Chapter 3 – Shulk’s Request
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You entered the mess  hall after about an hour more of resting from your battle. There are  lots of smash fighters as well as staff members in the room. You see  Princesses Peach, Daisy, and Zelda all sitting with Bayonetta and  Joker, and Lucina sitting with the other royal members of Fire Emblem  over on the other side.

Scanning the room more, you spot that  secretary woman who had spoken to you just before your fight. She was  just getting up and leaving the mess hall. You shrug it off as you  finally locate Shulk, who's waving you down. With him are two ladies. The tall orange inkling, and a blonde woman in white with the same green crystal as the inkling.

You approach Shulk and  two women, sitting across from them. You look at their trays,  and it seems that Shulk had been eating a sandwich, while the ladies were eating fried shrimp.

"I was starting to worry you wouldn't make it," Shulk spoke, holding out his hand for you to shake.

"I'm Shulk, it's a pleasure to meet you, [y/n]."

You  smile and shake his hand. He was nicer than you had expected; not to  say that you thought he was mean, but you weren't expecting him to be so  open to meeting you. You look at the blonde girl, and Shulk speaks up  again.

"Hey, Mythra, you should say hello to [y/n]."

Mythra looked annoyed once she looked at you, but gave a quiet, "hello," before her inkling friend waved at you. " Hello ! "

"Don't mind her. She's a  bit shy," Shulk said, as he  also looked towards her,  "Mythra got a slot in the roster with her sister Pyra, and Shellsea is a stand-in for one of the inklings... her father represents the Mii Fighters. " 

You  nodded and looked down at Shulk's unfinished sandwich. Your stomach  grumbled, as you hadn't eaten since that morning, on the way to the  Smash Mansion. You twiddled your thumbs and looked at Shulk, hoping to  hide your hunger. You weren't very successful.

"Hey," Shulk spoke up, his tone now more serious ( and he was oblivious to your hunger ), "to discuss what I called you here for..."

It  was as if the room suddenly got a lot quieter. The situation was that  important, that you tuned out all other noise as Shulk spoke to you.

"I  had a vision recently. One of a great evil taking over. The face of  Ganondorf was in the vision... but, in the same vision, you were  battling him with the help of Cloud Strife and Chrono. I can't help but feel we're missing part of the picture."

You  seemed a little disappointed by the mention of Chrono. You worried that  he may steal your thunder, or try to be a hero and mess things up. He  always was rather arrogant, after all.

"We can go to Midgar first, to meet up with Cloud, then come back here and speak with Chrono."

Mythra looked at Shulk now, and asked, "why not wait for Cloud to return to the mansion?"

"He  rarely ever stays here, since Master Hand has been able to replicate  parts of our homes here. He often stays at the 7th Heaven," Shulk  explained.

"Ah, so that's how Azurda got here, as a battleground."


Shulk pushed aside his plate and stood up.

"We don't have much time to waste. I fear what might happen if we take this threat lightly."

You  get up and head out of the mess hall with Shulk, Shellsea following  quickly once she realized you were all leaving. You smile at the inkling, and she gives you a small wave. She seems more shy without Mythra.

It wasn't too far  from Midgar, and the bar was located in Sector 7's slums. Since Master  Hand had no plans to replicate all of Midgar, it was rather small. You  wondered if it was all real, and it seemed that Shellsea had also wondered  the same thing.

"So, Shulk, is this Midgar... real?"

"Yes," Shulk answered, "Master Hand's technology is able to bring parts of our worlds into the mansion, without relocating us."

"So, what would happen if it was damaged," Shellsea asked.

"Well," Shulk's expression became serious as he thought. "I suppose that if it were damaged here, it would be damaged in the real location as well."

The inkling's face went from curious to worried once she heard this news. You were also concerned about this information.

"Well, let's hope that nothing happens to these places. Innocent lives could be at stake."

Shulk  sighed, and said, "yeah." The three then arrived at The 7th Heaven.  Shulk opened the door and let you and Shellsea enter first. The bar seemed  quite lively tonight; whether or not that was normal, you would never  know. Cloud's world was different from yours, so there was no way you  could ever know what the bar was like normally.

You looked around, but  that secretary woman caught your attention again! Like she was...  following you. The woman now wore a different outfit; a short red dress  with a biker jacket, fishnet stockings, and red high heels. She locked  eyes with you, before looking away. Shellsea noticed her too, and seemed to  recognize her.

Your eyes being on the woman caught Shulk's attention — you must've been wondering who she was, he assumed.

"That lady you're looking at. Do you know her?"

You look at Shulk and shake your head no.

" She works at the Smash Mansion. She makes sure that all the  fighters are doing alright in their mind and spirits. Since, you know,  we don't all see eye-to-eye." the orange inkling nodded at the information, then  pointed to Cloud.

The three of you walked to the bar, sitting in  stools respectively next to Cloud. You were on his right side, while  Shulk and Shellsea were to his left. It was apparent that he was about to  take a swig of his heavy drink, but sighed and put the glass down.

"Can't a guy have time to himself, Shulk?"

Shulk  chuckled and said, "hello to you too, Cloud." Cloud seemed annoyed. You  thought that he seemed quite distant, even. You stayed quiet though,  and let Shulk do the talking.

"Cloud, we need you to come back with us," Shulk said, "I had a vision, and--"

"I don't give a damn about your visions, Shulk," Cloud snapped, "I just wanna enjoy my damn drink!"

Things  got rather awkward for you and Shellsea when Could shouted. You wondered  if he had a few drinks before, but the way Shulk handled the situation  suggested that this was normal of Cloud.

"Cloud... I'm just... just worried, is all."

Cloud  rolled his eyes, and was given some snacks at the bar. He began to eat  them, seeming to forget about the drink at hand. You looked to Shulk to  speak to him, but it seemed that he was staring off into space- he  must've been having a vision!

Before you could ponder at the  thought, Shulk snapped back and yelled, "everyone get outta here!" This  alarmed people. but with only a few of them slowly starting to pack  things up to leave. Cloud looked even more irritated than before. He  turned to Shulk, and grabbed his arm firmly.

"Why are you yelling like a moron? Don't tell people to leave like they're in danger, if they're not-"

Suddenly,  there was an explosion over by the door. Shulk pushed Cloud down under a  table, and you pushed the inkling under the same table. Booms and screams of  innocent people filled The 7th Heaven, as the four of you looked for the  clearing. You wanted to save the innocent, but Shulk's grip was too  firm and he was quite determined to get out of the collapsing building.  You and your friends barely made it out alive, but it seemed that the  building wasn't the only place being blown up. Other buildings near by  were, as well. It was a horrific sight that you never thought you'd  see.

"Follow me," Cloud said as he lead the group of three to a  dark alley. In the alley was a motorcycle parked. Cloud hopped on it,  then looked at the three fighters and motioned his head back, telling them  to hop on. There was barely enough space on the bike for all of you, and it  looked quite funny with everyone on it. It was certainly only made for  two at most, but you had to make due. There was no way you guys would  make it back home alive without cramming on the bike. Cloud drove off,  and out of Midgar's slum.

When everything died down, all that  was left was smoke rising from the burning buildings and destroyed  rubble. You and your friends stared down at the destroyed location. You  felt mixed emotions of anger, sadness, and fear. You clutched your fist,  and tuned out the arguing between Cloud and Shulk.

"Let's head back to the  Smash Mansion," Cloud scoffed, turning away from the group, "there's  nothing left here. Whoever did this is going to pay."

Cloud then  walked off, leaving you all to follow behind. Shulk followed,  but you stayed behind for a couple of minutes. Shellsea remained by your side for a couple moments longer, before also taking her leave to find Mythra or Pyra, whoever was in control for the time being.

A single tear fell from  your eye for about a minute, before many more met it. You broke down in  tears, with no one able to comfort you.