Chapter 16 ♥ (18+)
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Lillian’s hands splayed out as she squealed her way through another uncontrolled orgasm. I appreciated the sensation, stopping my constant thrusting and letting her twitching cunt do the work for a bit.

“Another one,” I said. “How many does this make?”

“Six,” Ari said. She was half-naked now, her neckline pulled down so I could play with her tits alongside Lillian’s. “You’re really good at this, Erin.”

“She’s just an easy fuck,” I replied, grinning as I gave Lillian’s ass an appreciative slap. She cried out again, which just made me want to slam into her harder. “Awww, who’s a good little slut?”

That sentence got a reaction out of the official. Even though she tried to hide her reaction, my eyes flicked to her as she clamped one hand over her mouth to hide her moan as the other furiously masturbated. She’d looked awfully professional at first, but she was gradually turning beet red as she got off to the scene of debauchery before her.

“Tell me how much you like this, Lils,” I lilted, taking pleasure in the sob that the casual form of Lady Skyheart’s name got from the noble.


I cut her rambling off with another deep thrust, burying myself to the base, and she arched her back in pleasure, an insensate moan escaping her throat.

Lillian presenting herself like that to me gave me the perfect opportunity to grab her hair again, arching her back further.

“Oh, you shouldn’t have,” Ari said. She got in front of the table where I was fucking Lillian doggystyle after flipping her over, and presented her generous tits. “Lick.”

The noble woman I’d railed into delirium was overflowing with lust, and she wasn’t going to turn down an order from her better. She stuck her tongue out and licked.

“Mmm,” Ari said, clearly not satisfied. “You can do better than that.”

She reached down and pinched Lillian’s nipples, hard. I tugged on Lils’ hair a little harder at the same time, giving her an encouraging smack on the ass.

Overstimulated, Lady Skyheart utterly failed to do any better at licking Ari’s breasts.

“You’re becoming quite the deviant yourself, aren’t you?” I jabbed, locking eyes with Ari.

Ari sashayed over to me, not quite hiding her embarrassment. Her cheeks were tinged pink, and her gaze kept on flicking over to the official watching the three of us.

Still, that didn’t stop her from wrapping her arms around me and kissing me gently.

“I would never stoop so low to your level,” she said afterwards, crossing her arms over her chest. She beamed at me, apparently unaware that she hadn’t succeeded at covering up at all. “But it feels good to get revenge. Thank you. I could kiss you a thousand times for this.”

“I’ll hold you to that,” I replied.

Warmth was starting to build in my core now, a surefire sign that my orgasm was building. I’d denied it a number of times now, wanting to fully ruin Lillian before I sprayed my cum all over her, but it was looking like it was time.

“Lillian, you little whore,” I said. “Would you mind surrendering to me now?”

She blubbered out something incoherently.

“Oh, dear,” Ari said, placing a hand on my shoulder. “I think you broke her.”

“I, ahn, will count this as a victory in your favor,” the official said. “The contract is yours. You are now the owner of one Lady Lillian Skyheart.”

“Thank you… what’s your name?” I asked, slowly pulling out of the whimpering Lillian.

“Sophie,” she said.

“Thank you, Sophie,” I said. “Lillian, dearie, since you’re mine now, do you mind taking us somewhere a little more public?”

“What are you doing?” Ari asked, looking down at her exposed tits with a mortified expression. She covered herself as well as she could.

“Your step-sister here seems to like her image a lot,” I said, indicating the walls. “Hell, she has a painting of herself on it. I’d like to ruin that just a bit.”

A devious smile came over Ari’s lips. “I have just the thing. Let me call her over. You can finish here, in the meantime.”

“Oh?” I asked. “Now I’m curious.”

Ari knelt down and kissed the tip of my cock, licking her lips slowly afterwards. “You’ll just have to wait and see, won’t you?”

She clawed Lillian’s ass one more time before leaving.

“Hey, Sophie,” I said, looking at the official. “You wanted some cum, right? I have an idea for you too.”

Sophie, a short dark-haired woman with emerald green eyes and beautiful, well-rounded breasts straining against thin fabric, looked startled that I had even noticed her.

“Come here,” I said, waving her over. “Lillian, get on your back and spread your legs wide. Get your knees up to your ears like a good slut.”

The noble obeyed, though she tried to hide her face from me.

“Bad girl,” I said, slapping her pussy softly. “Show me your face. I want to see you when I cum in you.”

She looked at me just in time for me to slide my cock into her again, overwhelming her with lust.

To my side, Sophie stood doubled over, a hand in her pants. I used a bit of Ari’s force magic to unbutton her top, and she welcomed it, using her other hand to grope her own breasts.

“You’ve worked very hard,” I complimented Lillian. “Why don’t you cum for me one more time and show us who you truly are? Then I’ll give you a break.”

She choked back a sob, then nodded.

With Lillian as sensitive as she was now, it didn’t take much to bring her to orgasm. She started quivering like a leaf, legs shaking even as I made her pin them in place with her arms, and the sensation of her clamping around me was just divine.

I felt the warmth building in me once more, and I didn’t hold back this time, thrusting to the base and cumming deep inside her pussy. Lillian’s eyes fluttered wide open in shock, her mouth open in an O.

My cock pulsed out two spurts of hot cum inside her before I remembered to pull out, spraying her torn dress and exposed, raw tits with the next burst. I ruined her with cum, painting her skin and dress so thoroughly that even a bath wouldn’t scrub it off. Sophie, who was standing nearby, watched with lustful interest.

“Here,” I said, leading Sophie to Lillian. Cum was oozing out of the noble’s pussy, dripping to the floor. “Take as much as you want, but can you do me a favor?”

Sophie was practically drooling with how horny she was, and she nodded, almost tearing her leather pants in her haste to remove them.

“Anything you don’t swallow, you give back to her,” I said. “Kiss her. Make her taste herself and alllll the cum I just buried in her.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Sophie said, running an appreciative hand along Lillian’s thighs. “You don’t know how long I’ve waited for this.”

She kissed Lillian’s pussy, long and hard, sucking out the cum there.

“Oh, and Lillian?” I said.

“W-what?” The noble said shakily.

“This how much you’ll take for making Ari cry once. How many years do you think it’ll be before you pay it all off?”

The ruined noblewoman laid her head back, her throat raw from cumming so much, and sank into despair.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered.

I patted her on the cheek. “You’re starting to learn your place. Good girl.”