Sworn Brothers…
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     Feng Tian decided not to hold anything back from Yun Tai, he was closer to him than his blood related brothers. He was his sworn brother whom he cares for most in this world.

     They were an unlikely pair of friends, Feng Tian and Yun Tai. They had met as children at the Old Master's house on the highest mountain in Cloud's Edge Wilderness.

     Yun Tai had recently been adopted by the old man and Feng Tian's father had sent hi m there to learn martial arts. The Old Master had taught each of his older brothers but had an affinity for Feng Tian.

     Of course Yun Tai saw this spoiled boy and instantly took a dislike to him.

     But the old man treated them the same, being as harsh to Feng Tian as he was to Yun Tai. That was one of the reasons Yun Tai respected his friend so much, he never wanted special treatment. When the Master's cane on his back because he was dissatisfied with his performance, Feng Tian just gritted his teeth and hid his pain.

     They studied the Dao with the old man's friend the priest who lived behind the Forest of Illusion.

     “From zero to one”

     “From one comes two”

     “From two comes four”

     “The four are expressed through the eight”

     They spent countless hours trying to understand the words of the priest, until it became ingrained in them. Staring at their swords they were itching to swing and practice not realizing how these teachings were as important for their future as their martial arts.

     So through the years they sparred together, learned cultivation techniques, and laughed and went on adventures together.

     They had a relationship that had never been shaken although they were different as day and night.

     Feng Tian now has a spoiled air about him having been doted on since he returned from the mountain. He is tall and lean with phoenix eyes that caught people's attention. His eyes are startling green with specks of gold in them, and his face is flawless.

     His hair is usually pulled on top of his head with two golden hairsticks., but since coming to the island he has it simply tied it .

     He is playful and loves to play pranks on his brothers and friends. Women he encounters long to spend even a minute with him, they constantly bribe his servants to tell them where he would be so they could casually run into him.

     The Heavenly Cloud Kingdom's most eligible Golden Boy.

     He was a member of The Immortal Cloud Sect and could be the leader if he put in the least amount of effort.

     Yun Tai lives up to one of his names of God of the Demon Wars he is muscular with an air of don't approach me unless you want to die. His aura frightens many people because it is like the winter wind.

     His dark and handsome good looks make many women throughout the Seven Kingdoms  wish they could have The God of War as theirs.

     His eyes are almost like obsidian and he has a small scar from his right eye down his cheek. He wears his hair up with a black  bone which had been shaped into a sharp hairpin and a red  feather from a heavenly hawk. 

     Some say the bone is from the first demon he killed, a flying  Grijori  Demon like one that had killed his family, when he was ten and the feather was from a sorceress he fell in love with when he was sixteen.

     Yun Tai is never without his Sword of Flames that he has annihilated countless Demons and humans with it's vengeful blade. His army call him 'The Invincible Immortal”, although he has only reached the Tenth Stage of the Golden Xianden,.because he is so fearless and will be the only person left standing on top of a pile of corpses and demon remains when the battle ends.

     But they have a bond that was forged in childhood during their days on the mountain with the Old Master Yun Pei Shan.

     So Feng Tian began to tell Yun Tai the whole story.