Chapter 15
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''I'm ready.''


''Good. You already know this, but the transfer is instantaneous. I will count down from three, so prepare yourself.''


Wesley closed his eyes and braced himself for the transfer. The world he is being transferred to is an S class world, and although he doesn't know the setting of the world yet, he decided to stay vigilant.


Jella started her countdown. ''3  2  1''


When Jella reached one, Wesley's body felt a swift change in temperature and figured he was now in the other world. He felt cramped as he tried to move his body. 'Where the fuck am I?' Wesley pulled up his system interface to read a quick summary of this world's history. 


This world was set in the far future where humans have achieved astonishing results in space travel, spreading themselves throughout the galaxy. With a goal to search the vast expanse of space, all of the worlds political superpowers joined hands in world peace. After years of planning and reforming, the Milky Way Federation was born. As humans traveled farther and farther away from their beloved Earth, they realized how foolish they were to believe they could conquer the universe. 


Humans were not the only intelligent lifeforms in the universe, and there was concrete evidence of it now. While searching for a new planet to colonize, the federations main voyage fleet was attacked by foreign life forms called the Kur. The Kur possessed technology leagues ahead of what humanity could create, leaving the starships helpless against their ambush. As one would expect, the entire fleet was massacred. This incident is what brought about the first Intergalactic War. Humans fought desperately for decades, but the Kur's main forces were getting closer to Earth by the year. Almost all hope for humanity was lost, when another Foreign lifeform joined the war. They were called the Ares.


The Ares' forces made up the forefront of Earth's defense and battled the Kur alongside humans for decades. After years of battle, the humans and Ares succeeded in repelling the Kur. The war had ended and peace had returned to the federation.


The protagonist of this world was an orphan by the name of Kelle. Kelle was a human who grew up on Mars. His life in the slums of Mars led him to want something more than a piece of bread a day. One day While scavenging for food, he was picked up by a mysterious couple. The couple told him that he was the descendant of a legendary marshal who fought in the great war and that he was entrusted his inheritance. The only catch was, to receive his inheritance he needed to reach the rank of general by age thirty. Kelle knew this was a chance to change his destiny so he accepted the terms without hesitation. After all, human lifespans have significantly increased from the past. A healthy mortal man could live up to 300 years if his body is adequately maintained.


The couple trained him for two years then sent him to the Dublin Academy of War. They were not allowed to interfere with him too much. Due to the Dublin Academy being one of the best schools in the United Galaxies, most of the students who attended came from illustrious backgrounds. This led to Kelle being ruthlessly bullied throughout his academy days. One of those bullies being Wesley's new body.


'Are you kidding me?.' Wesley thought as he read his body's background.  Cyril Domraud Was the only child of the Domraud Family. The Domraud Family was an Ancient Ares Family that could be dated back to pre great war days. They fostered many underworld leaders and had secretly reigned over the Ares Empire's underworld for millennia. 


When Cyril first met Kelle, he didn't think much of him. It was only when the girl he'd liked since childhood fell in love with Kelle did he start to feel disturbed by his presence. Some students who were looking to get in Cyril's good books bullied Kelle ruthlessly. This went on all throughout Kelle's first year at the academy. You'd think that with Cyril's background he would have discovered how his followers where bullying Kelle but low and behold, the plot kept forcing Cyril and Kelle to misunderstand each other.


Kelle was still able to graduate at the top of his class and joined the military immediately after the ceremony. The Kur had begun attacking a few Federation colonies, and he wanted to be on the frontlines fighting. The more honors he got the more the Federation took notice of him. As he grew more powerful within the federation, he started to bump heads with Cyril more often. He was backed by the federation which led to him feeling more confident in defending himself from Cyril. Over the years Cyril was attacked by the protagonist more and more until one day, he was framed for being an informant for the Kur. 


Wesley sighed as he shook his head. 'Why are these side characters and cannon fodder so dumb? Did Cyril not have the potential, if not the resources, to completely leave Kelle in the dirt?' Wesley finished reading the rest of the plot and checked his tasks.


One, he needed to hold first place all four years at the academy consistently, and two, he must unite the Kur, Ares, And Humans. Wesley laughed to himself as he rubbed his forehead. 'Jella wasn't lying when she said this world would be complicated.' The first task would be as easy as cutting a pie, but the second one. The second one was very difficult to pull off. He sighed once again.


''Looks like I'm going to be here for a long time,'' Wesley said as he stretched his neck.