The Script Goes Terribly Wrong…
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     Feng Tian couldn't find a fan on his way into the courtyard with XiXi. Yun Tai's sister must have taken it with her, well at least she left behind some beautiful clothes. Of course Yun Tai didn't have one in his room.

     Feng Tian was imagining that imposing figure in battle armour surrounded by Demonesses fanning him and started to laugh.

     “What's so funny? XiXi asked him when she heard him laughing into the air.{He isn't laughing at me is he}

     “Nothing, nothing I can't find one so just stand slightly behind me as though you are shy”

     He really needs to work on his improvisation skills she is thinking. But, I said I would follow his lead so whatever. I wonder if this brother is anything like Feng Tian.

     Feng Tian had a plan all right but he was hoping Feng Che didn't see through his lies. Lately, he feels he has perfected his ability to twist the truth and think on his feet. But, Feng Che really isn't as gullible as this little beauty beside him.

     Feng Che has worn a hole in the stone table tapping his fingers waiting for Feng Tian and his patience has begun to wear thin. Right as he was about to use his powers to just fling Feng Tian back to the palace, two people chattering to each other nervously entered the courtyard.

     They saw him rise and quickly got into their roles.

     As though a curtain had just risen on a school play XiXi was in character and gracefully seemed to float into the courtyard beside Feng Tian.

     Feng Che who was known as the Ice Lord was almost caught off guard by her smile which seemed to light up the surroundings. It seemed so natural and she had two cute little dimples. Her hair was unlike the women that he knew that had elaborate hairstyles filled with many precious ornaments.

     It looked soft and was held up by a single jade pin, as though if you removed the pin it would cascade down her back. {if he only knew the real XiXi he would choke on his thoughts of a 'delicate beauty'}

     XiXi remembered  what Feng Tian had said and took a deep bow and said the words in the script exactly as planned. “Greetings to the esteemed Lord of the Heavenly Kingdom”

     As she bowed the dress revealed a glimpse of her breast which looked so pure and white next to the azure blue of the dress.

     Both brothers were immersed in their own momentary desire and stood there motionless.

     Feng Tian was the first to come to his senses and grabbed XiXi's arm and placed her behind him. She wasn't ready for this sudden movement and tripped on her hem. From behind him she cursed him softly”What was that Feng Tian I did just what you said”

     Feng Che laughed to himself because even though she whispered he could clearly hear it. So they rehearsed a play, let's see them act it out.

    Feng Tian suddenly felt XiXi was incapable of not revealing her true self and instantly changed the script.

     With a flick of his wrist he put a barrier around XiXi so she couldn't move her feet from behind him or hear the brother's conversation. When he did she felt a strange feeling come over her, she could no longer hear the birds or any sound at all. XiXi looked at Feng Tian and Feng Che and saw their lips moving but couldn't make out their words.

     She shakes her head and strains to listen. “Feng Tian what did you just do to meeee...?”

     “Brother you have seen her, she needs my help and I couldn't refuse. She begged me for an entire day { if she heard this she would try to strangle me in my sleep he thinks} to accompany them as a guard and scout she believes me to be a simple mortal.

     “They are not simple mortals, the father is a powerful Sorcerer{third grade haha} and she is also one{is she? who knows} They have been sent here on a quest to stop an evil society from procuring the Beast Core of The Zahran Water Dragon.

     This society is transporting a female Dragon to enable them to remove it while they mate. We as Immortals must fulfill our duty to protect mortals.

     Feng Che is thinking when did this become our duty and when did you become so willing to protect mortals? He looks over at XiXi and wonders what kind of powers could that frail looking human possess. Although she looks interesting, that look on her face right now is very entertaining. Feng Tian's barrier must be making her upset. He reasons though shouldn't a capable sorceress be able to remove it..

     “Continue” says Feng Che

     ... isn't that enough? Feng Tian is thinking.

     “ They are going to stay here and prepare for ten days and then set out to the Dragon's waterfall.” Feng Tian is thinking Yun Tai should be in seclusion so he won't even know we are here.

     “ So they should only be on the island approximately sixty days at the most. Then they will return to their world and not come back to the island again.

     “ Since you have pointed out it's our duty to help...” Feng Che

     “Is that a yes,you will talk to father and put off the discussion of marriage!”

     “You know you can't use your powers as an Immortal while helping a Sorcerer on this magical island right? We have a treaty with the Lord of the Beasts here. You can't upset the balance the High Council has maintained among the Mythical Beasts and the Heavenly Sects.

     “What?” Feng Tian

     “Did you ever listen in Tutor Jing's class on Immortal Ethics!”

     “...” Feng Tian

     “I've decided I need some entertainment myself. I haven't been on an adventure since the five brothers had their trials. I'm accompanying you” Feng Che says in a decisive tone

     “What about all your meetings? The High Council can't properly function without you! You are far too busy to come along!” Feng Tian is crying in his heart.

     Nooooo, why does my stiff brother want to come to spoil my fun? Could he possibly be interested in my little bunny? His mind can't fathom how the script went so terribly wrong.

     “I will be back in seven days” ,Feng Che disappears into the air.