Hero Saves The Beauty
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     Feng Tian hears the rumbling of the hooves and realizes it must be a Beast Herd. Is that girl back from the stream yet? He hurriedly throws on his clothes and leaps across the trees towards the stream.

     When he gets there he sees the clothes still neatly placed on a rock. He feels his heart is about to explode realizing she might have been caught in that.

     He flies to the top of a tree and surveys the area. Nothing. She couldn't last a day here?

     He sat on the branch trying to process the crazy day he had when he heard the slightest whimpering sound coming from down by the waterfall. Feng Tian rushed down there and what he saw he didn't know if he should laugh or cry.

     Directly before the drop a tiny figure was clinging to a piece of wood that had got wedged between two rocks.

     Her hair was plastered to her face with bits of debris hanging from it. She appeared to be wearing only strips of colored cloth with strange designs  on her body. 

     Relieved he found her he jumped down and grabbed her into his arms and flew to the shore. She was half dazed as she looked up at him and softly said ” You can fly?” then she closed her eyes. He shook his head and took off his shirt.

     Feng Tian wrapped her up in it and went to the place her clothes were upstream.

     Feng Tian hesitated for a moment but decided if she didn't get warm clothes on quickly she might get deathly ill. You are a gentleman he reminded himself and did his best to not look while performing that task.

     What are these garments was she wearing in the stream he thought.

     He now realized his only choice now was to take her to the bamboo house and get her warm .The makeshift campsite she and her father had would never work. This situation is getting more complicated by the minute.

     Does this girl just attract trouble?

     The bamboo house had several rooms so he placed her in one with a brazier so she could get warm. He then realized he would have to bring her father here too. How was he going to explain all this! What a headache.

     Zhang Yu was wondering where his daughter and Feng Tian were it was starting to get dark. He stoked the fire and looked up to seen Feng Tian. “Did You see XiXi ? I'm starting to worry”

     Feng Tian wasn't in the mood to explain {maybe you shouldn't have let her go off earlier old man} so he simply hit Zhang Yu's acupuncture point.

     He put out the fire and then tossed the old man on his shoulder and headed to the bamboo house. I wish I could just send him there with a good swift kick instead he muttered to himself.

     How do you explain your parenting skills?

     He tossed Zhang Yu into another room  and thought he won't wake until morning, I will think of some explanation. Feng Tian went to the room, XiXi was sleeping  under the covers like she was in a cocoon.

     Only her little head was peeking out her cheeks were flushed and her pink lips were parted as she breathed.

     Feng Tian wanted to kiss those lips all of a sudden. He felt a wave of desire he hadn't experienced before looking at that little beauty.

     No what is he thinking, she is way too fragile to be his, she would never survive at his side. One day in this world and she barely survived

     .But, he felt determined to help her finish this quest with her father and help her return to her world.