Chapter 8
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Wesley pulled his car into the dorm area and parked. He called Cassy and told her that he was waiting for her in the parking lot. Cassy said she'd be down in five minutes, so Wesley proceeded to blast music while waiting for her. A few minutes later there was a knock on the car window, and Wesley was surprised to see that it wasn't Cassy.


Wesley rolled down his window and gazed at the woman who interrupted his jam session. His stomach churned after recognizing her face. ''Hello miss. Is there something you need?'' 


The woman smiled. ''Hello Antonio. My name is Joanna. We haven't met before, but it's a pleasure to meet you.'' 


Wesley smirked. She was the woman who falsely accused him of raping her in the storyline — Jake's girlfriend. ''It's nice to meet you too, but I'm waiting for my girlfriend, Cassy. I don't want any misunderstandings so can you tell me what you're here for?''


Joanna seemed shocked by Wesley's response but shrugged it off the next second. ''I'm Jake's friend. I saw you at the varsity tryouts earlier and wanted to get to know you better. If possible can we stay in touch?''


'Is she serious?' Wesley stared in amazement at the brazen woman in front of him. 'Is she stupid or did she not get the hint?' He thought.


''He isn't interested in you.'' 


A voice came from behind Joanna and Wesley craned his head to the left to see who it was. ''Hey Cassy. I was waiting for you.'' Wesley got out of the car and walked around to hug her. ''You know, it's only been a few hours, but I feel a little bit lonely when you're not around.''


Cassy rolled her eyes and kissed him. ''Is this enough compensation for your sorrow?''


Wesley grinned and opened the car door for her. ''Not nearly enough. Let's get out of here.''


The two, in their own world, left Joanna without doing as much as acknowledging her presence. But contrary to what one would expect, she wasn't embarrassed in the slightest. She pulled out her phone and dialed a number. ''Hey Jake, your brother is quite the asshole. He didn't seem like that in high school.''


Jake scoffed. ''He's always been an asshole. Did you exchange contacts with him?''


Joanna sighed. ''Nope. He has a girlfriend, and from the looks of it, he's pretty faithful.''


Jake was confused. ''Already? Did you catch her name?''


''Yeah. Antonio called her Cassy. Anybody, you know?''


Jake laughed to himself. 'So they got back together, huh.' He thought of something and smiled mischievously. ''Good. Forget what I told you to do. I'll still pay you the money though. Stay there I'll pick you up in a few minutes.'' 


*   *   *


Wesley and Cassy were in a small Italian restaurant ten miles off the campus. Although it was old looking on the outside, the inside of the restaurant was well furnished and gave off a luxurious feeling.


''This pasta is pretty good. You want to try some?'' Wesley used his fork to pick up some pasta and brought it to Cassy's mouth.


Cassy opened wide and bit the pasta, some sauce painting her red lips. ''That tastes delicious. The Fettucini Alfredo I got is a little better though.'' She said while wiping the sauce off her mouth.


Wesley laughed and finished the small amount of food left on his plate. Cassy didn't like to overeat, so she ate a few more bites and felt satisfied. Wesley called for the waiter and gave her his card to pay for the meal.


Cassy watched his movements and narrowed her eyes. She then spoke in a sweet seductive voice. ''You know, I don't know how to put it, but you have changed somehow. You seem more, mature.''


Wesley laughed and spoke in a deep magnetic voice. ''People change. I just happened to smarten up a little bit.''


Cassy smirked and grabbed Wesley's hand. She rubbed it with her thumb all the while maintaining eye contact. ''This change, I like it.''


The waiter felt the ambiguous atmosphere and left the receipt and card on the table without saying a word. Their gazes of passion were influencing her, making her embarrassed.


For Wesley, the ride home was a torturous one. Cassy kept playing with his body, stimulating him in different areas, but alas, he couldn't do anything until he reached his dorm.


After pulling into the parking lot, Wesley let go of all his restraints and furiously kissed Cassy. He nibbled on her lip and groped her thigh. Cassy was getting restless and felt her body heating up.


''No, not here.'' She weakly moaned.


Wesley groaned and flashed a devilish smile. ''Whatever you wish, princess.'' He hopped out of the car and walked over to Cassy's side. Wasting no time, he picked her up and walked into the dorm hall. 


''Stop, this is embarrassing.'' Cassy shyly sounded while burrowing herself into his embrace.


Wesley chuckled. He knew she liked this kind of play and wasn't going to fall for her false dissatisfaction. They passed the check-in desk and was making their way to Wesley's dorm room when someone placed their hand on his shoulder.


''Hey! Excuse me miss, are you sound of mind?''


Wesley paused and glared at the random man. Cassy also pulled her head from Wesley's chest and glared at the young man. He was a tall guy, only a few centimeters shorter than Wesley and was quite handsome, according to this worlds standard.


 ''I understand you can't control your white knight tendencies, but does this girl look drugged or drunk to you?'' Wesley let Cassy down, looked the man in his eyes, and released a bit of pressure. He knew this guy was looking out for his fellow student, but it blew his mood. He felt that since the young man's heart was in the right place, he would let him off. Cassy nodded and grabbed his hand. 


The young man was intimidated by Wesley's gaze, but he stood his ground and glared at him. ''I wasn't asking you. I was asking the woman you were just carrying. Like I was saying, miss are you okay? Are you here against your will?'' The young man turned to Cassy and tried to grab her hand when Wesley grabbed the guys hand and gripped it so hard you could hear the joints in his hand popping.


Wesley glared at the young man and released all his pressure. ''What the is your problem? She's my girl and were heading back to my dorm. As you can see she is perfectly fine, so you can take you and your half-assed concern back to your dorm and mind your own business.'' 


Cassy also stepped in. At first, she thought the guy was just worried she might have been drugged but now it seemed like he was over stepping his bounds. After all, she was standing and responding perfectly fine wasn't she? What was his purpose for furthering the situation. ''I understand you were just trying to help, but I'm perfectly fine. He's my boyfriend so can you please let this situation go.''


The young man, who was facing all of Wesley's pressure while simultaneously having his hand gripped with extreme force, kneeled on the ground in pain. All he could do was groan, as the pressure, Wesley was releasing was suffocating.


Wesley released the young man's hand and gently grabbed Cassy's. He looked at the fool who destroyed the atmosphere he and Cassy built over dinner and scoffed. ''I better not catch you anywhere near her or else the next time I'll be gripping your neck.''


 He glared at the crowd that had gathered and wrapped his arm around Cassy's waist. It was something about other guys staring at her that pissed him off. He wouldn't go as far as beating every guy that looked at her, but it did upset him. Maybe it was because he hadn't had a relationship in years, but he felt that he wanted to cherish this experience. You can't blame him for wanting something more than just sex.


Cassy saw the look on his face and lowered her gaze. In their last relationship she felt that Antonio wasn't giving her enough attention, and when she saw his carefree attitude when she suggested breaking up, she felt somewhat hurt. That's why she stayed as 'friends' with him for so long. She didn't want to admit it, but she had feelings for him. Feelings he didn't seem to share.


After making it to Cassy's room, Wesley felt somewhat lost. That whole situation from earlier was as awkward as awkward can be, not to mention cringe-inducing as sh*t. Clearly his emotions got the better of him. He wasn't sure what should be said in a situation like this, but luckily he didn't have to. 


''Wanna come in?'' Cassy grabbed Wesley's hand and asked. She felt like she needed to tell him her real feelings, otherwise, she would never be able to move on with their ambiguous relationship. She heard him refer to her as 'his girlfriend' multiple times today and she wanted it to be real. 


Wesley nodded his head. ''I'd love to.''