Chapter 12
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Wesley wasn't surprised by Joanna's appearance, mostly because she has been working for him for a while. When analyzing the memories, Wesley came to find out that Joanna had been working for Jake and that their relationship was just a front. 


When fishing through the storyline, this always stood out to him. Joanna seemed to be drugged along with him that night and was indeed raped. He knew that no matter how much Joanna loved money, she wouldn't voluntarily let herself be drugged and violated for a few thousand dollars. Although Joanna has played a part in Antonio's demise, Wesley felt that she had already paid a terrible price for her actions. 


Wesley looked towards Cassy and sighed. Seeing Joanna was here, he knew that Cassy must have come up with some crazy scenario in her mind. ''So how did you two end up acquaintances?''


Cassy looked down in embarrassment. A faint blush was spreading over her face. ''I thought you were cheating on me. So I confronted her a few weeks ago.'' She lifted her head and glared at Joanna. ''She told me about how she was working for you and how you have kept your interactions strictly professional.''


Joanna coughed and looked towards Cassy with a fearful expression. You could see the sweat dripping from her forehead. ''Yes. Our relationship is a very professional one.''


Wesley nodded then changed the subject. He grabbed the bag Joanna was holding and turned to Cassy. ''You probably know this already, but please refrain from drinking anything tonight. Joanna got this bag from Jake. He planned to drug us both.'' 


Cassy clenched her fist, a vicious glint in her eyes. ''What reason would he have to do something like that?'' Cassy was confused. She knew that Jake was always jealous of Antonio, but why would he take it this far.


Wesley shook his head. ''That's just the type of person he is. For as long as I have known him, his jealousy has been toxic.'' He sighed and sat down on the sofa. ''Well, let's forget about Jake for the time being. I have my ways of handling the situation and this time he's not getting off scot-free.''


''Why don't we get something to eat.'' The party starts at eight, but Wesley didn't want to be there early. He'd instead grab something to snack on than worry about Jake.


Cassy and Joanna were both hungry and didn't mind going out to eat. Cassy smiled. I know just the place.


*   *   *


Inside of a modern mansion, music was blasting and bodies were moving. Wesley navigated himself to the second floor, bringing Cassy with him. ''It's quite amazing, isn't it. How extravagant the rich get to live.''


Cassy chuckled and squeezed Wesley's arm. ''I'm sure we'll be living in a house twice as big as this one in the future.'' She let go of Wesley's arm and looked him in the eyes. ''Besides, even if we don't become multi-millionaires, who's to say we won't be comfortable.''


Wesley smiled and laid a kiss on her lips. ''You've got it all planned out, huh? So you plan on living the rest of your life with me?''


Cassy chuckled and wrapped her arms around Wesley's neck. ''Is that a proposal, Antonio?'' A slow song started playing, giving the surrounding area a romantic feeling. Cassy whispered to herself. ''Even if it weren't, I wouldn't let you leave my side, to begin with.'' A dangerous light flashed from Cassy's eyes.


Wesley moved to the tempo of the song, his arms wrapped around Cassy's waist. He leaned towards her ear and gently placed his lips on her earlobe, playfully biting it. He whispered in a deep magnetic voice. ''You said you wouldn't let me leave you, but I will never let you leave my side.'' He moved his attention to her lips once more and couldn't help himself from seizing them. ''Don't blame me for going overboard in the future. After all, you're the one who made me like this.''


Cassy softly moaned and put her lips to Wesley's Adam's apple. ''Let's go somewhere more isolated.'' She saw the hesitation on his face and spoke in a coquettish tone. ''Please.''


Wesley was about to answer when he saw a familiar face through the crowd. ''Jake's here.''


Cassy looked back and glared in Jake's direction. The atmosphere was great, and she had become excited only to be interrupted by Jake's unwanted appearance. ''It's ok. Handle it.''


Wesley sighed and kissed Cassy on the cheek. ''It won't be long. Trust me.'' He pulled out his phone and dialed Joanna's number while climbing the stairs to the third floor. Now that Jake had made it into the building, they could start their plan.


''Hello, Joanna. Jake is on the second floor. Get him and take him to the room upstairs at the end of the hall.'' Wesley narrowed his eyes while glaring at the clueless Jake. ''Tell him that you took care of me and that Cassy is already in a room passed out.''


Joanna replied in a crisp, clean tone. ''No problem. Will you be waiting in the room?''


Wesley smiled. ''Yeah. I've got a great gift waiting for him.'' He made it to the room and let himself in. After checking that no one was in the room, Wesley retrieved his pistol from his space, also pulling out Baranov's Serum. He chuckled as he watched the bubbles rise to the top of the vial, wondering how Jake would react as he poured the serum down his throat.


'Starting today, I'll have you experience hell.'