Chapter 6
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Wesley was on one of the school's practice fields stretching his muscles. After feeling his muscles loosen up, he stood and began to jog at a leisurely pace. He did some basic drills and foot techniques while testing his body. After getting accustomed to his body, Wesley noticed almost an hour and thirty minutes had passed, and tryouts would begin soon. He saw a few upperclassmen arriving at the field and observed their movements.

One of the upperclassmen, who had long black hair and green eyes, waved and called out to him. ''Hey, are you here for the varsity tryouts too?'' He spoke in a British accent, so he was most likely a transfer from the UK.

Wesley smiled and walked up to the group. ''Yeah. I arrived here a little early so that I can loosen my muscles up. I'm Antonio Park.'' Wesley reached out and firmly shook the black-haired man's hand. 

''Nice to meet you, Antonio. My name is Stephen, but most people just call me Steve. Feel free to call me whichever you want.'' Steve placed his bag down and sat on the grass. The other two upperclassmen walked up and shook Wesley's hand then introduced themselves. 

Wesley was surprised to find that the other two men also spoke with a British accent. One was a tall dark-skinned man with hazel colored eyes, named Quincy. He was carrying a netted sack full of soccer balls while the other, Timothy, was an average sized blonde man with greyish-blue eyes who was holding a couple of bags filled with refreshments. 

''Are you guys going to practice before the tryouts? If so, do you guys want to play two versus two?'' Wesley eyed the soccer balls Quincy was carrying and felt the need to test his body out.

Quincy tossed the sack to the floor then sat with Steve. He looked up at Wesley and kindly smiled. ''Sounds cool to me. What about you guys?'' Quincy looked at his two friends and questioned. Steve raised his hand and waved it while stating that he wanted to be on Antonio's team. Timothy also agreed to play with them and put his shin guards on. 

After they all finished their necessary preparations, the four of them headed to the center of the field. Wesley stretched his body once again and turned to the two opposing players. ''Let's have fun shall we.''

*   *   *

Cassy was eating breakfast in the school canteen when she overheard a students conversation. Although she knew it was rude to listen in on their conversation, the content was too compelling.

''Did you hear about those new transfer students recruited from the Uk?''

''Yeah. I was told the last team they were on won the youth international cup.''

''Well guess what. Two of them are playing against some Freshman and are losing badly!''

''What about the other one?''

''It seems he's playing with the freshman, but he wasn't able to outshine him.''

''But aren't they just practicing? It's not like you can use up all your energy before Varsity tryouts right? They're probably just going easy on him.''

''I don't know? Let's go check it out then. I heard they're at the practice field by Hammon's Hall.''

The two people having the conversation hurriedly left for the field. Cassy stood there slack-jawed. 'Holy sh*t. Has Antonio always been that good?'

*   *   *

Wesley dribbled the ball passed Quincy and kicked the soccer ball with astonishing might. The ball curved at an insane angle and landed in the bottom left corner of the net. Tryouts where about to begin and Wesley even saw the coach standing on the sideline watching them along with dozens of regular students and others trying out. He walked over to Quincy and Timothy and gave them a high five. 

''That was pretty fun. You guys are seriously good!'' Wesley laughed. It has been quite a while since he had so much fun. He felt he could genuinely get obsessed with playing soccer.

Steve walked up from behind and slapped Wesley on the back. ''Holy sh*t bruv! Who taught you how to play so well? You're making me jealous.'' Steve laughed as they all started walking to their bags.

The coach walked up to Wesley and pulled him aside. ''What's your name kid?'' The coach said with a mild nordic accent.

Wesley looked at the old man and smiled. ''My name is Antonio. Hopefully, I can make it onto your team.''

The coach laughed and patted Wesley's shoulder. ''Good. Good. My name is Felix, but you should refer to me as Coach. See me after tryouts at Russel Stadium. We'll talk there.'' Coach Felix walked towards the center of the field and blew his whistle. He was signaling the players to gather in the middle.

Wesley smiled to himself as he already knew the coach planned to accept him to the varsity team. Most likely if he did well in the tryouts, he would immediately train with the varsity team. Why else would the Coach ask him to go to Russel Stadium? The only stadium in the district dedicated solely to soccer and the place where the varsity team practices. 

Wesley took a sip from his bottle and headed over to the Coach with the rest of the players.

*   *   *

''Form a three-man cell and block him from the goal!'' Coach Felix sighed in amazement. He had been coaching at the University for twelve years, yet this is the first time he had come across such an outstanding player. 'I've tested his abilities in every position, even as a goalie he excelled my expectations.' Coach Felix had seen him curve a soccer ball at angles he thought where impossible. Not only that, every time he kicked the ball towards the goal the power behind it was monstrous.

Coach Felix looked at the young men attempting to suppress Wesley and sighed. He thought of the glory he felt when he led his first team to nationals and saw them take the championship. 'I'll be able to achieve that glory again through this young man.'  He looked towards the sidelines, his eyes lying on a player that looked somewhat like Wesley. Jake had arrived an hour late and was trying to blend in with the players who were waiting to get on the field. 'This is Antonio's brother isn't it?'

While conducting the tryouts he had the assistant coach bring him the information the school had on Antonio and found out he had a brother by the name of Jake. 'So he plays soccer too?' Coach Felix was excited, hoping this brother would be just as good as Antonio. Although not identical, they were both twins. He blew his whistle and told the players on the field to take a ten-minute break.

Walking over to Jake, he had high expectations of how he would play. ''You're Antonio's brother right?''

Jake flashed a look of contempt on his but controlled his emotions while facing the Coach. ''Yes. Is there something you need, Coach?''

Coach Felix hadn't seemed to notice the reaction Jake had upon hearing his brothers name and proceeded with his plan. ''Your brother is an outstanding player. I believe that he isn't the only one though. Tell me, are you confident that your abilities are at the same level as Antonio's? I'm looking for outstanding players for the starting line up this upcoming tournament and was hoping you and your brother could join. Of course, I'd have to see your playing first.''

Jake scoffed in his heart. At Antonio's level? He could guarantee with the memories he possessed; he could outshine Antonio on the field, leaving him looking like an average player. Jake hadn't seen how outstanding Wesley performed because he was late to the tryouts. This led to him being overconfident in his abilities. ''Don't worry Coach. Although my brother is quite talented, I believe my skills aren't any less than his.''

Coach Felix smiled and put his hand on Jake's shoulder. ''That's the spirit, kid. Show me what you got.'' Laughing loudly, Coach Felix walked off in a good mood.

Jake sneered in his heart. 'I'll show you, idiots. So what if Antonio's strong, on the field no one can stop me now.'

*   *   *

Wesley looked towards his older brother Jake and grinned. 'Let's see how you'll embarrass yourself today ''Big Brother'' of mine.' He laughed to himself as he watched Jake.