Chapter 9
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''Let me grab something to drink.'' Cassy took her jacket off and walked towards the mini-fridge under her bunk. She grabbed two bottles of water and sat on the sofa. 


Wesley walked towards the sofa and sat next to her. He looked at her face and saw that she seemed somewhat distracted. ''Cassy, there is something I have to tell you.''


Cassy looked at Wesley then lowered her head. She felt like she wanted to say something but couldn't get the words out. 


Wesley continued and grabbed her hand. He gently raised her head by the chin and looked in her beautiful emerald eyes, feeling his body heating up. '' I haven't treated you the best I'm the past. Even now, I feel as if the dumbest thing I could have done was break up with you.''


Cassy opened her eyes wide. She gripped Wesley's hand as tears started to form on her eyelashes. ''Antonio...I.''


Wesley pulled her into his embrace and kissed her forehead. He felt like he knew what he should say. 'Cassy, I like you. I like being with you. I like your personality, and the way you smile at me, your beautiful eyes and the way they shine when we talk, your voice when you're trying your best to sing along to my favorite songs.'' 


Wesley sighed and laid his head on her shoulder. He had accessed every memory he could from Antonio's mind, and one thing that stood out among the countless garbage memories was Cassy. He experienced life in Antonio's shoes and felt a connection whenever he recalled her image. '' I guess what I'm trying to say is, I want to be with you. I want us to be in a real relationship. The only thing this 'friendship' is doing, is putting you in more pain than pleasure. I see that now.''


Cassy felt Wesley's body shivering. She heard the sincerity in his voice and felt something wet dripping on her neck. Backing out of Wesley's embrace Cassy looked him in his eyes. When she saw his figure, two streams of water started trailing down her face. He was crying for her. He realized her pain and suffering, her inability to let him go. ''Goddammit, Tony!'' She beat on his chest and cried her heart out. She had waited so long for this moment. How was she supposed to respond when she had already prepared her heart for rejection?


 Cassy shook her head and grabbed Wesley's face. She gazed into his eyes, tears still pouring out, and said in an angry tone. ''You better treat me right this time. No other women either.'' She then latched her arms around his neck and collapsed onto his chest. Her eyes flashed a dangerous light as she whispered to herself. ''Or who knows what I might do.'' 


''What did you say?'' Wesley didn't hear what she had said, but he felt a flash of killing intent from her. He brushed off the feeling he felt and thought of it as his intense emotions influencing his judgment. Not bothering to talk anymore Wesley brought his mouth to Cassy's and passionately kissed her. 'I won't hurt you anymore. I promise.'


Cassy groped at Wesley's thigh. ''Come on,'' she said eagerly. ''Let's do it!''


Wesley nipped at her nose and then planted a soft kiss on her eyelid. ''No need to be so impatient. I'm not going anywhere.'' He removed her shirt and kissed her collarbone before lightly sucking on it.


''Do you want me to blow you?'' Cassy asked, reaching towards his crotch area.


''Sure,'' Wesley said, kicking off his shoes. Although he planned on pleasuring Cassy with his mouth, he certainly wasn't going to refuse her offering. And if she could make him come, it would give him more control during later rounds. He leaned back into the sofa and unzipped his pants, showing off a massive bulge.


Slowly Cassy sank to her knees at the foot of the sofa, dragging his jeans and underwear down as she went. Wesley's cock popped free, slapping her across the cheek as it was liberated. Cassy giggled and slowly ran her tongue up the shaft from the base to the head.


''Ahhh.'' Wesley groaned, pleased at the sensation. He was even more pleased when she took him into her mouth and deep throated him, her lips slowly sliding down until they were nestled in his pubic hair. With exquisite slowness she pulled back up, applying suction as she went.


''You like that?'' Cassy asked, planting little kisses. ''I haven't even started yet.''


Cassy took Wesley back in her mouth and began to bob up and down. Her tongue swirled round and round, wetting him, her mouth applying a pleasant amount of suction. Wesley's hips began to rise and fall immediately from the sofa. 


Cassy slurped and sucked, making little-grunting noises only for a short time before the first orgasm came straining up Wesley's spine.


''Baby, I'm coming.'' He groaned in a deep magnetic voice. 


''Mmmmm.'' She moaned around His cock and picked up her pace.


Wesley began to ejaculate a massive load into her mouth. Her hand continued to jack him off throughout it as her mouth sucked the come from the head. She gulped, swallowing every drop when she pulled her head and smiled while licking her lips.


''You're not the only one who has some talent you know.'' She seemed to be proud of how she had swallowed him whole.


Wesley pulled off her bra, baring her gorgeous breasts. He took one into his mouth, working the nipple, teasing it, making her sigh in pleasure. He worked on the other nipple for a while and then stood and reached for her waistband.


Cassy watched him, her face flushed as he unsnapped her jeans and pulled them from her body. Her legs were long and lean, smooth to the touch, with just a few light hairs on the upper thighs. Her panties were black with laces on the sides. He ran his index finger up and down her spread legs, relishing the sensation of her soft skin. Continuing to her crotch Wesley hooked his finger through the elastic of the panties. Wesley tugged, and she lifted her hips, allowing him to drag them free and off of her body.

''You like what you see?'' She asked him, opening her legs more.


''I love what I see,'' he said, picking up her legs and placing them on his shoulders. ''I think I know the perfect way to appreciate the beauty.''


"Ohhh," she moaned as his head went forward.


Her hips began to rise then fall as her fingers started to pull strands of hair from his head. He attacked her clit, taking it between his lips. It only took a minute more for her to reach an orgasm.


When her gyrations stopped she hooked her hands under his armpits and gently pulled him to her. ''Please.'' She shyly whimpered as she shamelessly wrapped her legs around his waist. ''F*ck me.''


''Let me grab a condom first.'' He tried to get up but was pulled down back down by Cassy.

She whispered in his ear. ''I'm on the pill.'' She nibbled his ear and softly moaned. ''Baby please.''


Wesley body tensed up. He suppressed the primal lust eating away at his brain and spoke through gritted teeth.''Are you really on the pill?''


''Yes Goddamit!'' she whined. 


He figured, through his lust filled mind, that she wouldn't lie to him. He put the head of his dick against her wet lips.


''Do it!'' She yelled, putting her legs around his ass and pulling with them. ''Enter me!''


He thrust forward into her tight slit, going in one smooth, gripping motion. They sighed together as their pubic bones met.


He f*cked her hard, pounding into her body and establishing a rhythm that got his heart rate well into the High-Intensity Training category. Sweat began to form on his face and drip onto hers. When the droplets landed near her mouth she would lick at them. She kept moaning "yes, yes, yes, oh f*ck." As his cock assaulted her pussy, making wet, squishing sounds and pouring her juices out onto the leather couch.


He angled upward with his thrusts, making the shaft rub forcefully against the top of her vagina, where the clitoral nerves were. He made sure his pubis ground into hers with each thrust, which served both to pleasure her, driving her towards orgasm and served to pleasure his cock. He squeezed her tits, tweaking the nipples. Feeling her tight ass as it moved beneath him. He placed his fingers on her lip, allowing her to suck on them.


She came again, moaning into his ear, then biting down on the lobe. He was right behind her, pumping out another load into her body. He pulled out, lowered his head, and went to work. It took her only a short time to come again. He ate her until she was mumbling incoherent nonsense. 


Wesley then rolled over onto his back and pulled Cassy on top of him. With a few adjustments, her pussy was soon clamped down on his cock once more, and he was thrusting up into her. She didn't want him to release inside again though. Instead, she pulled herself off of him and took him into her mouth once again. She put her impressive blowjob abilities to work and soon Wesley was releasing another load down her throat.


She crawled up onto his body and collapsed atop it, kissing his cheeks and lips. ''Don't ever leave me. Only you can make me feel this good.'' She whispered in a weak tone.


Wesley held her body tightly making sure every part of his body was touching her's. ''I wouldn't dare.''