Chapter 5
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Wesley didn't waste any time. He opened Axis Chat and hurriedly introduced himself, after all, he was worried he might leave a bad impression if he waited too long. 

[Wesley] [Nice to meet you my name is Wesley.]

The chat was still for a while before a message was sent through. Wesley looked at the sender's handle and noticed it was a name he didn't recognize.

[Tara] [Hello Wesley. As you can see by my handle, my name is Tara. I'm also the one who developed the system you are currently using.]

Wesley stared in shock. Was this person really the creator of his new system? He couldn't imagine the brain power and experience needed to create something like a system, let alone make every item in the store free of charge. Another message rolled in after Tara's introduction and sat at the bottom of the chat.

[Jella] [I haven't formally introduced myself. My name is Jella. It is nice to finally communicate with you, Wesley. Although for you it has only been a few hours, for me, it has been a few weeks. I happen to be in an S-Class world, so the progression of time here is entirely different.]

Wesley widened his eyes in amazement. An S-Class world wasn't easy to take on. One always needed to be alert because the slightest mistake could cost the host their life, depriving them of the chance to complete their missions. Wesley typed on the holographic keyboard seemingly distracted by something.

[Wesley] [May I ask a few questions?]

After he sent his message, two messages appeared almost simultaneously.

[Jella] [Sure.]

[Tara] [No problem.]

After getting the green light, Wesley started rapid firing questions.

[Wesley] [Why was I given this system? What is the purpose of the system? Are you part of a secret organization? Why are all the items in Tweak Shop free? Is there some hidden price to pay for the items?]

Wesley released all the questions that were floating in his head ever since he got the system and felt a massive load disappearing from his chest. He waited for a minute, then five minutes, then ten minutes before he finally got a reply.

[Tara] [Although I wasn't really fond of her decision, Jella picked you out from the millions of candidates for quite the peculiar reason.]

[Jella] [It was very small and fluffy.]

[Wesley] [What was?]

[Tara] [Your soul.]

[Wesley] [. . .]

[Tara] [As for why all the items in Tweak Shop are free, it's because I believe in communism. All those items should be for the people, not for the rich looking to get richer. There is no hidden price to pay. I wouldn't have allowed you to have the system if it would hurt you, comrade.]

[Jella] [It's because she's lazy and didn't feel like grinding for credits.]

[Tara] [. . .]

Wesley's eyebrow twitched. 'Was this a joke? It must be, right?' He shooked his head and restated his other questions.

[Wesley] [What about my other questions? Is this some secret organization? What is the systems true purpose.]

He waited for an answer, but all that awaited him was a brief stillness in the chat room.

[Tara] [We can't tell you the answer just yet, but if you can prove yourself worthy, I'll think about telling you in the future.]

-Tara has left the chat.

Wesley frantically typed a response to Tara's vague answer and looked up to find Tara had already left the chat.

[Wesley] [What did she mean prove myself? What do I need to do?]

-Jella is typing.

-Jella has left the chat.

Wesley stared at the monitor slack-jawed. 'No f*cking way!'

-Jella has entered the chat.

[Jella] [Do what you arrived to do. We're all transmigrators right?]

Jella left once again, leaving Wesley to ponder over what just happened. He closed his system interface then laid on his bed. 'Do what I arrived to do, huh.' He felt his body heating up as he thought of Jella and Tara. 'This system is like a pie from the sky. I can't let it go to waste can I?' 

Wesley sighed and closed his eyes to rest. He thought of this worlds mission and a plan to finish it with style. 'If they want me to prove myself, then I have to show them what they want. A capable host.'

*   *   *

It was early in the morning and the birds were chirping lightly. 

Wesley opened his eyes and jumped from his bed. He felt a killing intent directed towards him and was on high alert. He looked towards the door and located the source of the killing intent. 'Truly a child favored by the heavens.' He thought as he walked towards the door and angrily pulled it open.

''Quite surprising seeing you here so soon, Jake.'' Wesley eyed Jake down and released a malicious pressure onto his body. He saw Jake's swollen face and chuckled to himself. 'Looks like that airbag did a number on his handsome looks, or was it my slaps?' Wesley stared at Jake amused, wondering what would come out of that dumb mouth of his.

Jake stumbled back and wearily glared at his brother Antonio. ''Why did you call the police on me Even if what I did was unfortunate, we could have handled it privately. We're supposed to be family.'' Jake couldn't believe his brother had called the cops on him and even provided them with a detailed witness report on the incident.

Wesley smirked at his older brother's foolish expression and reasoning. ''Unfortunate? You're lucky I reacted in time, or you would have killed all three of us. You'd be foolish to believe I wouldn't call the cops. Get out of my sight before I'm unable to stop myself from pounding your face. Wesley grabbed Jake's collar and stared him in his eyes.

''What's going on here?'' Wesley and Jake's dad Philip walked up behind Jake. He saw his younger son threaten his eldest and attempt to force him out of their dorm room. ''Brothers shouldn't fight each other. When I'm dead and gone, who's gonna be there for you except your family. Now tell me what's going on.''

Wesley let go of Jake's collar and looked towards his father. ''Nothing dad. I just didn't like how indifferent Jake was when it came to the fact that he almost killed Cassy and me. The first thing he did wasn't apologize about the crash, but give a complaint about me calling the cops to the scene.''

Philip looked at his eldest son with shock. When he and Sarah were retrieving Jake from the police station, Jake seemed to have been profoundly reflecting on his actions, was his repentance all an act? Philip had even called in a favor from one of his old military buddies, who had become a senator, to give his son a chance to live a felony free life. Philip looked disappointed as he grabbed his eldest sons wrist and pulled him out for a talk. Man-to-Man. He somehow felt like if he failed to convince Jake to repent on his mistake sincerely, his eldest son would grow up to be a waste and throw his life away.

Wesley sighed as he watched Philip pull Jake out of the dorm room. He knew everything Philip was going to say would go into one of Jake's ears and out the other. He only wished that his current parents would smarten up and see Jake's actual appearance was that of a manipulative psychopath.

He hopped in the shower and changed into some soccer type attire. Varsity tryouts started in a couple of hours, and he wanted to get his body ready for it.