Beast Herd Interrupts Her Swim…
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     XiXi kicked a few rocks on her way to the stream trying to vent some of her anger. It's true she thought it wasn't very nice of me to use him as a test subject.

     I didn't think ahead what if they really were poisonous. I need to be less impulsive and not let him bother me. Dad and I have a lot more to worry about than that shameless man.

     After calming herself down she came to the stream's edge. She needs to enjoy this water and let her worries dissipate for a bit. I wonder if it is deep enough for a swim?

     I could probably just wear my bra and panties and have a swim no one is around. Really that might make me feel much better. It's still light out and the current seems slow. Okay I will she decides after thirty seconds of deliberation.

     Feng Tian tells Zhang Yu he is going to check the surroundings while it is still light out. Zhang Yu feels this man might be a godsend for him and his daughter.

     XiXi needs to look at the big picture. Feng Tian seems capable and could be a big help to them if they could persuade him. Feng Tian leaves, and as soon as he is out of eyesight he leaps in the air towards the bamboo house.

     Once inside he quickly removes those clothes and the mask revealing his peerless beauty. “She had quite a good aim he thought” laughing. What am I going to do with her?

     She is just too funny, she has no sense of propriety at all. What kind of place did they come from that let's girls be so unruly?

     He goes into the hot spring behind the bamboo garden and soaks thinking about XiXi. No other girl has ever occupied his mind the way that little beauty does.

     I actually think she doesn't like me at all{no that is absolutely impossible} Seriously, if she only knew how popular I am. Handsome..check..Strongest of his seven brothers..Rich beyond her dreams..check..I am Immortal Cloud Sects's most eligible bachelor.

     While Feng Tian is flattering himself in the hot spring a certain beauty is comparing him to her annoying desk mate at school.

     XiXi is splashing in the stream letting her cares fly away when she hears a thundering sound approaching from across the stream. She looks up to see a spectacular Beast Herd .

     Dust is flying but she can make out horns and beasts with huge torsos. Trees are swaying when they are hit by the onslaught. It's like a movie some are purple, there are a few orange colored, there must be a hundred of them.

     Are they going to cross this stream she wonders, I would be right in their path.

     She quickly swims over to a large rock protruding out of the water. If I can stay close behind this maybe I wont be crushed. She clings on the rock as the herd enters upstream.

     This must be the time of day they come here to drink and eat whatever poor creature they find. I need to remember to come earlier next time. Wait if there is a next time!

     The Beast Herd charges across the stream up about 1 km so XiXi feels a bit safe and breathes out a sigh of relief until she notices the water is churning all around her.

     All those beasts have caused the current to increase. It sweeps her downstream and her head is bobbing up and down trying to get air.

     The only thing in XiXi's mind is I can't leave dad alone here. She grabs a piece of wood that is racing past her and attempts to float on it. She is choking on the water but at least she isn't getting swept under

     .Yes, this is better I can keep my head above the water.