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In the world full of danger that threatens humanity that the world of Sefera a magical realm full of the vicious beast that hunts the weak and roams the land while the same time sticking fear to people's hearts.

Sefera is split into 4 major continents this is Aria the land of humanity is the largest in terms of land area and population compared to the 3 other continents, Sephimina the land of the Elfs the second-largest continent it harbors the largest forest in Sefera, Cerlian the land of Beastkind it is the most mountainous of the 4 continents making it ideal site for mining, the final continents is Sombre the land of Darkness it is home to the violent demon race that always at war with the three other continents.

Our story will be focusing on the continents of Aria it is split to 3 empires, 6 kingdoms and  2 republics this is Alvian Empire in the North, Solare Empire in the South, Rensian Empire in the East. The central region is split into 6 kingdoms that together made up the United Arzelia Confederation and finally the western region is split between the Argail Republic and the Celsian Republic. 

In the Rensian Empire is on the brink of a civil war it was caused by the great famine that strikes the nation followed by the increase in taxes, corrupt nobles, and officials that plagues the nation while the Emperor can only watch in the distant and hearing the peoples voices of suffering but can not do anything to save them until he can not bear it anymore and abdicate the throne and passing the responsibility to his son prince Raphael di Remia and later the Emperor commits suicide in the following day the day of Raphael's coronation when in office he became a puppet of the corrupt and brutal prime minister that makes more suffering across the Empire impaling, dismembering and torturing all that stands in his ways of brutality spread throughout the Empire the young Emperor sick of all the atrocities being conducted by the greedy prime minister decide to flee to a neighboring kingdom but the prime minister knew what the young king's plan and decide to act first.

In the cover of the night, the Emperor and his trusted followers gathered along with his family they try to escape the palace but ultimately stopped by the enemy that they did not expect he instructed some of his most loyal followers to take his pregnant wife to a safe place and the rest to help him to stall the enemy down long enough for the escape.

The Empress and her guards escape but the Emperor and the others did not make it and killed brutally inside the halls of the Palace.

They travel the land and finally reach their destination and seek refuge in the land where she is born Alvia the capital of Alvian Empire after a joyful moment to see her home once again they go to the palace to seek an audience with the Current and Former Emperor that so happen his older brother and father respectively when they heard what happen they immediately fall in rage and severe all diplomatic relations with the Rensian Empire and promise her protection for her loyal subordinates from his husband and her child in her belly.