Chapter 14
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Wesley was sitting in a hospital room with his mother and father. Jake was unconscious on the bed, looking as if he was in a coma.


''Please tell me this situation isn't as serious as the cops are making it seem.'' Sarah looked downwards and covered her face, tears pouring out of her eyes.


Wesley shook his head and sighed. ''I'm sorry mom. I should have looked out for him. I, I never thought he would be doing those things.'' He wrapped his arm around his mother and squeezed.


Sarah cried much harder, burrowing her face into Wesley's shoulder. ''My baby, my Jake! I'm sorry, I'm so sorry!''


Philip clenched his fist and shut his eyes. He thought back on the times he spent with his two sons. 'Jake. I'm sorry I couldn't help you.' A frown was plastered on Philip's face. He always knew his son wasn't the nicest kid, but date rape drugs and a gun? Not only that, Jake was as high as the sky when the authorities found him. ''We showed Jake so much love. We gave him the discipline he needed growing up.'' Philip covered his face with his head and spoke in a loud tone. ''Where did we go wrong?''


Wesley sighed in his heart. ''It's ok dad. Jake chose this path himself. you aren't responsible.''


Philip stood up from his seat and shook his head. ''Still, I feel like I could have done more.'' He silently and walked out of the hospital room while crying, Sarah following him. 


Wesley shook his head and looked towards Jake. ''I hope you're having fun, Jake. I heard Baronov makes some good shit.'' Wesley chuckles and left the room. Life was short, and he needed to become a world-famous soccer player by the end of it. 


*   *   *


Over the years, Jake had led a terrible life filled with drug abuse and petty crime. After being released from the hospital, Jake was arrested and taken to court under charges of attempted rape and drug charges. Having all the evidence they needed, the judge ruled Jake guilty on all charges.  He was sentenced to five years in state prison with a chance of parole. Because the drugs hadn't left Jake's system, he couldn't even defend himself or testify. The way he would have outbursts and panic attacks almost led the judge to believe Jake was insane. 


After being released from prison, Jake moved into the new house Wesley had bought for Sarah and Philip. They tried to get Jake to reform himself but ended up kicking him out after finding him high off heroin multiple times. After hopping from house to house and repeatedly being kicked out, he had no choice but to resort to crime. 


One day while robbing a gas station Jake started to hear voices in his head. The voices mocked him and threatened him, making his everyday life much more miserable. His only way of suppressing the voices was getting high, and just as one would expect, this method did not last long. Jake was arrested after being caught in one of the crack houses he slept in and was sentenced to life in prison for murder and robbery. After years of being beaten and assaulted by other inmates, he attempted to take his life but failed. Jake was put in isolation and lived the rest of his life locked in a small cell while being tormented by the voices in his head.


On the other hand, Wesley's life was perfect. He had played vigorously throughout college and had many offers to join foreign teams throughout his college career. But contrary to one's expectations, he chose to get his degree first. After graduating, life seemed like a dream for Wesley. He married Cassy after their 5th anniversary and was the star player for one of the best clubs in soccer. Not only did he become an international sensation, but he was also lauded as the best soccer player of all time. 


Wesley had kept tabs on Jake's demise but wasn't pleased seeing how terrible his life turned out. He found himself wondering whether his harsh actions necessary but soon nipped those feelings of uncertainty in the bud. He was a transmigrator, even if he isolated himself in the many worlds he visited the protagonist will always find themselves unable to coexist with him. He knew that what he had done to Jake wouldn't compare to the things he would need to do in the future.


After completing the tasks assigned to him, Wesley retired from playing soccer. He traveled around the world with Cassy for decades before buying a beautiful estate in Rome. He was sixty-eight when he decided to leave this world for his next mission.


*   *   *


Wesley opened his eyes and was greeted by two beautiful women. ''Sorry I'm a little bit late.'' Wesley had appeared in a spacious room filled with technology.


Jella smiled and stuck her hand out. ''Not that late. I got here a few minutes ago, so you were pretty much on time.''


Tara rolled her eyes. ''On time my ass. If he left right after completing his task, then he would have been here a few hours earlier.''


Wesley laughed as he shook Jella's hand. ''You know that time is warped while inside other worlds. There's no need to stress over a few loss hours.''


Jella laughed and opened her interface. ''Now that you're done how about a more intense world?''


Tara sneered and glared at Wesley. ''Let's send him to an S class world. I want to see if he's truly worthy of my system.''


''I was thinking the same thing.'' Jella looked at Wesley and smiled. ''Are you ready for an S class world?''


''Of course.'' There was no hesitation in Wesley's voice. He knew the real challenge started now. It was up to him to prove his worth to these two women, and he wasn't going to disappoint.


Jella closed her system and looked at Wesley, her eyes flashing a cold glint. ''Good. The world We will be sending you to is considered very complex. When you receive your task, you must complete it within ten years. Any higher than that will result in you failing.'' 


Tara moved closer to Wesley and put her hand on his shoulder. ''Also, try not to get attached to the inhabitants of the worlds you visit, after all, efficiency is important. Staying in a world long after you completed your task is considered slacking in my eyes.'' Tara harrumphed then walked away.


Jella sighed. ''She's not wrong. Getting too attached to inhabitants of the worlds you visit isn't very smart. I have seen it myself, transmigrators falling in love. It's a sad thing when you have to leave your love behind, never too see them again.''


Wesley closed his eyes and remembered Cassy's face. He knew when to draw the line between work and feelings. ''Don't worry. I know how dangerous it is to get too attached to someone.'' He opened his eyes and looked towards Jella. ''I'm ready.''