Chapter 4
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Wesley woke up to a beauty staring at him. Cassy had long since woken up and was watching him sleep.

''Mmmh, good morning.'' Pulling her into his embrace, Wesley kissed her neck a chin a couple of times. His extracurricular activities exhausted any energy reserves he had left.

Cassy chuckled and kissed him back. ''It's still the afternoon, silly. Let's get something to eat.''

Wesley rolled onto his back and yawned. ''Sure. I saw this cool looking Mexican restaurant on the way here, wanna go there?''

She rolled her eyes and stood up from the bed, not bothering to cover up. ''Sure.  I know a good bar two miles from the campus. If you brought your fake ID with you, we could go there for a couple of drinks after we eat.''

Wesley got up from the bed and walked towards his discarded clothing items.'' Oh please, do I look like I need an fake ID.''

Cassy rolled her eyes and retorted. ''You don't look over forty, so I think the answer to your question is yes.''

Laughing all the way, Wesley put on his pants then pulled Cassy into his embrace. ''Sounds like a plan.''

*   *   *

As the two were getting dressed a conversation was happening right outside their room. Three women and a young man were talking about the sounds they heard an hour ago.

''Did you hear those moans from room 112? He must have a massive pair doing something like that on moving day.'' 

''Yeah. I know this is a Co-ed dorm but jeez.''

''I wonder what the girl looks like. She's probably ugly.'' 

''This is the freshmen floor, right? Aren't first-year students supposed to be struggling with the campus Geography and orientations? And this guy's just out here f*cking on the first day?'' When the young women finished speaking a finger poked her shoulder.

''Got a problem with...'' before he could finish a flip-flop hit him upside the head.

''Close the door and put a goddamn shirt on!'' Cassy yelled. She was still in her undergarments only wearing a t-shirt.

The young woman's mouth gaped open. The man in front of her was very handsome. His body looked like that of pro athletes, and he had a tattoo on his arm. Was this a freshman in college? She hurriedly introduced herself as to not be rude. ''I'm...I'm sorry for bothering you! My name is Hayley.''

Wesley laughed. ''Don't worry about it, I'm Antonio. Sorry for making so much noise earlier. I'll stuff her mouth when I...'' Once again he was hit upside the head with a flip-flop before he could finish speaking. Wesley paused. 'Do the women of this world have the power to summon flip-flops?'

Haley laughed and bid farewell. She felt being nosey would be rude seeing as they didn't really know each other and left with her friends. Perhaps they'll meet each other in the future, after all, they live in the same building.

Wesley closed the door and turned towards Cassy. ''You ready to go?''

She walked up to him and playfully poked his chest.''Are you ready?''

Wesley coughed. It seems that he forgot to put a shirt on. After throwing a shirt on, grabbed his wallet and keys, ready to end the night on a good note. While walking out of the dorm, Wesley called his mother. He felt he should tell her everything that happened with Jake. 

After ringing for a few minutes, Sarah picked up the phone. Wesley recounted everything that happened with the crash and how Jake was in the hospital but not in serious condition. He also told her that Jake might be in jail for a few days because he was extremely drunk when he'd crashed into them.

Although Sara was concerned that her sons were in a crash, after hearing both got out of it with barely any injuries she was relieved. When she heard that Jake was drunk and caused the accident, almost killing himself, Antonio, and Cassy she was enraged and sad. She didn't understand why her son had been so reckless, endangering those around him.

After hearing the whole story, Sarah told Wesley her and his Father would be there by tomorrow. She wanted to see her sons immediately as if she'd lose them if she didn't. Wesley sighed. He knew that this mother of his would be sad if one of her sons became a deadbeat, but a task was a task. Jake had ruined Antonio's life, so it was only fair that Wesley did the same to Jake. This was a dog eat dog world, and if you're prepared to ruin someone's life, you should be prepared to have your own life ruined.

*   *   *

''Are going to try out for the varsity soccer team?''

Wesley smiled. ''Yeah. Tryouts start tomorrow. Hopefully, I'm good enough to become a starter.'' 

Although Wesley said 'hopefully' he had full confidence in making the team as a starter. Antonio was originally a genius level soccer player. That paired with Wesley's new system meant his potential was limitless. The only thing he needed to worry about was the protagonist. If the protagonist halo were truly as strong as it was rumored to be, Wesley would have to stay on high alert.

Wesley grabbed Cassy's hand and looked her in her bright green eyes. He hadn't told her, it was his own brother that had almost killed them but now the news was out. What was the use of being worried? ''I'm Sorry for not telling you.''

Cassy scoffed at his apology.''Why are you apologizing? Your brother was the one who almost killed us. Even if you didn't tell me, I saw him get arrested. Surely he wouldn't get away scotfree, so everything had been taken care of already.'' She had never needed him to tell her in the first place. She had seen Jake's truck so many times, how could she not notice it was him?

Wesley laughed at himself. She was right, Why was he apologizing? Even he didn't know. ''Alright, Let's get those tacos.''

*   *   *

Wesley had just gotten back from a night of eating and drinking and was exhausted. Walking towards the bathroom, he was ready to release himself from the pain in his bladder when a notification appeared before his eyes.

[Jella] [You're having quite the time down there I see.] 

''Oh, Fuck me!'' Wesley was frightened by the notification. Not because of its sudden appearance but because of the name next to the message. He hurriedly finished pissing and ran out of the bathroom to the couch.

[Jella] [You didn't wash your hands...Or flush the toilet.]

''Are you fucking serious...Uh!  Whatever.'' Wesley ran back into the bathroom and washed his hands. Remembering to flush the toilet, he washed his hands a second time.

[Jella] [Open your Axis Chat. We're waiting for you.]