Chapter 11
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Two figures could be seen standing in an alley. One of them looked like a young man and wore a grey hoodie, the other a young woman wearing jeans and a black windbreaker. The young man reached into a bag he had on his back and pulled out a small bag filled with powder. 


''Half of this bag is enough to disable a grown man, nevertheless a young woman completely. Any more and they'll die, you hear me. Slip this into some cups then use a couple of people to hand them the drinks — a guy for Antonio and a girl for Cassy. When it looks like the drug is kicking in, you lure Antonio into one of the rooms.


The young man flashed a wicked smile. ''I'll have someone else take care of the girl.''


''Alright, alright. You've explained to me how to use it and what to do, now where's the money?''


The young man once again reached into the bag, this time pulling out a wad of cash. ''That's two thousand.''


''Pleasure doing business with you.'' The young woman kissed the young man on the cheek and walked off. 


The young man removed his hood and sneered. ''I didn't want to do this at first, little brother. It's just that you gave me no choice.''


*   *   *


Wesley shut off the screen that was recording Jake and Joanna's conversation. He was in his dorm room getting ready for a party one of the wealthy students were throwing when he decided to check his micro-drone for any new relevant information. Wesley laughed while thinking on the plan he had made for Jake. He didn't plan on completely ruining Jake's life just yet, but now he thought differently. 


'Bringing Cassy into this is where you f*cked up, Jake.' Wesley could guess what Jake had planned to do to her and thinking of her drugged, limp body being taken advantage of, filled him with rage. 'You love using drugs, huh.  I'll have to make sure you get the high of your life.'


''System Interface.'' Wesley opened Tweak Shop and browsed for a few items to include in his new plan. He originally wanted to frame him like Antonio was, but now? Now he wanted to scar him. He wanted Jake to wake up every morning and wail in horror, realizing life was worse than burning in hell for eternity. Wesley looked over the items in his cart.


-Baranov's Serum: When ingested, the serum causes extreme bouts of hallucinations, lasting ten to fifteen hours, at random intervals. Although most of the serum leaves the body after one month, some of it still lingers in the brain, often developing into Schizophrenia.




-SK 2309(Silenced): A silenced pistol primarily used by assassins. This weapon was designed to produce 80% less sound than other guns on the market. Gun does not include bullets. 




-Nanotech Body Armor: Including blast and projectile protection, the Nanotech Body Armor regulates body temperature and masks the user's heat signature. Utilizing a skintight design the armor can be worn under additional armor or clothing. This armor can be equipped with the various mod packs produced by Nanotech.




-NTM (Teleportation): One of the many mods designed by Nanotech, this mod is intended to manipulate the space around the user, allowing them to teleport a maximum of twenty meters. This mod, however, is not rechargeable and must be replaced after excessive use. 




Wesley added a few packs of bullets and nodded his head as he looked over his cart. 'Alright, let's get this show on the road.' He purchased the items and placed them on his bed. Jake had long since changed dorm rooms so he wasn't worried someone might see the items. He held the gun in his hand and loaded it. The design was reminding him of a gun he'd seen in his former life. A gun manufactured by SilencerCo 


'This should come in handy.' Wesley knew Jake had bought a used pistol from one of his friend's brothers and planned on being prepared for everything that might happen. 


Wesley then looked over the body armor he bought. The Nanotech Body Armor took the shape of a medallion. Wesley removed his clothes and placed the medallion to his chest. As soon as the medallion came in contact with Wesley's chest, it spread and covered his body. He felt his body being covered from his neck to his ankles. Contrary to his expectations the armor didn't hinder his movements in the slightest. He grabbed the other items he had bought and placed them in his storage.


Wesley thought of the two women Jella and Tera, who gave him this system and recalled the conversation they had. 'Prove myself, huh.' 


After getting dressed for a second time, Wesley left his dorm room and headed towards Cassy's.

They were leaving for the party together, so he was going to check on her. There was also the issue of convincing her to not drink for the night. 


He arrived at her door and gently knocked. ''Cassy can I talk to you for a minute.''


Wesley was standing there for a minute before a response came back. ''Sure. The door is unlocked.''


Wesley walked in and was greeted by two beautiful women. ''Hello, Cassy.'' 


He looked to his right and gazed at the other woman. ''Hello, Joanna.''


Joanna smiled and pulled a bag out of her purse. She shook it in front of Wesley and chuckled. ''Hello, boss.''