Chapter 13
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''She's in here.'' Joanna smiled as she led Jake into the room.


Jake smirked. ''You can go now.''


 He walked further into the pitch black room and chuckled as Joanna left. 


''Where are you, Cassy?''  Jake smiled and turned the lights in the room on. He saw a lump under the bed and called out. ''You definitely won't remember this, but I would like to say sorry. '' He said with an obnoxious smirk.


''I would like to say I'm sorry too.'' Wesley's face was contorted in anger. With his gun to Jake's head, it took everything in him to not pull the trigger. ''Tell me something, Jake. Why go to such extremities to fulfill yourself? Why foolishly forfeit your life?'' Wesley cocked the gun and fired a shot into the ceiling. ''This is a real gun, so don't try anything stupid, ok?''


Jake's body froze. He was afraid. Afraid his brother would kill him on the spot. ''Please, Antonio. Don't do this.'' He felt his heart rate rising to unhealthy limits as the adrenaline in his body pumped. ''I, I know this situation looks bad, but I didn't plan on doing anything, I promise!''

Wesley sneered while listening to Jake's pathetic whining. ''Looks bad? Oh, you must mean you attempting to drug not only me but Cassy as well.'' Wesley pistol-whipped Jake on the back of his head and kicked him in the stomach while he convulsed on the floor. ''Does it hurt, Jake?''


Jake didn't say anything, mostly due to the fact that Wesley knocked the wind out of him. All he could do was shake on the ground.


Wesley didn't want to drag things out and risk any unknown variables popping up out of nowhere. He grabbed Jake by the neck and dragged him into the bathroom.


''No, no! Fuck you, Antonio! Arrrrgh,'' Jake tried to put up a fight but every time he screamed the hand around his neck got tighter, so tight that he could barely release a cry for help.


''Shut up, goddamit!'' Wesley removed his hand from Jake's neck and replaced it with his arm. He was afraid he might snap his neck in rage if he didn't. ''This entire scenario has gotten boring to me. You had your chances to think of the consequences your actions would bring. Sadly, you still made the wrong choices. Any last words, Jake?''


Jake's face was blood red from being unable to breathe. All he could do was make choking noises.


''No last words, huh.'' Wesley squeezed Jake's neck with more and more strength until he passed out.  There was no need to continue conversating.


Wesley pulled the vial holding the serum out of his pocket. Giving no time to chance, he poured the serum down Jake's throat. ''I guess I have to get rid of these.'' Wesley looked at the marks left on Jake's neck and sighed. He would have to get some salve from the system shop to get rid of the mark fast. It only took a few minutes for him to buy the salve and apply it on Jake's neck. 


''I'll be taking your gun.'' Wesley pulled Jake's gun from his waistband and cocked it. He aimed towards Jake's foot and shot.  Jake groaned in pain. His mind was succumbing to the serum, making him experience a heightened sense of pain. Just from that one shot, he felt every muscle, bone, and vein being destroyed.


''It's painful, isn't it? Be lucky I didn't kill you.'' Wesley threw the bag of drugs next to Jake and teleported outside of the house. He tidied himself up and walked into the building. The shot from Jake's gun had been loud enough for most people to hear. This led to many people cramming their way through the doorway trying to make it out of the building.


''Antonio!'' Cassy ran up to Wesley and hug him tightly. ''Are you hurt anywhere? I heard a gunshot.''


Wesley frowned and squeezed her tight. ''I'm alright. When Jake made it to the room I was waiting in he was already high. He tried to pull a gun on me but pulled the trigger on accident and shot his own foot.''


Cassy stared Wesley in his eyes. She knew he was hiding something but decided not to say anything. ''I'm just happy you are okay.''


Wesley nodded and kissed the top of her head. ''The police should be coming soon, let's wait by the driveway. Also, I don't think I need to tell you this but don't tell anyone.''


Cassy nodded and followed Wesley to the driveway. It didn't take long for the police to arrive. They ran sweeps throughout the residence and found Jake sprawled across one of the bathroom floors. He was high out of his mind and had a gun in his hand. The police could guess what had happened when they saw the drugs next to his body. They sent Jake to the hospital with a squad car escorting the ambulance and arrested a few drug dealers that didn't escape in time. 


Wesley and a few other people were questioned on what had happened. He told them a few things about Jake and was allowed to leave afterward. The night was over and Wesley and Cassy had returned to the dorms. He was questioned by the police for more than an hour and now was exhausted. 


*   *   *


While laying on the bed Wesley's phone rang. Cassy rolled over and put her head between two pillows. ''Hurry up and answer it.''


Wesley Chuckled and pick his phone up from the dresser. ''Hello.''


''Antonio, What's going on? Why was Jake arrested again?''