Chapter 18
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''Sala!'' Cyril found the beautiful Ares youth sitting quietly in the lounge. Apparently, she had been waiting for him patiently. He smirked and sat next to her, taking her hand into his. ''Sala, for the longest time, I have not been truthful to you.''


The color in Sala's face drained as Cyril spoke. ''Cyril? Is something wrong?''


 He didn't respond to her, only pulling her into his embrace. ''Sala, I have loved you for so long. To find out that you hold the same feelings for me has set my soul ablaze.'' Cyril tried his hardest to not burst out laughing. He sneered in his mind. ''My mother has arranged for us to be engaged. Don't you see? There is no reason to hide your feelings anymore. My mother has given us her blessings despite you being from a low-class noble household.''


Sala's face heated up in confusion. ''W-What are you talking about, C-Cyril?'' She looked at him in fear, her body shivering. ''I-I can't be engaged to you.''


Cyril laughed internally. This young woman wasn't as headstrong as he thought she'd be. ''Don't worry anymore, my love. With me behind you, no one would dare mess with your lowly household.'' Cyril pulled her into a deep hug then kissed her gently on the forehead. ''I must go now but don't be said. The next time we see each other will be at the academy.'' Cyril released her from his hug and exited the lounge, leaving a stunned Sala. He sneered as he contemplated how he would use her. After all, she was Kelle's first and only love.


.   .   .   


''Is she ready to board?'' Cyril said whilst staring down the massive space ship in front of him. The ship was about the size of two megayachts placed on top of each other. It was completely white with gold lining. There were multiple lights and beacons littered all over the ship, shining with an elegant light. But do not be fooled by the ship's elegant look. This ship could take on a fleet of space pirates and still be in stable enough condition to go into hyper-drive. Truly a ship designed for royalty. Cyril sighed at his parent's extravagant taste. 


''Yes, Young Master. The ship has already been stocked.''


''And the crew?''


''All of the crew have boarded.''


Cyril nodded his head in satisfaction. ''Good. I'll board the ship soon. Prepare my office for me.'' 


Cyril walked off, preparing to say goodbye to his parents. He had spent the last few days preparing the blueprints for his Mech and his new home. Spending time with his parents? He didn't even have time to play with his beautiful maids. The maids who were thankfully coming with him to the academy. Not to mention his nuisance of a ''Fiance'' has been bugging him to speak. Most likely about breaking the engagement.


As he made his way to the lounge his mother and father were waiting in, he heard them talking.


''Can't we just keep him here? You know how I was treated, the pain I suffered at the academy.''


''I know the pain you went through, Cillian. But he is not like you were back then. You had no backing, no family to protect you, but your experiences have shaped you into the General you are today. Our son, on the other hand, has the backing of the Domraud family. He won't receive favoritism in the academy, but no one would dare step out of bounds in regards to our son, lest they face the wrath of the Domraud Family.''


Cillian nodded his head, seemingly convinced by what Elise had said. ''Thank you, Elise. You are right. Our son is strong, surely he will flourish in the academy.''


'Cyril, if only you had relied on your parents. Who knows what would have happened to that little brat.' He smiled to himself and walked into the room. 


''Mother, Father. I am leaving now.'' Cyril watched his parent's bodies stiffen at his words. His father going as far as to pull him into his embrace, crying fiercely. 


''My little heir, you don't need to leave. We have the best tutors you could ever ask for here in the estate.'' Cillian cried out. Apparently, the whole conversation he had with Elise went in one ear and right out the other.


Elise just smiled and walked forward giving him a warm hug. ''My son, I have great hopes for you. I have watched you grow over the years, therefore I know you will stand above the rest in the academy. Not because you are Ares and not because you are a Domraud but because you are you.'' She released him from her hug and gazed down on the crown of his head with a motherly passion. ''Good luck.''


.   .   .


Cyril was standing in front of a large window, staring into the endless expanse of space before him. He couldn't help but sigh at the magnificent sight. 'Such a beautiful planet.' He thought. He couldn't revel in the beauty of his home planet for to long because a knock entered his ears. ''Come in.'' He said in an annoyed tone. After being given permission to enter the temporary captain (Temporary because he would be the captain of the ship in the future.)of his ship walked into the room. 


''Greetings, Young Master.'' The captain said slowly. He looked like a middle aged man but Cyril knew how hard it was to guess an Ares age just from there physical appearance. ''I have come to inform you that we will be warping in five hours. It would be best if you had all of the shutters in your office and room closed during the warp.''


Cyril nodded. ''Thank you for informing me. Is there anything else?''


The captain shook his head. ''Nothing else, Young Master.''


''Very well. You may be excused.''


'Two days, huh. I wonder how beautiful the academy is?'