him!

     Just teach him a lesson for messing with her! “What can we do? get some water Dad! hurry give him a potion or something!

     Feng Tian sat there calmly watching her turn in circles tripping over that cloak.

     He coughs twice and continues “But, I have such a high level of cultivation that it doesn't affect me.”

     He could still feel the warmth from that little hand and see her eyes get as big as saucers when she heard that.

     It was worth the bitter flavor of the fruit. “You should let me point out the edible fruits next time you are picking them”

     {You were there in the woods while I picked them! You...You..}

     “I'm just teasing you” said Feng Tian. They are called Fairy Death but just because they are very bitter.”

     He starts laughing and XiXi picks up the bowl and throws it at him, the berries covering his robes and even a few in his hair.

     He easily could have deflected it but felt maybe he had gone too far.

     Zhang Yu also was laughing at this scene, he knew his daughter's temper. He had eaten the berries before and rather enjoyed there sour flavor.

     This just unfolded too quickly for him to say anything.

     XiXi seeing both of them having a laugh at her expense was too much to bear.

     She grabbed the clothes her father had set out for her and headed to the stream she had seen earlier to cool off and change.

     Could this day get any worse?