Chapter 28 – “Unraveling Illusions”
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-- Captain of the holy knights

Marrok was the one charged with taking care of Prismet ever since she was a hatchling.
He fed her, played with her, cleaned her, and even taught her how to fly before her blood memories did.

But... he wanted more for her.
Many of the chapel residents were simply scared of her.
As time went on, she only wanted to play with Ilsia, who didn't care to play with the small dragon, and instead left him to do it for her.

But it went beyond just lack of care.
Over time, Marrok wished Ilsia would simply physically abuse Prismet.
That wish may sound like an evil wish, but you can endure physical abuse.
Mental abuse was not something that could simply be 'endured through', as Ilsia was a master, so gifted with the subtle cruelty that Prismet did not even know it was happening, and only came back for more.

Prismet now barely interacts with him, for she is enthralled with Ilsia more than anything.
They were one in the same in that they were both tools of the Saintess.

The day Ilsia really got her shackles around Prismet's will is a day he could never forget.

On that day, young Prismet found the door ajar, and wandered outside.
Miraculously, she did not encounter a single person to stop her as she happily bumbled out into the forest.
It was there that she was attacked by beasts that managed to tear off her wings before being driven off by the Saintess.

At the time, Prazia was having trouble with a pair of dragons that had reservations over letting humans develop into what they considered their territory.
Ilsia, knowing Prismet wanted to meet other dragons, allowed her to go introduce herself to them.

However, Ilsia had not yet healed her wings, thus Prismet was shunned for resembling a drake, which to dragons was considered a lesser species that lacked intelligence.
And this was how Ilsia installed the concept of 'pure' and 'impure' dragons.
Later on, Ilsia had Prismet kill both of the dragons.

Indeed, they didn't want humans to start building into their territory, and displayed arrogance when being offered deals if they left, but despite the humans ignoring their protests and getting closer and closer, they never killed anyone.
Subsequently, the settlement that was expanding so rapidly was attacked by strong monsters and nearly destroyed. Naturally, they were not prepared for such an attack where they resided.

In their fear of the dragons that used to dwell nearby, they had failed to consider that while the dragons did not care about them in the slightest, the monsters they used to keep under control did.

But are they to blame for their fear driven response? No!
All of it can be traced back to one person.
That's right...

It was Ilsia that left the door ajar.

It was Ilsia that made sure Prismet would be able to get out to the forest.

...And it was Ilsia that cut off her wings! She knew exactly what needed to happen to make Prismet completely loyal to anything she wanted. And she succeeded, as all it takes for her to kill her own kind was to label them as 'impure'.
Why did Prismet think it was a beast that did it? It's simple, Ilsia had put her under an illusion, but, even knowing of Ilsia's illusions, not once did Prismet think to suspect her.

Once again the Saintess had left to make Prismet kill another dragon.
All Marrok could do was anxiously wait.

When she finally did return, it was with a collection of knights, but no Prismet.

His heart sank in an instant.
Everyone that noticed what was missing easily knew what must have happened.
Some were even celebrating internally.

But Marrok turned away so that his dripping tears would not be seen.
Soon the halls became sparse, then desolate, and he was the only one left stuck in place.

"Marrok, gather your men. We need to leave immediately." Ilsia commanded.

"No," Marrok responded...

"Excuse me? Know your place, insubordination is the last thing a person of your rank should do!" She ordered.

In the time it took for her to finish talking, an emotion filled thrust cut through the air and found its way into Ilsia's chest.
He felt it.

But the thoughts that went through his mind were not of success.
Instead, he thought 'Is this real? Is it an illusion?'

Ilsia always used her power even when it wasn't necessary, so that no one around her could ever tell if what they were seeing was reality or an illusion. Even if doing it constantly was difficult and expensive, if they could never tell reality from fiction what would be the difference?

But this was real.
"Urk! How dare you engage in this treachery! You'll die for this!" She screamed in pain.

"I don't care! I'll execute myself if I have to! The only reason you could ever control me was because of Prismet!" Marrok replied while twisting the blade in anger.

"Ahh! She's probably alive! I doubt that dragon would kill her, so stop!" She shouted, once again trying to escape with manipulation.

"I don't care if she is, I don't care if she hates me for setting her free. I'll be blessed if she is the one to execute me!" He declines to stop, coldly staring into the fading eyes of the person he hates the most.

"Goddess Aurelia! Save me!" Were Ilsia's last, and unanswered words.

Chrome only recently was able to contact Aurelia, and inform her that the summoning succeeded.
The only reason a person like Ilsia could ever achieve the title of Saintess was because the goddess believed a ruthless leader that could do absolutely anything it took was the only possible way to fight off the demon god.

But now that she knew the summoning worked, there was no reason for the goddess to even consider supporting her any longer.
On the contrary, she was likely sent into a rage when she heard Ilsia went to kill the summoned hero in her desire for absolute control.

So, instead of being saved, Ilsia was abandoned and allowed to die painfully.